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Default Favorite Fat Free Milk etc.

I am new to eating fat free foods (after having done diets like Atkins where you eat full fat lol) and am looking for fat free foods you've tried that are actually good.

For starters I've tried three fat free dairy products..all bought at walmart. The first two made me literally gag and are totally inedible IMO which were walmart's Great Value brand fat free milk and same brand of fat free cream cheese. Gross!

I did try Dannon's fat free plain yogurt and it is great! I didn't really notice a difference in the taste from regular, just the consistency was a little thinner.

What brand of fat free milk do you drink? I want to try a different brand but there are so many I thought I'd ask what you've tried and liked. Input on other types of fat free foods is welcome too! Thanks for your help!
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I buy almost any brand of fat free milk at the supermarket but it was quite awhile before I learned to like it. I prefer it now. I don't like fat free cream cheese but get the 30% lower fat kind. I like fat free yogurt, I usually get Dannon.
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i dont normally drink milk at all...but, i wanted to try one of the Kashi cereals. so i bought the Simply Smart milk by Hood. it is pretty good. the only milk i do like is whole. ..this is what caught my eye about this one. "fat free that tastes like 2%, 1% that tastes like whole milk". it isnt wattery at all, like skim milk usually is.
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bargoo - Yeah it may just take me time to start liking it *sigh*

Thanks Cinderella I will give that one a try..sounds like what I need too lol
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The organic milks (which is what we buy) tend to be/look more thicker and creamier than store-brand fat free milks. Once my husband brought home some non-organic milk and it was so thin and gray looking. blech! Also we have a brand here called Mayfield and they are not organic (but hormone free) and they have decent milk too.

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We buy the store brand 1% milk - We were 2% milk drinkers, and we made the switch to 1% about 2 years ago (in my first WW go round) and it was an easy switch.

I don't like many of the FF dairy products. We don't like the fat free or reduced fat cheese, so I would rather spend the same points on the full fat version and have a little less of it.

I did just buy the WW whipped cream cheese and it is really good. In my store it was also cheaper than the Philly reduced fat version - another plus!

We buy Daisy reduced fat sour cream - I can't tell the difference between this and the regular Daisy.
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MY fav ff milk is Viva Skim Delight...for SURE!! It looks and feels like 2% but is totally SKIM...awesome! I get it at Walmart......like most things in my life, hahahah
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My favorite fat free milk is Hood's Simply Smart Taste's like 2%!
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Default Wishbone Light Ranch

My favorite light ranch dressing is Wishbone Light Ranch. Only has 2 grams of fat but tastes like the real thing! I switched from regular milk to light soy milk, but I will drink skim great value brand sometimes.
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I really like Over the Moon FF milk. It's thicker and has a better color than the store brand, and since I don't use much I don't mind the higher price. They also have FF Choco milk that my hubby and kids love, and it's 3 pts a serving so not too terrible for a treat. I find mine at Walmart.
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