Wii Sports vs Activity Points

  • Do you count any Wii Sports minutes as low activity? I did last night since typically I would have been on the computer doing nothing. Last night we did a round of sport games and was standing up moving most of the time.
  • Personally I wouldn't but if you think you did enough with the movement go ahead.

    I know from experience that on some of the games you move around more than others. I wouldn't count the bowling but maybe the boxing I would. tennis is iffy for me to count.
  • I know I've purposely just walked around for 20 minutes. I wore my heart rate monitor was just as high playing the wii sports than it was doing the low 20 minutes walk.
  • I would take 2 pts for it, low intensity if it was steady for at least 20 min. But I wouldn't eat the 2 extra points for the day, but that's just me
  • I never eat my activity points anyways. :P
  • I do wii fit once or twice a week and I do count that as light activity. I think it's okay to count it as long as it isn't the only exercise you're doing. I have three normal exercise sessions (ellipticle) and two fun sessions (wii fit or sports with hubby) per week.
    I don't eat my activity points either!
  • I have gotten a wii fit since I wrote this. I love it. I've almost unlocked everything except for a few. I have been averaging an hour a day. Hopefully, with my tax returns, I can get a small stepper for some "serious exercise."
  • The only games I've ever counted APs for is DDR because you're pretty much running.

    I put an exercise bike and fan in my home recently in front of the TV with a PS3, Fliptop PS2 (can play burned games) and a computer with an SNES emulator. Cost me about $200 and I spend at least 2 hours a day on it now, it's great. Might be a thought if you like gaming and want to exercise at the same time.
  • This makes me want to get a wii fit. We don't really play video games.. but we don't have exercise equipment and I think we'd actually do this. We'll see.. maybe with the tax return LOL
  • I'm hoping to get a Wii eventually mostly because I think it would be a way to get some extra exercise in, but I don't use or even count activity points. I'm not even sure how they work lol.
  • Why not just window shop or go walking if you aren't already into video games? I can see gamers getting a Wii and Wii fit but why invest that kind of money if you don't already game? You could buy a stationary bike or even a small elliptical for the same money and park it in front of the TV with some DVDs of your favourite show.
  • I am already into video games. I just meant that I decided on a Wii instead of any of the other systems. Not that I can afford any of them currently lol.