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Itryharder 08-30-2006 11:25 AM

#166 Bale of turtles celebrating the weekend
:carrot: :welcome3: We are the Turtle Group here at 3fatchicks.com. We welcome you to join us as we work toward good health and fitness in a persistent manner. As our inspiration, we use the race between the turtle and the hare where the turtle was the victor because he didn't give up. We believe in keepin' on even when the odds are against us. We believe in giving each other support. Good luck to us all!
(for Lin and Lauren)

Itryharder 08-30-2006 11:37 AM

Hi Turtles,
As you can see, I've started a new thread. Check out thread #165 for news from Chris, Bandit, and Princess.

I have some nice news as I dropped a little over a pound at WW's. I weighed in this morning, but I'll go to an evening meeting. Good luck to us all.
Remember: water, good food, and exercise!!!! :bravo:

chrily 08-30-2006 11:57 PM

Went to the hospital tonight and Robin is being her feisty self. That was so encouraging to see. She is hurting pretty good but I think she's going to be just fine. She actually had an appetite tonight. She hasn't felt hungry in weeks. That was an awesome sign.

Thats all for the evening. Gotta get up and go to work in the morning.


Itryharder 08-31-2006 08:51 AM

glad to hear Robin is doing better than to be expected. Good wishes to her and your family.

Princess1122 08-31-2006 09:50 AM

Chris: That is super news! Best wishes for continued improvement!

Judy: Congratulations! You are awesome and it shows!

All: got on the scale this morning and it is down but it is almost too far down if that makes sense :dizzy: sometimes I think that it malfunctions and then you get on it the next day and you have not really lost at all but gained a half a pound or something like that! We bought a WW scale this last time because we were so frustrated with the other ones... we would buy one and it would be broken or acting crazy in a few months so we had high hopes for this one... maybe it is just the people that get on the scale that are the problem and not he scale itself :D . Although it could be the dog is putting her paw on the scale, she does like to sit behind me when I get on in the morning :D

I have not been on this thread for a very long time like some of you but my father passed away a little over two years ago... he lost his battle with prostate cancer... I don't think he actually lost, I think he just got tired of the fight, if that makes sense. But boy I have been missing him this week... we were very close and for some reason he is on my mind... oh well, I just needed to share that with someone.

Best wishes for a great day!

Itryharder 08-31-2006 09:20 PM

Oh Susan,
Losing a parent is so very very sad. I'm so sorry for you. I don't think it is ever something you "get over", but you get better at accepting it. Something must be triggering this grief in you right now. His favorite time of year, etc. But I'm so glad you posted and I'm sending you a :grouphug: because we all love you and value you. Please use this site to share emotions because we really care about you. :love:

Princess1122 09-01-2006 08:27 AM

Happy Friday!
Judy: Thank you very much for your kind words and caring thoughts... I really appreciate them. His birthday is coming up very soon so I imagine that is why he is on my mind... we both had our birthdays in September... his was on September 11th and after 9/11 it was never really the same but it was still his special day. He is loved and missed very much.

All: Well as most of you know I am always happy that it is Friday! Ready for a three day weekend... working around my home always makes me feel better so that is my plan... get things cleaned up and organized along with a long bike ride and it should be a pretty good weekend... even with tropical storm Ernesto knocking on our door. They say we are to get lots of clouds and some rain so we will just have to wait and see.

Best wishes for an awesome weekend!!!!


chrily 09-02-2006 12:16 AM

Hey all, just got back from the good ol hospital again. Robin is doing great. Get this though...they are putting her on the rehab floor on Sunday. Talk about fast. They anticipate her only being there 12-14 days. That is great news but totally unexpected. We have no idea what to do with her after that. We were trying to get her into a wheelchair accessible apt., but they are still taking apps for it. It won't be ready in 2 weeks. She can't go back to her trailer. It's just not handicap friendly.

ANyhow, she still doesn't want to look at her leg. She sat up tonight so we all got a little peek at it. God, I just wanted to cry for her. I guess for me too, when it was under the blankets, I could still pretend that all was well. Talk about reality shock. Time for all of us to be brave and push ourselves a little more than what we are used to.

That's about it. We are going to take a break from it all and take the girls camping this weekend. Of course, Kelly has to work tomorrow so we won't get to leave until the evening time. Hope we can find a spot. I'll chat with you when we get back.


Princess1122 09-05-2006 09:02 AM

Morning all... well it was a really nice weekend but as always it went way to quickly... got the house cleaned up and got a bike ride in with my husband and our son... it was a really good time and I hope that they enjoyed it as much as I did... we went about 8.5 miles so it was good practice for the upcoming tour.

Chris: Glad to hear that your SIL is better, best wishes for a quick answer to where she will go at the end of her stay in the rehab area.

Judy: Did you have a nice weekend?

All: What is new in your neck of the woods?

Have to run but have a happy day!

Itryharder 09-05-2006 11:28 AM

Hi Turtles,
I feel ready to get down to business.
Chris: This is a trying time for Robin and you and your family. Here's a :grouphug: to help you through your days.

Princess: Glad you got in your bike ride. sounds like it was fun.

To Bandit ,Mousie, Lauren, Ariana and Shari Lyn and all the Turtles, please keep on posting here because we love to hear what you have to say and it helps us all.

My weekend was busy and fun. My good news is that my middle daughter has gotten engaged! It is all happening very quickly, but I feel it's right. Please send her good wishes! I really like her fiance and I love their relationship. It looks easy and comfortable and you can see they are in love.
They have set a wedding date for October of 2007 and we are headlong into plans and exciting business. We had the happy couple out for dinner on Saturday and I prepared a healthy meal since they are both trying to knock off some pounds! Made a yummy sirloin steak cubed and quick cooked with lots of veggies over couscous. Made a simple beef broth sauce thickened with lite sour cream and lots of curry and it was yummy. It was close to Core and I did fine with it. We had lots of good conversation and played a card game that was new to the fiance, so we had lots of laughs to boot.

Very busy weekend: Tuesday and Thursday I babysat grandson, Thursday night my dh and dd and dsil all joined us to have a simple supper, then we headed to a barber shop to get d grandbaby's hair cut. It takes three of us to distract him. He really was good, haircut is great, and we're all happy we won't have to do that for another couple of months or so.

Friday night we celebrated dsil's birthday, Saturday we had the engaged couple over, Sunday we had long time friends over for a simple bbq, but although I made two Core salads, I did overeat a bit with bread/buns. Yesterday was cool down day, but dd and dgrandbaby were here for a few hours while my dd prepared a lesson. It went well.

Today I am back to babysitting dgrandbaby and will go to their house with my food since that is what works for me!
Lots going on, but sorry this got so long. Take care, be well, drink lots of water and work in that exercise somehow! This is as much a reminder to me as it is good wishes to you! :cool: :goodscale:

Judy :cool: At WW's when I rejoined two weeks ago I started again with the weight I am now and will go right through the program that way. I need to lose a pound a week and am hoping at the beginning to do better than that. Wish me well.

Princess1122 09-05-2006 12:18 PM

Good Luck Judy! I know you can do it. Sounds like you have a wonderful time with family and friends this weekend... I know that does a body good!

bandit2 09-05-2006 03:55 PM

Hi everyone:

Princess - sorry about your dad.

Judy - good luck with your WW.

And everyone else - Hi & hope you all had a great weekend.

We are getting abit of cloudy up here - remants of that storm. But nothing for us to worry about.

Had good weekend & dd is back to school. She is closeby but lives with other girls & comes home quite often, so I am lucky with that. Some of her friends go to university far away & only come home a couple of times throughout the school year.

It feels like we should all be starting with new fall goals.

Mine this week is to get back OP & go to curves 2 times. I have really been slacking off up here & is showing at the scales.

Hope everyone is doing great. Talk soon.

Itryharder 09-05-2006 08:28 PM

great idea about setting new goals. I have two.
1. exercise at least 2x a week.
2. lose 4 pounds by the end of Sept.

Princess1122 09-06-2006 07:49 AM

Goals for September
I'm with you!

My goals for this month are:

Exercise 3 times a week - Cardio and strength training
Lose at least 3 lbs.
Take at least one bike ride a week.

Have a happy day all!

bandit2 09-06-2006 01:57 PM

Windy Wednesday:

Hi everyone - well, I made it to curves last night, so feel good about that & came home & made a ww casserole with broccoli/cauliflower & brought some of that for my lunch today with a chicken breast - very good.

I get together with my gf usually every Wed & lately we have been staying over at my trailer, but tonight will meet at my house for dinner. So, I am going to make sole & have the rest of my casserole. So that should be a good point-friendly supper & then am planning on a big walk with her afterwards.

Judy & Princess - your Sept goals sound very achievable and I know you guys can do it.

For me, the more I stay OP the more I stay OP - when I falter I go overboard.
Still have to come to grips with getting right back on track. But, so far this week I have done very well and feel like I am "back in the game"

Everyone else - hope you are all doing good with eating/exercising/drinking your water.

Stay Happy!

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