Question on WW AT HOME kit for those who got one this year.

  • I was looking at the WW site and the At Home Kit shows the 2007 diningout and food companion guides.

    Are those what is included in the Kit or do they have the new 2008 ones in the At Home Kit now?

    Thanks so much!
  • They have the new ones in the kits now, kinda a bummer for those of us who joined the past year and bought the old ones. I did find that ALOT of the information on points was wrong in the old one.
  • Thanks! Also I see that the Weight Watchers magazine comes with you have to send in a coupon in the kit or does it automatically start when you order the kit? Thanks!
  • I would call and complain that you got your kit this year and it had old info in it. Maybe they will send you the newer stuff.
  • She joined last year so why should they replace her stuff - they gave what was in use at the time. They don't give us meeting members new companions because we purchased the ones last year. And lying to get the stuff...
  • bec ause that happened to me and YES i bi** b/c i ended up with an 08 home guide w 07 companions and they sent me the companiona after i complained!
  • I would hope that if you purchased the kit in 08' you would get the 08' materials. I would complain if I got the old ones. I find the companions aren't really as good as just using my slider myself. Thats just me though.

  • Since this is an old thread, and the question has been asked and answered, I'm closing this thread now.