Is joining WW worth it?

  • I would love some advice, and I am new to this group.

    I have been using a ww app on my phone and have done well but have hit a plateau. I was thinking about joining WW locally but not sure its worth the cost. Is it really worth paying the money to join? What do you get out of that?

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  • If you join you will get all of their written materials and weekly handouts.For me the accountability makes all the difference.I meet new people at meetings and get lots of great tips.I get the monthly pass and it allows unlimited meetings as well as etools.
  • It depends. If you are already following the program strictly, attending a meeting obviously won't cause you to lose more weight, but if you are finding it hard to be motivated and are finding yourself straying from your plan, knowing that you will be facing a scale and someone else will be viewing the numbers and writing them down, whether it is +/- can keep you accountable. I am a Lifetime member. I hated meetings. I would go in, pay my $12, and leave when I did WW.
  • Aimeebell is right that attending a meeting won't magically make you lose more weight.

    But, for some people the in-person support, tips, topics, accountability and camaraderie are worth it. Especially during rough times, going in-person can open someone up to different options, or things they maybe never thought to do.

    My thoughts on the matter are "can't hurt, might help, what's the worst that could happen?" The worst? You find out the meetings aren't your cup of tea and never wonder about going again. But, there's plenty of good to be had and there's always the chance that you'd pick a new piece of information or make a fun connection and find a tip that helps you work past your plateau.
  • Thanks for the advice. I may try it for a month and see what I think. At least there is no long term commitment.