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Hi all,

Judy - You're probably on your way to CT right now. I hope the weather isn't too nasty. Win big! Good for you for packing thes andwich to avoid the nasty roadside food. Good for you for banking points and stopping your snacking.

Karen - Did you get your weights for home use yet? I have a set that my BIL got me several years ago for Christmas, at my request. And I'm talking probably close to 20 years ago. I like them because the come with three weights to add on to increase/decrease the amout of weight you lift. I also have a set that I got as part of the package with the one month membership to the gym. I watched the Oprah show last night, as I munched my way through 8 points of snacks. And it was on late. I'm not so sure about Bob's stopping eating theory, but I do know that if I have one snack at night, it often leads to another. It's a trigger to keep on going. Now I was hungry last night, but the plate of raw veggies with some garlic dip made from ff sour cream and ff mayo solved the hunger problem. The Slim Fast snack bar and the popcorn were just superfluous. So for me, not eating 2-3 hours before bedtime will definitely be a benefit. If I just don't start, I don't have to worry about not stopping.

I ate at maxium yesterday, thanks to the afore-mentioned snacking. If I hadn't snacked, I would have had a really great day! But it was still a good day in that I stayed within points, got in all my veggies, milk and water again. I hopped on the bike again this morning for session #2. (Karen, I love your checklist in your daytimer.) I hope that someday soon I'll become and exercise goddess like our Judy and thrive on it. I'm glad I did it and I love the way I feel afterwards, but while I'm doing it, I sure do hate it! Maybe it's just the bike. Now that we have a functioning VCR again, I can try out some of my exercise videos. I have a couple I've never yet used.

We're going to the Art Institute today, so I'll be doing some strolling. Not very aerobic, but I should burn a few more calories.

Have a great weekend!

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Hello Ladies, I just got back from 2 weeks in Los Angeles. It was beautiful. Unfortunately I didn't get to do a lot of fun things but I did exercise in a round about way. Mike and I worked around my mom's house. I count the manual labor as my exercise. My rump was killing me after a ton of trips up and down stairs.

I haven't weighed in yet, I plan on doing it in the morning. I am a little afraid of what the scale will say ( I too had run ins, quite a few, with the boxes of chocolates). I am going to commit to the exercise challenge. Put me down for 230. And can I also join in the run for 10 pounds by March? Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmasn and New Year.
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Hi Ladies,

I've been so busy, I forgot to post! Life has been kind of hectic recently, and I've changed some things with regards to my diet/exercise. Briefly:

1) I am cutting WAY down on caffeine, at the suggestion of
my massage therapist. Apparently, I'm extremely tense.

Anyway, I was recently drinking upwards of 6 - 7 mugs full of regular coffee a day -- easy to do when you're at a computer
9-10 hours a day. I've since cut down to only 1-2 cups of regular coffee in the mornings only, everything else -- including lattes -- is decaf! So far, so good.

2) Cutting down on dairy. I now get my latte's made with soy milk instead of cow's milk, I am going to see if this helps with my congestion that just won't go away.

3) I'm now a regular at the gym -- Michael and I went 5 days out of the past 7. I'm doing at least 45 min of cardio each time, plus weights every other time. I'm a teeny tiny bit sore from the weights, but I feel great!

I'm also watching what I'm eating, but have gotten behind on my points tracking. I am going to work this in the next couple of weeks, after the exercise becomes a "habit".

Since I'm weighing in on Mondays now, I will post last weeks weight, and then update tomorrow.

Take care everyone!


P.S.: It is LOVELY here today. Sunny and in the high 50's. It's a
nice break from the rain.

165.5/166 (grrrr!)/135

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