9.2lbs in my first 2 weeks!!!

  • Hey everyone...I have been around this site for a while now. But I just started doing WW on my own on November 4th, I am doing The Momentum Plan, I too cannot afford to join right now and to be quite honest with you, with the mixed reviews I have read about the new Points Plus, I am not so sure I want to go that route anyway. Maybe once I get closer to goal, I will join just so I can get the lifetime membership and go for free!!

    My weigh-in days are every Friday and today was my 2nd weigh in and I am down another 2lbs!! For a total of 9.2lbs in 2 weeks!!

    I can honestly say I am so proud of myself and that never in the many times I joined WW did I ever lose that much in the beginning...it took me well over a month to lose 9lbs....guess I just wasn't as ready as I thought I was back then.

    Lastnight at work I had a co-worker comment already that she can see the difference in me, she has no idea what I am doing, only that I am eating healthier. She says I look alot better and I don't look as tired. I know I feel 110% better, by this time 2 weeks ago and every 2 weeks I am USUALLY exhausted as it is my 4 day stretch at work (I work 3 with 1 off, then another 3...1 off and then the 4 day stretch and then my weekend off) ....and by now I am done for!! This week I feel so ALIVE, usually by the Wednesday night I am dragging my A$$...not this week!! Now with that being said...I am soooo looking forward to my weekend off...LOL

    Okay so that's my ramble for the day, just wanted to share my success thus far....hope everyone else is doing fantastic!!!
  • <-----This is me with my jaw dropped to the floor! I'm seriously floored by your amazing weight loss...you're doing so fabulous and you deserve to be so excited! Since I can't dance with victory for you in person here is 'me' doing a celebratory victory dance!

    I'm really proud of ya!
  • Great Job those first pounds off always feel terrific
  • congratulations.
    keep up the good work!
  • Super Job Better life! How cool is that! Keep up the great work.

    that is an A-MAZING feat so far Keep up the great work chicky!!!!!