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Default 3 times a charm

So as I keep telling myself I am going to lose weight I notice myself bigger and bigger! This time I am serious! This will be my 3rd time on weight watchers, not that it doesnt work, but as soon as I hit a plateau, I give up. This time I plan on sticking to it for a lifetime, and being healthy. I am grocery shopping on Monday. Any tips on what should be on my list???
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I too am just starting back on WW for my 3rd time. A few items on my grocery list to keep stocked in the house are my favorite fruits and vegetables. Brown rice, Wasa whole grain crackers, laughing cow cheese, healthy choice lunch meat. Those are the few items off the top of my head that I keep in the house at all times. Good luck!
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I also keep 100 cal tortilla from latorrilla factory, veggies to make soup, egg beaters and if you don't have one invest in a water bottle you can carry around with you at all times
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Veggies, eggs, low fat cheese are a must but I have to have rice cakes in the cupboard. I like the cracker jack ones for a sweet treat. Also, like having edamame (soy beans in pods) in the freezer.
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Progresso makes some 0 and 1pt WW soups -- they even put the point value on the front of the can. As I'm vegetarian, and most of the soups are made with chicken stock, I have to pretty much just stick to the Italian Vegetable soup, but I know there are a few others out there. I always keep a few cans on hand, especially now that it's getting colder up here in Ohio.
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This is my third time, too, for WW. I have been feeling differently with this time, though, than the others. I can't really explain it, but it is just different this time. The Campbell's Select Harvest Soups are reasonable in points and flavor. I think it was either 2, 3, or 4 points for 1 cup of soup. All the other suggestions of what to keep in your pantry have been really good. 2010 is going to be the year that we Lose 4 good.
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This will be my second time starting WW. I like keeping the 100 calorie packs of microwave popcorn on hand and I eat a lot of clementines. You can have 2 clementines for only 1 point and I feel like I am eating more because I get to eat 2! Good luck!!
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you sound like me!! This is actually my 4th time on WW - two times (quite successful) via meetings, and once before from home (short lived success).

I feel I have the tools necessary - I just need to stay committed.
How did the grocery shopping go?

My favorite meals: egg white omelets (actually looking FORWARD to them), chicken salads.

My least favorite thing: giving up treats
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Thumbs up

I have started and stopped WW several times.This time around I am making sure I plan meals ahead.At work I only eat what's in my lunch bag.Good Luck! You can do it!
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I've been enjoying low-fat cottage cheese. I often put a scoop of it in a vegetable soup/stew that I make (the soup is low in points, and the cottage cheese gives it some staying power).

I've recently succumbed to the convenience of Egg Beaters (and similar products). 1 point for 1/2 cup micowaved! I love Hungry Girl's egg mug recipes.

I also keep a lot of dried beans on hand. It's easy to make a nice bean chili or soup in the crock pot or pressure cooker and for me, it's a lot cheaper than buying canned soup (I do keep a few cans of Campbell's at the office for emergencies).

Oh -- and I lo-fat string cheese. I think it's only 1 point for 1 stick. YUM (especially when paired with 2 clementines)!
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Yay to third timers! I am back on having a baby 1 weeks ago. I was down to 140 pounds,then I quit smoking and gained 20 BUT after I quit smoking hubby agreed to have a baby,so I lived with it and gained alot during my pregnancy..Anyways when I was 18 i went from 225 to 129.When I was 24 I went from 199 to 137. Now I am going to be 30 on Sunday and hope to keep it off this time around..It works,I just find life always throws stuff your way that sometimes you cant control
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A must have for me is fruits and veggies cut up. I also love thin buns..100c and 1pt. Peanut butter can be a trigger food for me but right now I am eating it daily and its measured out the night before. I also do eggbeaters and string cheese. I love cambells soup at hands..chicken noodle is 1pt makes a good snack.
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This is my 3rd time on WW's. I was on it in 2004 after having my last child and again in 2006. I quit smoking last year and gained 20lbs in 4 months. Ive been going strong since Dec 27th, but the scale is not moving as fast as it has the last 2 times. Im hoping that its because this time around I am doing weights 3 times a week along with 5 days of cardio. Im going to be 30 this summer and Ive never been able to reach my goal have came close both times and fell off. I have always told myself I want to be at my goal before I turn 30. I have no option, but to succeed this time. I love keeping yogurt and Mountain Medley Kashi around. 1/4 cup kashi is only 1 point and I add it to my yogurt (1 or 2pts) depending on what kind I get. It makes the best breakfast or a sweet snack.
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Hi, my names is Deb. I have been doing a different weight loss program, but just cannot stand the limitations on the types of food you can eat any more, so have come back to Weight Watchers. I have all of my old materials, and cannot really afford to go to meetings, so will be doing this on my own. So am just looking to get the support that I find so valuable on 3FC. Just saying hi.
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Starting over again myself. We can do this! Going to start a list these evening of food to keep me OP this time. I think we need to really be prepared.
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