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Question Tell What I Am Doing Wrong---

I eat healthy but still I lose 2 lbs gain 5. I just don't understand. Here is what I usually eat below. Any suggestions?

breakfast- 1 pk of instant oatmeal made w/ water
lunch- 6" subway sub/salad or something low in fat ( low pts)
dinner- grilled chicken or fish
green beans or vege beans or chef salad

I don't eat pork or beef, rarely any fried food. Please help. This is really stressing me out.
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rasta I can only say journal journal journal everything!. what size portions are you eating? Are you eating all your daily pts and following the healthy guidelines? Are you exercising?

I have hit some pretty long stretches with no losses and when look back and journal honestly. I can see my portions may not be in line with the actual foods I am eating.

do you wiegh daily? if so weight flucuates a great deal...go back to once a week and resist the urge to 'peek'

Are the foods you eat high in sodium?

these are only my thoughts and questions I have to ask myself when I stop losing

keep us posted
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You need more protein. Try to get a ratio of 40% carbs/ 30% fat/ 30% protein. If you take that banana and turn it into a chocolate banana smoothie using non-fat yogurt and chocolate protein powder you can get 40 grams of protein just in that one snack rather than the nearly straight carb rush of the banana alone.
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hi rasta4life,
it sounds like you arent eating enough. if you dont eat enough your metabolism will slow way down and will retain any fat you eat. do you point everything? do you eat any zero points foods throughout the day?

i was putting on lbs and couldnt understand why, until i realised that i wasnt filling all my points during the day. the most you can carry over is 4, so if you have 20 points a day you have to use 16, and its highly recommended that you eat them all that week.

i hope this helps!
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i agree that it seems like you are not getting all your points eaten for the day .... do not be afraid to eat your points! you need to
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Thanks everyone! I taking all of the suggestion give and doing ok so far.
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You didn't say anything about water. I gain on the weeks I don't drink enough water! I think my body stores salts or something.

And I've switched out my banana habit for a higher fiber/lower sugar fruit: apple, pear, or something. I've read a number of times that a banana spikes your blood sugar, sometimes making you want more sugary stuff.

And be honest - did you not ever eat a single valentine treat? I spent two days sneaking a VT heart here or there. The scale showed it, too, especially since I also didn't exercise...for me, a sure way to not lose weight.

Sometimes I feel it's not fair that I have to diet AND exercise, and all my husband has to do is decide to eat a little less and PRESTO, he's lost 10 lbs. I really have to work for it.

Good luCK!
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Totally agree with the replies. Eat your points. Don't think that if you eat less points you'll lose more weight. Make sure you're getting all the right carbs, proteins, lots of water, and veggies. Do some excercise. You don't have to join a gym. But try to move as much as you can. Keep track of everything. And...don't forget to treat yourself.
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