Newbie with question

  • I have not joined Weight Watchers but I am thinking I will. My neighbor, who is only here on some weekends is a member and told me that you can eat unlimited fruits and vegetables. This seems a little to go to be true. Is that accurate?

    Also, meeting would be hard for me to do. Are they essential?


  • I do not know how the pp plan works I do flex. On flex there are zero point veggies but you have to count your fruit. I think I remember reading a post a long time ago that five 0 point servings = 1 point.

    I don't go to meetings since I do ww at home but many find them helpful to stay accountable and very imformative
  • No, it is not accurate.

    Starchy veggies (like corn and potatoes, etc.) have points that you need to count. Other veggies are zero points.

    Fruit is zero points. This is different than being unlimited. Your daily points target has about 5 servings of zero point fruits and veggies built in, with a serving of fruit being 1/2 cup and green veggies 1 cup. After you eat those five servings you are supposed to start counting the points, although some people can get away with eating 5+ servings and not counting it and being okay, but it's kind of trial and error for each person.

    Hope that helps

    Edited to add: This is with Points Plus. The older plans are different.
  • That helps. Thank you.