Does dehydration affect veggie points?

  • I miss nachos. I....MISS...nachos.

    I'm trying to put together a nacho recipe replacing the chips with cucumber chips, but I'm having trouble figuring out if dried/dehydrating veggies actually affects the points? I know when I got a bag of dried apricots once, the points were ridiculous but I can't find any info on dried veggies. I'd make them at home without oil, since they don't have the sugar that fruit does, maybe it's pointless? (heh) Any dried veggies I'm finding are made by companies so I'm sure they have oil or salt or whatever else I'm not trying to use.
  • I think dehydration is only an issue with sweet vegetables like carrots, because all that would be left is sugar. Cucumbers are mostly water. If you dehydrate them, there's hardly anything left. Dried apricots are just little sugar bombs (delicious little sugar bombs).

    Also, have you looked up the points in tortilla chips? It's something like 4 points for 14 chips. You can also make your own with low carb tortillas. If you're really missing nachos, I don't think dehydrated cucumbers are going to cut it.

    Also, I totally get you. I tacos. So I eat tacos.