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    I am considering doing weight watchers at home? What is the difference between the meetings and doing it online? Can I go to a meeting here and there and do the online WW for the most part? I tried doing South Beach diet before this and had some major issues right away, I think because I went from the way I was eating to trying to change it overnight. I like the idea of still being able to eat my regular foods but in smaller portions is this right? I have been slowly changing my eating habits on my own like eating whole wheat pasta, eating more veggies lean meats and I plan to continue this, but would love to have treats now and then. Any suggestions or advice? Would you recommend WW? Thanks
  • anyone? Please respond
  • I thought I would get a little help and suppot on this website that is why i signed up for it, so if someone is out there and can give me some advice pleaseeeeeeeeee
  • I think you are on the right track with WW. I have done South Beach and had success with it but on Phase 2 I think I overdid good stuff so I think that by counting points while eating the whole grains, lean proteins, going to help me a lot. Sounds like you are making a good choice- in my the way welcome....Lisa
  • ww is a great way to enjoy the foods you know are not 'so healthy' yet teaches you a more controled and healthy way of eating and it can be just as satisfy...
    Please don't worry if we don't respond right away for different reason not everyone is on this forum 24/7 but we are here to support your success and pick you up when you stumble
    Hang in there
    Tell us about a typical day
  • I've only ever done it by myself with a starter kit from someone who kept quitting and rejoining. I love it. I am about to start up again tomorrow.

    It's nice knowing you can have anything but you just try to choose wisely. It was almost like a game for me, a puzzle. I kept trying to maximize the food and minimize the points as if I thought I could *beat* the system.