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  • Well another week went by and now we are only 2.5 weeks from turkey day...I have be scouring the recipe section to find different twists on classic favorites that I can feed a crowd of 15. So far I think it is looking good. I will post the actual menu sometime later

    Avs you asked on the last thread what else kept us motivated to loss besides health...well for me I have/had a goal to look fabulous at 50.. well 50 came and went last July and it took me until aug to realize hmmm I sure did not meet that goal so now I adjusted it a bit and make that fab at 51 LOL

    wi was this morning and I am down 1.5 after a no loss last week. Now that I have the green light from the Dr. I have no more excuses not to exercise so look out stepper here I come. 10 min at a time at least until I can work up to 45.

    Well I will check in later guys and gals
  • Hey everyone!

    My official weigh-in day is tomorrow, so I'm interested in seeing what the scale has to say. I've been bad about exercise this past week in favor of studying.

    I have a couple questions about the plan. I was reading about the Wendie Plan yesterday and I noticed that on it you eat most of your flex points. Am I supposed to be eating those every week? I've been trying not to dip into them much, but pretty much always eating my activity points. And my other question has to do with milk and milk products. I have a hard time getting in 3 a day -- esp since I'm not huge fan of milk. Does cheese count in that? What other ways can I get in those 3 servings?

    Thanks for your help ladies!!
  • Zeta i will try and answer some of your questions but since I do not go to online meetings or in person I can only go by the research I have done which may or may not be totally accurate

    The wendie plan, I use it, when I did the straight points I hit a plateau after about 4/5 weeks and I never used my flex points at all if anything I under ate. The first week following the wendie plan with the extra points I lost several pounds. (I must confess I was not working out either and still am not--I know bad bad girl) and I am pretty steady losing now only have had one stalled week but during that time had surgery too so body was recovering. If the regular plan is working for you stick with it.

    As for the dariy, I am lactose intolerant- I mostly have problems with milk not cheese so I do use the cheese for my dairy but in the form of yogurt, yogurt cheese and soy products. Cheese is high in points unless you use the reduced and fat free kind which can be very spendy but will get your nutrition in there

    And from what I understand about activity points if you want to use them you have to use them on the day you earn them

    Hope that helps you
  • everyone! Sorry I was MIA over the weekend - it has been hectic around here. That being said, the Halloween candy bowl and I had a few run ins this weekend. Not only did I fall off the wagon, but I haven't gotten back on yet But today is a new day and I'm ready to start again.

    Nancy - WTG on the loss! Good to see that you are recovering nocely and cleared for activities. Hope the Turkey Day recipe hunt is going well - what other items are you looking for?

    Avs - I have several reasons that I am trying to lose weight. For ne I'm in my late 20's - many of my friends have told me that once they turned 30, their metabolism slowed down A LOT. I figured that if I get a jump on it now, I may still be able to take advantage of that better metabolism! I also have PCOS so part of it is a health issue for me. The petty reason for weight loss is that we are taking our boys to DinseyWorld in Nov 09 and I don't want to have to tell then that mommy can't ride with them because I'm too fat - that's no fun for them and embarassing to me! So most days this keeps me motovated, and if I ever need an extra shove, I look at my 3 amazing boys and remember that I want to be around to watch them grow up and see my grandbabies one day!

    Zeta - I am not a huge fan of drinking milk either. There are lots of things that count for dairy servings. Just google "weight Watcher Dairy servings" and you will come across lots of ideas. Some that I have found are cheese, yogurt, SF pudding cups, and SF hot cocoa mix - to name a few

    Well hope all is well with everyone else today - You guys have a great OP day!
  • Hey Yall! Today was WI for me.......Im down a 1/2 pound only . Course that is better then gaining, though I thought I would be down at least one. Oh well On the positive note I didnt gain any And I had a very bad eating day on Saturday and this morning I feel like I am retaining a bit of water. So Ill be drinking lots of water today.
    Congrats on everyones WI's so far
    I really need to get my jiggly booty to work out a bit more. But its so hard to get motivated sometimes. Especially when the weather is cold. But I think I just need to do it for at least 10minutes almost every day and if I dont wanna do it anymore after 10 minutes thats fine. At least I got 10 in. So thats my committment for the week.
    Hope everyone else is doing great!
  • morning all i've been mia for a couple weeks and not in a good way...letting life interfer once again. so i'm back with a vengeance and ready to start again.
  • Quote: Avs you asked on the last thread what else kept us motivated to loss besides health...well for me I have/had a goal to look fabulous at 50.. well 50 came and went last July and it took me until aug to realize hmmm I sure did not meet that goal so now I adjusted it a bit and make that fab at 51 LOL
    well my reason is i will be 39 in april and don't want to hit 40 overweight. i have been dieting for as long as i can remember and always end up going back to the same ole 225lbs. +/- 5lbs. i am wanting to break the cycle for good.
  • Yay Nancy on the weight loss!

    It's neat to read everyone's motivations... adds extra motivation for me, too!

    Still, seriously struggling the last few days. I am SO munchy and have very little willpower, it seems. Yesterday I weighed and I was UP 2 lbs (after being pretty good the first part of the week). So I was depressed all day, and didn't even count pts (didn't totally splurge, but definitely just ate whatever) all day with the feeling of. "Well. I'll start again tomorrow, I guess." And this morning I was actually down like .3 lbs from last week. What is up with my weight fluctuations? Driving me slightly crazy. Still counting pts today, but already at 12 pts (out of about 25) at 11:30 am, and teetering on the brink of losing it. I can just feel it. Have GOT to get with it. If anyone has any extra willpower laying around today, send some my way!
  • texs sorry about the run in with the holloween bowl LOL my girls finally polished theirs off so I don't have that temptation anylonger. As for recipes, the mashed potatoes will be easy using broth instead of cream, might even try some roasted garlic in them. I think the biggest challenge is the bread, but I found a recipe for yogurt bisquits that I tried this weekend and they tasted very good with spray butter and only 1pt each and they turned out good sized.

    Avs congrats on the .5 down every bit helps towards the end goal. And like you I have not got into that exercise routine and this week I too will be starting small at 10min at a time..we will have to be accountable to each other??

    me I know how frustrating it is to keep hovering around the same weight with that +/- few pounds. Until 6 years ago I never had a weight problem then medication boosted me up into orbit and I have been fighting it ever since. And it seems I get to down to close to where I am at now and cant get past it but this time I am determined to and move beyond and get down to my ideal weight....hence the support here on this forum

    my I am getting long winded I think I will go back to work now

    Sara here are some extra will power points
  • My motivation:
    -Both parents were diagnosed with Diabetes this summer
    -Hate shopping for plus-sized clothing
    -I am an emotional eater
    -I want to like how I look in pictures - totally vanity I know.
  • Loretta, I agree. Seeing pictures and trying on clothes are always huge motivators ...(not amazingly positive ones, but I'll take any kind of motivation I can get!)
  • Glad to see everyone is doing well.

    Loretta - Its not that vain, I wanna do it so I dont scare people on the beach. LOL Though Im really ok with my body image in another country on the beach, cause I know there are always people bigger then me in smaller swimsuits.
    Nancy -Im down for making us accountable. Cause I get distracted easy say by oh reality tv, a good book, pretty much anything besides working out.
    Sara - Heres for ya girl!

    Now if only I can figure out how to post on this board while working out. Might keep me distracted enough so I dont mind exercising!!
  • Well, it sounds like everyone is in good humour after the weekend!! Keep smiling ladies

    Zeta - the guidelines for milk are 2 svgs/day (or 3 if you are over 50, a teenager, nursing, or if you are >250lbs)
    ... some examples of milk products: 1 cup SF/FF yogurt, 1 cup SF/FF pudding made w. skim milk, 12oz latte made w. skim milk, cheese (FF or RF) - measure out 1 svg as per pkg & calc. pts/svg, FF cottage cheese, FF ricotta cheese 1/2 cup, soy milk unflavored 1 cup (can mix w. fruit for smoothie)
    NB. Weight Watchers recommends that "if you cannot include 2 (or 3) svgs of milk products each day, consider taking a calcium supplement".

    ...regarding Activity Points
    1. if you exercise & earn 3-4 AP/day, it's ok to eat #pts or not eat (to help w. weight loss)
    2. if you exercise & earn >5pts/day, you will need to eat the extra pts or you will go into starvation mode & not lose weight (per my WW leader)

    ...regarding the 35 weekly points allowance
    you can choose to use these pts whenever you want during the week (a special meal out, spread them out ie. 5/day, or not use them all to help w. weight loss)

    Hope this helps!

    Nov "30 Day Shred" Challenge! One for every workout
    wk#1: +
  • well avs I did 25 min on my stepper tonight and we will see how sore I am tomorrow, it was a start and not as bad as I thought, I had to stop a few times and other times slow down but I worked up a sweat ....whoo hoo so I put in my journal a big sticker that says 'way to go' lol well what ever keeps me going

    cher thanks for clearing up the dairy stuff I knew I did not have it quite right if it is possible could you give a run down on the rest of the nutriional guidelines? ie. servings of veggie, protein, fat etc? I know that is a lot to ask and if you are not comfortable that is ok

    well I am off for the night and will check in tomorrow and tell you how sore I am from actually exercising for the first time in 6 months.
  • Morning all!

    So Sorry I've been MIA since friday. Had a busy weekend and yesterday had 3 hrs of overtime to do so I was exausted when I got off work. But things are going well. I did more over the weekend than I should have, well let me rephrase that, I drank more pts than I should have. DH bought some really good wine and I couldn't have just one glass. So this week I'm trying to work it off by upping my incline and mph on the treadmill. Kicked my booty yesterday so maybe it will work I'll know friday on wi I guess, lol

    I think a question was besides weightloss why are we losing weight? well for me it's because I have 4 kids I need to stay up with. I don't want to be one of those people that "look good for having 4 kids" I just wanna look good period and let my health reflect that. My entire family is over weight so for me too it's not giving it to that and just blaming it on my genes. Also for my 30th bday I'm rewarding myself with a tummy tuck! Figure since we are done having kids it's time to repair this poor abused body, lol.

    Well I wish I can get more personal but I gotta round the kids up this morning. I'll be back later though for sure! have a great OP day everyone!