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Default When work/coworkers are against you

Sounds almost conspiracy-theory-esque, doesn't it?

I have recently realized (aka ADMITTED) that my lack of inactivity/eating habits at work has contributed to my weight gain.

I started my current job in July 2008 - My first day I wore size 5 dress pants and weighed around 127. Fast forward to today - I am wearing a tight size 12 and have weighed in at 163.5.

I have gained 36 pounds in the last 2 years at this place. And my coworkers? They are my partners in crime! I carpool with one girl, we are really good friends. I mean a normal week for us were were rotating breakfast at 7-11, McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, and Burger King. Eating out lunch almost everyday.

Now that I am getting yogurts instead of biscuits - and doing the Lean Cuisine thing instead of going's not that anyone is against it - but they think it's funny to wave pieces of pizza in my face. Or over-exaggerate the "mmmmmm's" and "ooohhhhhhhh's" as they bite into their cheesy, gooey lunches.

I know it is all in jest - but it makes it hard. Really hard.

Suggestions for dealing with situations like this?
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As hard as it is you must ignore it. When they see they can't get a reaction from you they will give up and stop.
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I imagine that with time - they will stop. But a part of me is thinking "Geez. You guys should be supporting me!" **Throw in a bit of a temper tantrum**

When my boss (A guy about the same age as me) saw me heating up a LC yesterday he said "Oh, are you on a diet?" and I said " I have to start paying attention to what I eat! Ive gained so much weight since I started working here"

He honestly said "Look at everyone here, you don't have to eat that. Everyone here is fa.......bigger".

I thought that was so sad that he said that.

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I work in an office as well and most of my co-workers are bigger. I am constantly being told how healthy my lunch is or how I am being good for not eating a doughnut/cookie/whatever that is always being brought in by companies we do business with. Luckily, besides a few annoying comments most of them are supportive and always ask me how far I made it that day on my lunch walk.

It is hard to deal with that type of negativity from people you deal with daily and I am with bargoo, ignore them. Their pettiness will turn to awe when they see you making progress, maybe you wil inspire them.
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Ignore til they give it up for lack of reaction.

Or make up socially acceptable reasons (whatever work in your particular situation) if you think that will shut them up faster.

Maybe something like "I'm trying to improve my cholesterol" or "I'm trying to eat out less to save up some money" -- whatever.


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People want others to share in their bad habits so they don't feel bad about themselves. If you are different, you force others to look at themselves in a different light.

I'd go with a medical excuse to lose weight. It really makes people less likely to mess with you about what you eat.

Good luck
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I know exactly how you feel, it was hard in my office too. If anyone is late, the 'office rule' is to bring doughnuts, and so they are here at least every other morning. If the office is busy, my boss orders lunch in. The break room is stocked with unhealthy snacks. All of which is nice - that we're taken care of - but not nice because whenever i say no, they all snicker about it. Or say 'don't show priscatip the doughnuts, she thinks she's fat', etc. I just ignore them now. But I definitely get that it can be frustrating.
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I on the other hand would NOT ignore them I would put them right in their place! I think they are being rude and not being supportive and that is not nice and I sure would let them know. hope it gets better for you
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I wonder if it is an age thing? I'm in my "late" forties and my female work buddies would have made comments if I was eating pizza or cake (although that wasn't their business - they meant well . . .) I had a close friend at work who felt bad that she couldn't afford to go out to lunch as often as the others - we bonded over walking to the mini-mart everyday & getting a diet soda refill!

I would ignore it, tho'. The results of your healthy eating will begin to show and who can argue with success!!
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Most people who are against others losing weight usually need to lose weight themselves and are jealous because they aren't doing anything. When people I work with try to push food on me sometimes I take it and tell them I will have it later and just throw it away later or give it to someone in my family. I always make sure I compliment them later on how good it was. Most of the time people just want a compliment.
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I started at my office job at the end of 07 weighing around 150, wearing sizes 8-10. I am now 189 and wearing a 14, sometimes 16.

I would ignore it. If they weren't your coworkers, I would say put them in their place, but since you don't want to start unnecessary drama at work, I would ignore it. Once they see how good you look, they will quit taunting you and start complimenting you
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I know exactly how you feel...since I've been on WW I sometimes dread lunchtime because people ALWAYS comment on my food and how healthy it is, etc. As if its a bad thing!!

My office deals with food companies, so people are ALWAYS bringing in samples to pass around. When I decline, no matter how nicely, or with a sense of humor, or anything, people get totally offended, and it drives me crazy!

I think an earlier poster was right - when people see that someone is eating healthier and taking care of themselves, they are deflecting because they feel like they should be doing the same, or they automatically feel judged for not eating healthy.

I try to ignore them too, but its not easy...a little support would be nice!
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It's always difficult to be the 'odd man out', but you can't control what your co-workers do or say. All you can control is how you react. Keep in mind your goals, and how much better you feel when you eat healthily, and the slippery slope they are leading you to. Depending on the people involved, perhaps a frank discussion with them about what you're doing and how negative their comments are? I've had some success with that approach. If that's not feasible, just ignore them.
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I always bring my lunch. It's generally healthy and on plan and when my co-workers all get together for lunch to decide where they are going-nobody asks me to go with them.

It got to me after a while and I asked one that generally goes with them "hey, why don't you guys ask me?" She laughed and said "because we go to the bad food places and don't want to tempt you off your diet, besides you always bring your lunch." Well, both comments are true so they aren't ignoring me to be mean.

So it can go both ways.
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life is good!
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I'm dealing with the same issue at my work-with the food. We have insane amounts of unhealthy things constantly everywhere. I just bring my own snacks and ignore the non-supporters.
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