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  • Hi guys,

    I am doing WW at home too (old plan, no etools or meetings but with the iWatchr app).
    It is working! I have done it before (2002) and now I am back. I started a month ago and lost over 10 lbs now. YAY!
    Last week I was super hungry all the time but I stuck to the plan and lost another 2 lbs. This week I am not as hungry (luckily) but stuck at home with a bad cold. It is sooo hard not to eat because the kitchen is full with goodies. But I am not exceeding my points!!!
    I really have to start working out when I am over my cold. I actually start feeling antsy, I want to get moving! (Which is never the case)
    We just bought a treadmill last weekend and haven't used it much because of that stupid cold.
    Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

    PS: I have no ticker yet! :-(( I can't wait to get one!!
  • Hi guys and gals
    I have been doing ww on and off for 3 year? seems longer anyway want o jump on and say just started back 3 weeks ago and down 4 but I need to really find a time to exercise...that is a problem right now..
    I leave home at 5:30am work from 7-4 pick up child from day care home around 5:30pm fix dinner clean up then colapse by 7....suggestions please?
  • Hey everyone! I am on week 4 of ww online doing pointsplus and I'm really enjoying the plan so far! It is very easy to follow. After the first two weeks, my scale was saying I lost 11.2 pounds so I was incredibly happy, but right before my scale died it said that I gained 1.7 pounds. I was hoping it was my old scale but the new one reassured the gain. I'm really not sure why this has happened but I am going to continue on the plan and start walking every day to see if I can get past this. It just seems early to be gaining.
  • Nancy, my best suggestion would be to get up a little earlier and do 20-30 mins. Its a drag to get up earlier but it bumps up your burn for the whole day and gets you going. I personally have to drag myself to do it but it makes a big difference. You could also walk on your lunch break.
  • thank you for the suggestion about getting up earlier but I know me...5am is as early as I want. I have tried that get up at 3:30am before it takes 20 min just for me to dress in workout clothes and limber up then 30-40 to workout then shower, hair blah blah...
    I think I am going to take some tennies to office and try a 20-30 min walk at lunch see what that does to get me kick started....the only reason I don't work out when I get home in the eve is I have a dau who is insulin dependant and eating meals later at night is hard on her and her blood sugar
  • i work until 6pm most weeknights. i go to the gym after work. sometimes i've been so sleepy i've almost fallen off the elliptical, so i know what it feels like to be tired and have to get a workout in. if you have to be home for your child, you can do a dvd at home. one of my coworkers has kids and she is on a schedule similar to mine. she was getting up earlier to do her dvd before she went to work, and she leaves earlier than me. and, we have done walking and jogging on our lunch breaks.
  • hey all i've been on weight watchers online for a few months...well i've been a member anyways. trying to get up the motivation to actually stick to it. any suggestions would be helpful. i'm actually thinking about going back to the flexpoints anyone have any opinions on which you think is better. just wondering.
  • Hi new me4life, I actually am doing flex I know the program well so instead of learning something new I will just continue on with it. I find it helpful to plan my meals out just to guage my points for the day. I tend to eat a lot of the same foods i.e. breakfast -egg beaters, veggie sausage patty, salsa...lunch usually a 100 cal torilla with 2 slices of deli ham and ff cream cheese etc.

    This is a great time to try new recipes too and they have some great ones posted
  • Hi all! Today is my day two of my second time on WW. This is my first time "on my own." So far, so good...but I may have a bunch of questions later. I just wanted to say hello before I have to say "help!"