Use all the points?

  • Hey, all. I'm new to Weight Watchers (again) and determined to make it work this time. I'm a big guy, so I have a good number of points. Should I strive to use them all, or is it good to come in way under from time to time? (So glad to have found this forum!).
  • Are you talking daily points or weekly points. WW generally says to eat all your daily points but you don't have to eat the weekly points.
  • I have only been on ww for four months, I rarely use all of the my weekly points. When I do, I either gain weight or stay the same. So weekly points are really not for me. Also we are encourage to staying within our range to optimize weight loss. I find that if I do not eat all of my daily points, I lose more weight.

    I do think everyone is different, I have heard of many others who eat all of their weekly and daily points and still loss weight every week. My metabolism must be really low compared to theirs. You need to experiment and figure out what works for you.
  • This week I used all my weekly points. The lower points given on freestyle makes it harder to color between the lines. If you have beef or pork or even rotissorie chicken instead of skinless chicken breast you are really racking up point values beyond the limits.
    I do like fish and eggs so I will make an effort to include more in my dinners, and hope for a change. I saw 3 or 4 people claim 4-6 lb losses in the first week on freestyl so maybe they have the secret .