At Home Support Group....06/15 - 06/21

  • Morning ladies,

    I see that we've all been a little busy this week. I figured I'd start the new thread, just a little later than normal. I figure it's summer time and many of us are on vacation or taking a break. Hope you all are continuing your journey. I'm still plugging away and having to buy new clothes to boot!

    I will do my official WI tomorrow. Keep up the good work and if you've been bad just remember tomorrow is another day.
  • briana-great job, buying smaller clothes is the best part. I have been so busy with my daughters being in softball nearly every night of the week.(that concession stand food gets me every time)
    keep up the good work.
  • Morning...
    Jean3 - Thanks! I thought I'd do my official WI today. I'm down to 140.6 lbs. Almost at official goal but I still want to lose 5 more pounds. I was so excited, though I've been eating less in the evening and earlier too. I've also been going to bed with the kids which means I don't snack or eat bad things (ie - chocolate chip cookies) at night. Hope you are doing well.

    I'll check back in later.
  • I AM BACK!! Hi, it has been awhile since I have been here. I was on here earlier this year trying to do this on my own. I then started going to meetings, still reading everything you were doing here but not really posting.
    I have ran into financial difficulties and had to quit WW or at least the meetings. I have had a lot of stress and have not been to 4 meetings so I have been eating all of the wrong stuff. I am still fairly good with my weight (I mean to say I have not totally blown it) but I am looking for some support.

    I am at 178 which I believe I was at when I updated my ticker last however I was down to 170!! I need to get moving.