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  • Quote: Thats funny that you say that about weighing in "daily" I, too am guilty of that. Although I have been pretty good this time around with the scale, sometimes I jump on mid-week It is a terrible habit but sometimes i feel like its a motivator...although I am sure if I really think about it...it's probably doing the opposite, lol.

    I am a RPN at a Retirement Home/Assisted Living facility....and I live about 30 minutes outside of Ottawa, however my home town is about an hour or so from Toronto...a dinky little town that I am sure no one has ever heard of, hahahaha.

    looks like we have a few things in common that's great!! I look forward to getting to know you

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Hi Mandi, so how did today go? Great here!! YIPPEE!!!

    Gee where are you from....maybe were from the same place!!! I'm in a small town too!! LOL
  • Quote: Ok, so is this the nurses sub forum I am a hospice nurse in Tampa fl. I used to work ltc and may start again first of the year. I weigh once a week, too easy to get caught up in the scale and depressed when I think I "should" have lost but didn't. Hope everyone of us has a great week.
    Too funny...do we have any other nurses in the house??

    Yes the DREADED scales!! So easy to rely on them so much...it's like they call out to you when you walk past them...AWWWW COME ON STEP ON ME.....YOU KNOW YOU WANNNA!!! LOL
  • Hi girls, also a nurse here. I am in Endoscopy at a private clinic. Where did you buy the ap that you are referring to? I can't find one for my Iphone3 with the barcode. Are you using another phone? Thanks.
  • Nurses, whoo hoo

    The app I downloaded was for my andriod..it's called PointsPlus Diary..it's A-MAZING!!! I swear it's what has kept me so on track with point counting, it's at my fingertips for food inquires, menu builders..I highly recommend it

    The little town I come from starts with a "B" it's on Lake Simcoe, could it be that we are neighbours?!?! hahahaha...that would be freaky,

    And I just had to laugh about the scale comment...it REALLY doesn call out to me...I always so NO, I won't do it...but the next thing I know I am jumping on it and looking at the number, why do I do that to myself? lol

    My day today was good. I made brunch for the whole family PLUS the outlaws, hahaha....I overdid but after my weigh in, I always let myself "slip" a little...it's like a little reward so that I am not depriving myself completely of the bad stuff that tastes oh so good haha.

    how was everyone's day today?
  • Hey ladies I am still here, my laptop is on the blink, so here I sit on my iPhone checking in!! Have had an awesome first week!! Looking forward to my first weigh in tomorrow!!

    Hope everyone is having a great week!! Cannot wait for my laptop to be fixed today is Day 3 without it
  • My friend has an iphone too and I cannot find anything like points plus diary for her. The only one that was good WW made them take it down. Hope they don't do that to PPD I would be lost without it. Shame there are several good andriod apps, wonder why not for iphone.
  • I find it strange that they have the PPD for the android and NOT for the IPhone...definitely thought it would have been the other way around

    It's too bad, I think its been a lifesaver..but that's my opinion

    Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!!!! Looking forward to hearing about all the losers :P
  • 7.2lbs first week...WOOT WOOT!!! Looking forward to next Friday already!! LOL

    Hope everyone else has had an awesome week!!

    Oh yeah and my husband fixed my laptop...another WOOT WOOT!!!