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Default Would you recommend online WW?

I have thinking about doing the WW program at home. I am not getting that "Yeah" feeling at the meetings anymore and sit there honestly thinking, "Ok, great you passed over the donuts!" I was always right in there, cheering everyone else on. I know it sounds bad but I just don't enjoy attending the meetings anymore.

I know how to do the program and have the calculator, the books and a computer. Plus, I would be saving money. I have literally paid the $13 dollars the last three weeks only to just walk in, get weighed and leave.

Has anyone else gone thru this? My family is very supportive and I am losing weight. Would you recommend WW Online?

Side note: I lost 27 lbs last year before an accident prevented me from exercising and recently started back up and am doing great. I just didn't want anyone reading this to think I as new to the program.


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It works, and if you are not one for meetings, I would suggest doing online. I, myself, prefer meetings. It depends on the person.
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Hey Tiniree! I'm also in Arizona.

I'm a first time WW'er and have been doing the online system for a month. I do not have an experience with meetings. I know I'm the kind of person who would roll my eyes through the entire process, so online is the best way for me.

I spoke with a couple friends who have done WW on and off before I joined. Each of them attend(ed) meetings and told me they "needed" the accountability of someone else doing their weigh in every week. My boyfriend and I are doing this together, so we have each other for accountability on our weigh days of Sunday.

Our scale measures by half pound, not by tenth as I believe WW does. A few tenths of a pound one way or the other isn't really going to make that much of a difference, anyhow.

As of when I signed up, WW had a deal with the online service to pay for 3 months and they'd waive the start up fees. I don't know if any of this would apply to you since you'd basically be transferring services.

I always have my WW open in a tab of my browser. As I grab a snack, I put it in. Every meal I've cooked over the last 4 weeks has came from WW online. It has lots of articles and suggestions, without that pesky social aspect.
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Originally Posted by pixie sticks View Post
. It has lots of articles and suggestions, without that pesky social aspect.
Funny way of looking at it, but you can still get that social aspect! They have groups, challenges, and forums you can participate in. I much prefer 3fc, but there are many people who use that for support, including myself.
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Did you make the switch to online? How is it going?
I joined WW online in January and have lost 55 pounds so far.
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Originally Posted by OnAWeightLossTrain View Post
Did you make the switch to online? How is it going?
I am wondering the same thing.
I am in a small town and the only night they have meetings, I have school and I really want to get this degree so I can hopefully find a decent job! and I do well with online forums.. better than in person since I tend to be shy.
I am signing up tonight for WW Online.. Like someone else said, pay for 3 months pay no signup. Its something like $47 if you sign up for 1 month, but $53.80 if you sign up for three!
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I switched from meetings to online and I'm liking it much more. For me, I just didn't click with the people in my area...being a twenty something student in a neighborhood full of young families. But online I'm able to search our forums for people more like myself.

Also, just a personality quirk I guess, but if I'm feel better being accountable to myself rather than someone else. Like, if I weigh myself in I'll be good, but if I feel like I have to answer to a WW leader I'll get frustrated by the pressure.
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So far I really like online WW. I put the subscription in my dad's name so that he can track his points online and I use it to find points for foods, etc. I track my points on a points journal that I downloaded onto my phone. I haven't lost much yet (probably because I had a really crappy day where I overate very fatty foods) and it's only been two weeks but the entire experience has been great for me so far.
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of course if the program is already working for you. whatever works for you, not somebody else.
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I was in your shoes years ago. I used to attend meetings only to get weighed and then leave. It was such a waste of money.

If you know you can be accountable and honest with yourself with your weigh ins, and you don't feel like you are getting much out of meetings, I say go for it.

I just recently signed up for WW online after being gone from WW for a few years (multiple Atkins failures.....) and I LOVE it. It is everything I got out of WW before online less time out of my week and less money!
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I love the new points plus program. I am now down 32.5 lbs since starting it on Jan 3rd. AND I AM DOING IT ONLINE ONLY!!!

I think I am most successful because I am now so open with my journey via my blog AND the facebook group that I formed.

I love this! Can't wait to enter the 220s!

**By the way--the facebook group is TOTALLY secret. Only those in the group can see the group and see what you post. It is by invite only. If you want to join, let me know. I will have to add you. What i'd do is add you as a friend first then add you to the group then dissolve the friendship. It is a WONDERFUL support group. It started with 4 women but now its up to I believe 120 something. And we even have one or two males. You get notifications to your email each time someone posts and most of the time, if you are stuck, if you post, someone will respond almost instantly. So its like having your 'meeting folks' available all the time. Just let me know if you'd like to join.


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I'm thinking about switching from meetings to online as well. I LOVED my meetings back in Atlanta, but I'm just not jiving with the group here in Nashville. Not to mention, the franchise locations here are more expensive and give you less for your money than the WW Intl owned locations in metro-Atlanta. I have about 2 months left of pre-paid coupons, then I think the switch is on.
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I signed up last tuesday for ww online. I think the commercial that got me to officially sign up was the one with the blonde college girl, mostly because she reminded me of me.

Anyway, I've done WW before. It was a 21st birthday gift from my mother. She's horrible. Anyway I digress, I LOATHED the meetings. I would literally weight in then slink my way out after I bought their snacks, which were EXPENSIVE. It was humiliating and somehow it just felt competitive. It was definitely working, I was losing on avg 4 to 5 lbs a week and in 2 months I had lost 45 pounds.

In retrospect I wish I would have stuck with it, I would probably be close to my goal/suggested weight right now but things happen. Anyway back to what I was saying, I've been on the online WW for a week and lost 4.2 pounds already. Small but steady! This is BEFORE I've even hit the gym so I'm happy. I love all the tools they have, the recipes, the calculator, they also have a forum just like this one. The weight tracker is super easy and its all at my finger tips on my phone and super simple to use. Since joining I find myself making so much healthier choices when it comes to eating, especially snacking.

I also found out I dont eat enough! Which is hard to accept seeing as how I'm obese. I think thats funny. I also love the random diet tips I find surfing the site. I also love that I weigh myself at home without others watching and go at my own pace. BAsically I love how it makes me aware of what I'm eating and is a great boost since I'm aiming for a lifestyle change. If you have the money and the time, since its time consuming I suggest doing the online.
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heyy! i am looking to join online tommorow wondering if you joined yet? and how are you liking it?

i did the old system online and was wondering do you still get acess to the database with all the points value for foods and a points calculator on the site or is that another thing u have to buy
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I joined WW On-Line a month ago. So far I am liking it. I love playing with the tools to keep track of your weight.

It is a life style change (eating), if you don't make the change, you will gain the weight back.

I also found out that I was not eating enough fruits/vegetables and certainly not getting enough fiber. I love how you do not have to count fruits vegetables.

I have done WW in the past when I was younger, but I did not make the life style change and gain all the weight back.

If you can't find the food you are eating in the food search, you can always add the food and call it your favorites and it is always there. Lots of things you can do with the tools.
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