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  • Happy Tuesday!
    Morning all, well it is a very rainy day here in Indy, but we need it so I will not complain. I will just walk a bit more on the treadmill and work a little longer on the Elipicial machine this evening instead of walking outside. It is not supposed to stop raining here until Thursday but like I said we really need it... I noticed the other day that our yard is a bit like a straw field.

    Well I went to my first pilates class last evening and I loved it! I was very happy that the leader stressed that it was a beginners class since it was my first time and I really did not know what I was doing. I am only taking it once a week and kind of wish that I had signed up for twice a week but I was not sure that I would even like it so I took the minimum days when I initially signed up for the class... I don't have much spare time so once may turn out to be enough but next spring I may go for twice a week. I can see why they work so well on toning and strengthening... I used muscles that I never knew I had

    Ariana: Yup, with enough .2's I will eventually make a pound

    Have to run but have a wondeful and happy day all!
  • Princess,
    Glad you loved Pilates. Weigh to go! I am so impressed by how you broke into onederland and are committed to keep on losing the extra weight. You go girl!
    Everybody, I wasn't able to access page three of this thread and think I had just better start a new thread which will be #167. See you there!
  • Ariana, what is SAS? Obviously we don't have one here. I have some blocks cut out for my next quilt but need to find one more color to go with it. Like I have the time for a quilt....lol

    Susan-Homework is horrible this time around. I don't mind it. We have to do these threaded discussions online and I seem to be stuck in a pissing contest with this one gal. We are studying about the European influence of Indians during the period when we first came over to North America to settle. She keeps getting out of the time period and onto other Indian tribes and everything I post about she has to counter with something. Her subject of choice is the Plains Indians...I just keep telling her that we haven't studied that yet. We're supposed to be just evaluating the influence of Europeans from archeaological finds, like their grave goods. She is soooo far removed from that subject.

    Well I don't have time to get personal with everyone but the latest is...On Sat. or Sun. we have to go to the hospital to pick Robin up for an "outing" with the hospital therapist and a nurse to teach us how to help her to get in and out of a car and to test her on if she can function to a high level of normalcy. We have to take her to do something she normally did and they will evaluate all of us. Today they take the staples out of her leg too. She can't leave until she starts taking care of it herself and dress her own wound. If she won't do that, she can't go home. She refuses so far because she doesn't want to look.

    Back to the homework. To add to the pleasures of the week, I have TOM here too. Cramps like crazy!!!!


    p/s ordered my treadmill. IT will be here Saturday!!!