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Default Hi I am new and have a question

Hi, I am new and hope to make some friends here! I have been on WW for 3 weeks and have lost 13lbs. Problem is here is a typical day

Bkfst....none I am a night owl so I wake up at 9ish sometimes 10ish

lunch ww frozen dinner or natures own bread 1pt and turkey 1pt maybe some baked chips 2.5 pts

dinner chicken, broc. and another veggie so my dinner might be 5pts

so by 6pm I have had 9 points. my total for the day is 26

at night I will have special K crackers 12, 1pt laughing cow cheese 1pt
100 cal popcorn 2pts fiber one bar 2.5 and because I am up till 3am my late nighht still needs one more meal but it still consists of a bunch of high carb foods. I looked over my last few weeks and only 3 days did I get all my points in. most days average 20pts

please dont bash me I know I am not doing very well but I am trying and get most of my veggies in and one fruit. I want to do better but not sure what to do. I am doing ww at home but not online or meetings. I just have all the stuff.

gosh I am sorry this was so long. could you please give me some ideas of how your daily menu looks

thanks so much

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You need to follow the healthy Guidelines first. I see no oil, or dairy. You are eating a lot of processed foods and carbs too.
Its not good to not get in all your points either. You are messing with your metabolism by doing that.

Here is one of my days. I use all my WPA's and Ap's weekly. My point allowance is 22 right now and you can see I go over that using my other points. I lose weekly between 1-3# per week.

2 item(s) egg 4
1/2 cup(s) Organic Apple Sauce 1
Daily Creamer and Smoothie 3
Subtotal 8

Large Salad 7
Consists of 4 cups lettuce, 1 tablespoon bacon Bits, ! Tablespoon Almond accents. 2 TSp Oil. 2 oz Chicken, 1/2 Cup Black Beans, Dressing is Salsa and 2 Tablespoons FF Sour cream
Subtotal 7

1 cup(s) fat-free skim milk 2
Veggie - Quick-added food 0
Tuscan Chicken w/fettucine - Quick-added food 7
Subtotal 9
Carrots - Quick-added food 0
1 serving(s) TJ Light String Cheese 1
1 cup(s) light artificially sweetened yogurt 2
Subtotal 3
Food POINTS values total used 27
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