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  • spare its tough for us mommies I use the WW mobile app. Its works well except for the search function. You can look up things by their category but I can't just type in a food and have it pulled up. Oh well not a big loss. I use my computer alot.

    I weighed in today for my half week check and back down to 176 thank god. Lets see on Sunday. Keep going!
  • way to go on the loss!!! I wish I could motivate myself to move more with excercise...I managed to squeeze a few days a week of SPIN class but that's about it well maybe a walk or two in the evening but winter is fast approaching and it gets cold here in Canada LOL.
    SUN THe app I use for my phone is called points plus diary

    it has a list of resturants, meal builders, food items with thier point value, a place to track eating, excercise. It will also advise when it's time to decrease points when you lose into the next category (not my fav part, hahaha)

    hope that helps

    have a great weekend ladies!!