average weight loss per week

  • I was wondering how much you lose on average in a week? I am aiming for 1-2lbs but I am still at the beginning so I started with more lbs per week. Is it possible to stay in a 2lbs range over a a few months or is that too optimistic?
  • I have a Monthly Pass so do WW meetings plus the online etools.

    I've been averaging since Points Plus came out about 1.25 pounds per week with a lot of variability. However, I think it just depends on the person. I've always been a slow loser. I was averaging about .5 pound a week but cut down on using weekly points and do better on Points Plus also.

    So....for some people, 2 pounds a week is fine but others may not hit it. I try to do the right things -- track, weigh and measure when needed, stay within my points, workout, etc. I figure that if I do all that then the weight loss rate will be whatever it ends up being.
  • I've been on WW (flex/momentum plan) for 3 weeks now- averaging almost 2lbs a week though today was my weigh-in and I lost 3.2 lbs. I figure that is due to me upping my exercise to 60 minutes from 30 minutes and not eating all of my WPA.

    While it is possible for you to lose 1-2lbs a week, just remember that there will be some weeks where you will not lose anything and if that does happen, just keep going. I'd like to echo the last part of Koshka's post- track, weigh and measure when needed, stay within your points and work out.
  • I have been doing ww of and on for over three years. some weeks were great at 2lbs others I would lose none.
    Then the time I gave up and quit I went 5 months without a loss the guess what I gained it all back...not pretty
    So now I am back I lost 4 lbs in two weeks but last week lost none so everyone is differnt you have to deal what comes your way, stay opptomistic. No two of us are the same

    Keep posting
  • Thank everyone. I was just wondering if it is possible. I will keep trying and see how far I get until end of June. As long as the pounds are disappearing I am motivated. :-)
  • Soooo happy right now. WW works like a charm. Since I started mid January I have lost 16lbs (weekly results: -4.0, -3.1, -2.2, -1.3, -2.6, -2.9)! I am glad I found 3FC, it helps a lot and keeps me motivated. Thanks guys.
  • I average a pound a week. Which means sometimes I gain, or lose less, and sometimes I lose more. I tend to lose 2 or 3 weeks in a row, then gain or stay the same for a week or 2.
  • I just checked WW Online, and in my first month I've averaged 2.2lbs a week. This week alone I lost 4 lbs, which is crazy, and probably means I'll have a very small weigh in next week, but that's okay
  • @seagirl thank you for that comment I thought I was the only one who would lose a pound or two each week for a few weeks then stall for two weeks sometimes more before it started up again
  • I'm new...but I just wanted to post something my dietician told me once. I went for my weekly weigh-in, and had only lost 1 lb. I was very disappointed, as it had been a WHOLE WEEK of DIETING to lose only 1 of the 28 I still had to go. I was deflated. I hadn't eaten off any, and I was exercising to exhaustion. She left the room for a minute and brought back a pound of butter from the refrigerator. She duck taped the sticks (yes, I know...weird) to my thighs and arms and said, look at what you lost! It was weird, but effective.
  • I am in this for the long haul ... likely forever. I simply cannot eat what I want to eat every day and still maintain a healthy weight. Soooo.... I have been doing WW since New Year's and have lost about 10 lbs. (about 3/4 lb a week)

    The most important thing is that I seem to have found a formula that I can stick with. I don't feel deprived. I can have guests and eat what they eat and have a glass of wine with them. This is a normal that I can see myself maintaining into the future. A life plan rather than a "diet".

    Am still looking for a way to cope with eating out at restaurants. Menus seem to overwhelm my control mechanisms -- even if I check out the menu online and have some idea of what I'll be ordering. But I didn't get to 200+lbs by eating well and making excellent choices :-) so I'm still a work in progress!
  • In restaurants, I ask the waiter to split my plate with a to-go plate before bringing it out. That way, I am not tempted by the other half...which is usually more than I need to eat!
  • I just restarted ww flex momentum on my own again and lost almost 5pounds in the first week. Before I averaged about 1.5 a week. I ate my daily and extra points.
  • Mine fluctuates I will lose 2lbs and then lose .2 the next week sometimes.