Filling food selections for lunch help needed

  • Hi all,

    I generally have oatmeal and a piece of fruit in the mornings for breakfast and find that I am full easily until lunch time.

    However in the afternoons and evenings I struggle.

    Anyone have food recommendations for lunch and dinner that will work like the oatmeal to help stave off hunger and blood sugar drops?


  • Lunch is my biggest meal of the day, as it's when I'm most hungry. I generally choose about 3-4 oz of lean protein, at least 3/4c cooked veggies, a whole grain, and maybe a dairy make sure at least one of those has either one or both of my healthy oils in it. So that might be a sauteed pork chop (from last nights dinner) spiced with something interesting + fresh herbs, steamed baby carrots, and brown rice cooked in low sodium chicken broth with lemon zest and fresh herbs added at the end. If I'm really hungry, I have 1c skim milk also. My lunch is around 12pm most days.

    I also have a snack around 4pm consisting of either fruit and lowfat yogurt or wheat thins and laughing cow cheese and fruit. I eat dinner around 7pm and usually eat something light - might be a veggie omlet (cooked with a healthy oil) with a touch of lowfat shredded cheese and a whole-grain light english muffin. I pretty much always have a snack around 10pm - something a little sweet. Might be a sliced apple with a sprinkle of cinnammon sugar, a sectioned orange, homemade roasted banana and dark chocolate mousse, a cup of hot cocoa or similar.