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Default weekly @Home Thread - What's your biggest dieting weakness?

Hello everyone!
I hope that all is well! The last time I was here, I enjoyed posting on a weekly thread - it was a great place for daily support and encouragement. I hope that many of you will join in!


The question I started us with is "What is your biggest dieting weakness?" Mine is exercise. I have to force myself to do it. I just started today after being back on plan for 2 weeks. My goal is to start slowly - just 10 minutes a day at first. Then I will begin moving it up a few mnutes each week.

Had a good day point wise today - my WI in tomorrow so we'll see what happens!
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Hi! My biggest challenges are sodas and exercise (or lack of). I am adjusting my attitude on each of them. Right now my goal is simply 15 minutes of some sort of movement a day and fewer sodas. When I try to eliminate them completely then I seem to want them even more. When I know I can have them if I really want them, and mark the points, the craving for them seems to decrease a bit.
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WTG on getting a plan in action! I think that is the first step - for me the second it to actually make myself do it!

Soda was a big challenge for me too the first time - especially Coke. I am NOT a fan of diet sodas, so it was a hard adjustment. I finally found a diet drink that I liked though - A&W Diest Cream Soda. My "reward" for getting all of my water in daily is one can of soda with dinner. I know that it is technically a "food" reward, but when I think I can't take another sip of water, I think of that and guzzle it down!
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Going to be a mommy!
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Default Honestly,


I am an old pro at WW.... I have been on plan Since December 2008 (losing since Aug 2008), the further along I get the harder and harder it is for me to track daily.... I have a lot of hit and miss days in my tracker....

I have come up with plan after plan to make tracking work for me.... I guess I just haven't' found what works for me yet...(who knew it would take so long, eh?) I am still working on making tracking a habit, I only have about 30 more lbs I would like to lose so I really need to get a handle on it before maintenance!!!

I drink pop galore... (I don't want to give it up and it doesn't effect my weight loss at all!)
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All of the above!
I don't drink enough water...have half a soda almost every day, track at
the end of the day and don't exercise enough .
I have good intentions everyday, and try to change my bad habits, but some days are very challenging.
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I think mine is to track my social life...

It is very hard to drink diet soda or water in the party instead wine or beer...

but we will get there
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For me it's wine...and exercise. I have never really had a taste for soda and from what I'm reading I think I'm alone in that one. I have a hard time writing all the points down as well. My weekends are the hardest and it takes till wednesday to get on the right track again where I am less than I was before the weekend. Oh help!!
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Overeating. Not points wise. I always stay within my points. But I get full really quick, but continue to eat. So I am still over stuffing myself..
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Gob-a-lot :)
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Being a full-time mum to a baby! He's demanding, so I often find myself cooking small but high points value snacks or meals and then am left unsatisfied, also, I'm not too great at saving points and am always scrimping & scraping by the end of the day! xxxx
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chocolate.. though those skinny cow ice cream are awesome!
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unfortunately i am gonna say work. i am paying for a membership at the ymca and never make it there cause i am so tired when i get home from work. i have to get up at 3 a.m every morning for work and it is so hard to do anything after work.
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Tracking is definitely hardest for me. I've been doing ww online at home for about a year and a half now and I find that I just can't get myself to track anymore. If I decide that I want to eat something that I can't fit into my points I just say "screw it, I just won't track today" and before I know it I've gained 8 pounds that week!
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If you are on a diet, you aren't on WW. WW is a cognitive behavior change program that teaches you how to eat for life. Diets are all failures. They have a beginning and an end and after they end you go back to your old way of eating and gain it all back.

Exercise is imperative is you want to keep the muscle mass you have and lose fat.
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Exercise? What is excercise??? LOL! That is definately my weakness. I bought the Zumba DVDs and my goal is twice a week for this week. Then move up to 3-4 times a week. It is so easy to sit on the ol' bottom and do nothing.
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