Daily Points for my height and weight?

  • I went back Friday at a local mtg. I did not do WW since last June.

    She gave me the WW Points Plus getting started guide and the Pocket Guide for Lifetime Members.

    Nowhere I can find how many points a day I can eat. Also how many extra points a week that I am allowed to eat.

    I am 5'6'' inches, 155 lbs.

    I would love to go down 10 pounds.
  • I joined WW online couple of weeks ago. From what I read, the lowest number of daily points on PointsPlus is 29. I'm @ 174 lbs currently, and that's what I have - 29 Daily PointsPlus, plus 49 WPA. Daily points @ 29 should be accurate, but I'm not sure about the WPA for you, since you currently weigh less than I do, so it may be less. I don't know how actual meetings go, but they didn't tell you how many points you're allowed?
  • It should be written on your card that they wrote your weight on and then gave to you. They calculate your points on the calculator, or you could do it if you bought the calculator.