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Default Flatulence, aka gas, caution: may be TMI

This might not be in the correct blog and I am truely sorry for this but I have to ask....I cooked the awsome WW vegetable soup and I am having awful gas, it smells like someone crawled up there and died. My family is getting really grossed out and I'm not about to hold it back....Has anyone tried maybe like Beeno? does it work. I was told by my boyfriend that I have to stay in the other room, hehe....It is very's really good soup.

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I think beano works better if you take it before eating, but you could give it a try... there are also over-the-counter anti-gas pills you can take. I've tried them before and found them pretty helpful!

your post actually really made me laugh because I tend to be very gassy myself! Anyway I'm not on WW but the title caught my eye. =)
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You do need to take the Beano before the consumption of the food item... Been there, done that.

Sometimes Immodium helps me with the gas, even though that isn't what it is intended for.
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Wink Beano before eating, is a good idea:

But it sounds like you may need to take some Probiotics. You can get these at Walmart or a healthfood store, and a lot of yogurts now contain them. I take Phillips Probiotics.
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Ya to the Beano. I'm not sure about the Immodium cause I think it might constipate you! Don't know for sure, tho (sorry Ms Shannon!). The other thing is to KEEP EATING the soup and increase your bean consumption, cause what is happening is that your intestine is repopulating with the right bacteria to digest the food without the stinky side effects. Your body will get used to it...just as long as your family doesn't leave you in the meantime!


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Kira, you are probably right about the Immodium, might have that effect... I'm not very regular to begin with so most likely wouldn't notice that.
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I have to admit when I first started in the soup yes I too had a bit of a stinky problem but after a week or two it really went away, and now I eat it without the side effects as a matter of fact it keep me so regualar I never worry about being stopped up like I have in my history.
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The biggest culprit in that soup recipe is the cabbage. If it is the soup I'm thinking of (I've been with WW for 11 years now and the original recipe had cabbage and I think it is the same recipe each time they revamp the program) Try eliminating the cabbage and use another vegetable (not brocolli - it's from the same family). You can also investigate charcoal tablets (search on line) that can be ingested (they are safe) and they absorp the gas in your stomach before it gets to the intestines. If you are increasing the fiber in other foods you are eating as well - it could be that and not just the soup (but the cabbage in the soup is what makes the horrible odor). Good luck.
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Try adding the cabbage into the soup right before the end so it's only lightly cooked, just tender but not mushy.
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