At Home Support Group ---5/18 - 5/24

  • Morning Ladies,

    I thought I'd start the thread for this week. Hope you are all doing well. I've been off my game for a few days and I so need to get back on the ball. I have my WI tomorrow so I'll let you all know. Where is everyone this week?
  • Briana- I was wondering the same thing. My weigh in is on Sat. I am also trying to get back on track. My weight loss goals are similar to yours, what has kept you motivated to lose almost 40 pounds. I need some of that motivation.
  • Morning....
    Jean3 - guess they all went on vacation and didn't tell us. I did my WI this week and I gained my pound back from last week. Ugh. I seem to be stuck in a rut at the moment.

    My motivation was originally I had a wedding in May of this year to get ready for and I had seen some pictures of myself and thought I looked like a cow in them. (Honestly). I had never been that heavy in my life unless I was pregnant and didn't like the way I felt or looked. I knew that I could do it but it's always been a struggle for me because I love the way food tastes and I absolutely love sweets. Once I started on my weight loss journey and started to see the results in my pants, shirts, ect. I knew that this is what I wanted and that is really what has kept me motivated. Don't get me wrong there are times when I get discouraged because I hit a plateau ( I did that a few months ago and just stuck to the plan and then those pounds came off). I just know that I have to work at it every day.

    Hope this helps you with your weight loss journey.
  • Got my first issue of the WW magazine!
    I had ordered the at-home kit that came with the magazine subscription, and yesterday it finally came. Woohoo! I really enjoy it. I like the little exercise tips that are in there, and the recipes.

    It may be worth the $12 or whatever it is to renew when the time comes.

  • Good writing
    Good writing. Keep up the good work!