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Default Exercise or master food intake 1st?

In the past on WW,in the 3rd wk is when execise should include. Do any of you just focus on points w/o execise? If so when did u add exercise and what type?
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I have been off an on ww now for over a year right now I am just getting back into it and will focus only on my points and eating healthy again but when I start to include my regular exercise then what I have done in the past was when the weather was good I wil4l jog/walk 3-4 miles. When weather is too cold or raining I use walk away the pounds dvd's I have 4 or 5 of them I alternate. Sometimes I will use the Firm dvd so I get a little weight training in too. But I have slipped so far off track it is a slow road back

Keep me updated on your progress
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The first time I did WW (I'm back for a 2nd try), I made lifetime just by focusing on points. I didn't add any extra exercise (although I wasn't sedentary. I probably walked about 2 miles a day since I was a college student on a big campus and parking was realllllyyy far away).

I made my goal weight doing that.

This time, I'm trying to integrate more exercise in, especially weights. The first time I lost all the weight, but a lot of muscle went with it, so even though I weighed less, I was still "soft," still fatty. Since I've already had lots of practice with the eating part of it, adding exercise isn't so hard this time.

I've started this time with jogging intervals on the treadmill (I do 5-minute cycles where I start at a slower pace and increase the speed and then at the end of the 5-minute cycle, it starts over. Supposedly intervals are more effective than a consistent speed. You can do this with walking, too).

What do you like to do? I keep thinking that I might try cross-country skiing since I live in the mountains, but I'm afraid of bears
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I say master the food points, since that is a huge part of WW success. Personally, I don't exercise a lot (maybe 20-30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week), and I don't count the exercise points. I just stick with my daily points and then eat some of my weeklies and it's been working. In the past six months I've only had three weeks where I've gained, and every time it's been less than 2 lbs, so I'm okay with that.
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Just to add to what Tudor Rose said -- most of the research literature on weight loss indicates that food really is the bigger part of the equation for straight-up weight loss. In fact, exercise can SOMETIMES stall weight loss (because it makes us hungrier, what have you).

The New York Times recently had an interesting pair of articles in their wellness section on this issue. The first one talked about exercise and weight loss (the impact might not be so great as one would think, etc. You can find it here: and the second one talked about the benefits that we can get from exercise besides weight loss (ex., it can be a cure for mild depression. You can find it here:

These days, I don't exercise to lose weight, per se. I do it for the other health benefits that come along with it. But if you can master the food portion of WW, you'll probably be successful. I'd bet there's lots of folks on here (like me, like Tudor Rose) who have made a good go of it with just the food portion of WW.
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I started wearing a pedometer and then log my all day steps on the online programming. It's actually motivated me to walk more. I've also just recently started going to curves to get some strength training in.
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I am concentrating on mastering my food first. So I havent started any regime yet. I havent seen much movement on the scale either. so I dont know.
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I really believe an active life is essential, but that healthy eating is even more fundamental.
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This is my second time on WW (i just started back up yesterday!). I was only on it for a month with NO exercise and I lost 8 lbs. Since I have the whole points thing down, I will incorporate some exercise this time around.

You should focus on the point system first, if you ask me. Then add in exercise when you feel you have mastered it.
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Default Focus on Points

My take is to focus on points and add exercise whenever possible. I find that the days that I work out are good days foodwise. Exercise clears my mind and makes me feel like I am taking good care of myself.

The activity points come off last each weekly cycle. First daily points allowance, then from weekly (35) and then finally activity points are last to go each week.

Good luck to you!
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I've chained myself to a desk, chair, or bed for most of the last ten years or more, so getting the motivation to consistently exercise has been hard so far . I'm good for spurts (days of walking or kayaking for example), but nothing that lasted more than an afternoon in a few months.

Basically I skipped the exercise part of ww for the first ten/eleven weeks, I am doing it now (just started this week doing some time on a treadmill and bike and I over did it a bit, my legs hate me, *laughs*) and will start upper body as soon as I get someone to show me how to work the equipment.

I sure wasn't ready for the exercise week pamphlet, so I put it aside until I felt I was ready to get moving.

You basically have to judge it for yourself on how ready you are to get out and move, just as you had to come to the point of wanting to lose weight and actual did something about it.
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Exercise! But...not until you're ready (mentally) to tackle it. If you wait until you feel you're ready physically, that day may never come. But if you feel you're ready to start an exercise routine, even something as straightforward as walking more, then go for it!

When I started WW, I focused solely on the food quotient. I was living with my best friend at the time, who is also a dietitian, and her advice (when I asked for it) was to remember that exercise and healthy eating may promote more weight loss than just healthy eating. I got great results with just watching my food intake, but I loved the way my arms and butt looked with exercise (I say "looked" because I took a nasty fall off the wagon several months ago).

I liked weighing less, but I really liked having defined arms, which I wasn't getting with just taking in less food, or healthier food. Plus, exercise gives me way more energy. That might sound like a stock weight loss quote, but it's so true. Once I started running and lifting weights, I was much less tired than I had been, and I slept better too. That's not to say you need to run and lift weights, any exercise will be beneficial. It does make you hungrier, in my experience, but eat proper portions and try to choose food that benefits your body.

Good luck!
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I think that the two go hand in hand. When you exercise, you are more motivated to treat yourself well and be healthy. I am already logging my fitness points b/c usually exercise is the one area where I do well and it keeps me motivated.
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I have to agree with the last post. I usually eat better if I exercise. I feel better about myself and I also feel like I've worked hard so I don't want to sabotage it.

When I first started I focussed on the food for a good month before I tried to incorporate exercising. The food part was such a huge change for me.
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I also eat better when I exercise. It does make me hungier, but then more likely to make better choices. After a walk/jog a salad sounds much better than say chocolate or something greesy. So, I dont feel like its a chore to choose the salad (or something healthy) over the slice a pizza!
I've been on ww before, and I do start ww with a regular exercise routine together. Actually, I look forward to the exercise but not having to control what I eat! In fact, knowing I will be getting back to weight loss after having the baby, I'm excited about exercising, but not too thrilled about cutting back on sweets and portion sizes. There have been times in my life where I kept up a daily exercise routine, but slacked off on ww a bit (basically fell off the wagon). And keeping with exercising helps me get through the weak times when I over eat or go off points. ANd get back on track quickly and easily.

Also, exercise helps me feel better all around. I have more energy, including um, in the bed room, which my husband likes! I notice a complete change in my mood, I'm happier, and more motivated to continue my weight loss, and it does in my case help the scale move down a faster. Also with (almost) 2 kids, its my me time. Exercise clears my mind and when I'm done, even on days when I absolutely do NOT feel like exercising, I feel GREAT! And never regret it.
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