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Default 100 reasons I want to lose weight

Here is my list of reasons I want to lose weight, reasons being fat keeps me from being happy, how being fat effects my life, ect…..Some of them I borrowed from other lists I've seen, but I changed them to fit me and how I feel.

1) I want to avoid… cancer
2) Heart disease
3) Diabetes
4) High blood pressure
5) I want to see my kids grow up. If I lost weight my chances of living longer increase
6) I want to feel confident
7) I want to feel sexy
8) I want my feet not to hurt from just average activities
9) I want to wear normal clothes
10) I want to shop in normal stores
11) I don’t want to feel like I stick out
12) The seatbelt doesn’t fit right, if I lost weight maybe it wouldn’t hurt my neck.
13) I want to be able to wear a normal bra, even an under wire. If I lost weight it wouldn’t dig into the fat on my arms and the fat on my belly when I sat down.
14) I don’t want to feel like people are watching what I eat in restaurants
15) I want to visit a buffet without feeling like people watch how many trips I take…even though I eat WAY less than most of them
16) I want to sit down without worry that I will break someone’s chair
17) I want to swing on a swing set
18) I want to run with my kids
19) I miss my taunt abs
20) I miss the lines in the muscles of my calves
21) I want to wear a bathing suit with out a skirt, towel or wrap
22) If I lost weight I wouldn’t be afraid of my parents’ pool ladder.
23) Sleeveless shirt and dresses
24) Every woman should have a “little” black dress
25) I don’t like being afraid of the scale
26) I want to be able to wear one size fits all
27) I’m tired of the letter X in front of my clothing sizes
28) So I can buy a nice winter coat
29) If I lost weight I could cross my legs
30) Not to worry about fitting in a booth at a restaurant
31) To be able to teeter totter with my kids
32) I don’t want to avoid amusement park rides
33) I don’t want to feel like I am an embarrassment to my husband when we go out
34) Being fat keeps me from feeling comfortable in social situations
35) I want to feel comfortable behind my husband on his motorcycle, not feel like my gut is pushing him up onto the tank
36) Also, I want to not worry about how much of my butt is hanging off either side of the seat
37) I want to buy nice underwear that don’t come in a 6 pack
38) I want to buy lingerie without getting weird looks
39) If my face were thinner I could wear any hair cut I want
40) To see if my face is any other shape other than ROUND
41) I want one chin
42) I’d like to at least be able to consider wearing the “skinny jeans” that are so popular right now even though I am too old
43) I want to feel strong, I used to be muscular and strong
44) I want to not feel like I am ruining our family photos with my fat self
45) I don’t want to run from cameras
46) When my husband does snap a candid picture of me I would like to hope when I lose weight at least once in a while they would be flattering
47) I’d like to be able to get up off the floor. I used to be able to stand up from the floor without using my hands
48) I want to look at the headlines on magazines at the check out counter not contemplating if the “Newest Diet Breakthrough” they boast about is what I need.
49) So I can actually cover my butt in a hospital gown
50) I want to get on with life and stop obsessing over losing weight
51) I want to be comfortable shopping for a new mattress, not worrying about looking like a lard butt heaving myself on and off the displays
52) Maybe I won’t need a new mattress if I lose some weight
53) I’m tired of watching my sofa get saggier and saggier as I sit in the same spot over time…like my step grandmother who died like two years ago and you can still see her impression in the couch where she literally sat in the same spot for YEARS
54) I want to enjoy summer clothes and not desperately wait for fall and rejoice when I can once again don my bulky full cover sweaters and jeans. I crave their safety all summer long.
55) If I lost weight maybe I wouldn’t feel just a little jealous every time my husband talked to or about his skinny co workers and friends…not that he is talking about how skinny they, he’s just talking, it’s me who stews about how thin and pretty they are
56) So shaving isn’t an Olympic event
57) Maybe if I were thinner I wouldn’t be afraid of riding my horses (if they were even rideable) or fearing my husband’s aunt will extend her invitation to go riding again while I am not pregnant
58) I want to lose weight so when we’re invited to use the row boat at Tucker’s I can b/c I won’t be afraid that I’ll sink my side
59) I could go boating and have a life jacket fit
60) Being fat stops me from doing things normal people do, like going to a bar and sitting on the stool, now I am afraid to b/c it’s uncomfortable, and my butt kind of envelopes the seat
61) I’d like to buy ice cream and not worry about what other peope around me are thinking…though they probably are waiting for me to get out of the way so they can buy their ice cream, I think they are thinking about me and thinking Sheesh lady like you need ice cream!
62) I want to wear pantyhose and not feel like I am cramming sausage into the casing
63) I’m tired of my thighs rubbing together
64) I want to feel comfortable in a movie theater seat
65) I’d like to be able to tie my shoes with out being winded
66) I wanted to look beautiful on my wedding day; though some say I did I felt like a big white whale. I want that dress to be so big I can fit two of me in it.
67) I want to see a BMI that is not obese or overweight
68) I want more energy
69) I want to not dread turn styles at the zoo, airport ect.
70) Not fearing fitting into the airplane seat belt
71) I want to end my obsession with food. I want to eat to live not live to eat. I want to find comfort in myself not a bowl of cereal
72) I am tired of my stomach flopping over
73) No more skin rashes from over lapping skin
74) I’d like to be able to purchase and wear a Halloween costume…maybe even a sexy one
75) I’d like to be able wrap myself in a normal size towel when I get out of the shower instead of a Bath Sheet
76) I want to be able to wear those sexy boots that zip up to your knee…I have tiny feet, 7 ½, but my claves are too big for cute boots
77) If I lose weight I could find a new New Year’s Resolution
78) I’d REALLY like a leather jacket…and not one made form an entire cow
79) If I lost weight I could cut my toenails without having to assume some weird pose involving the edge of the tub and the toilet seat
80) Being over weight stops me from using the tray table on the airplane
81) My husband get frustrated with my constant attempts and failures at weight loss, I think he kind of wants me to get it right or stop complaining about not doing it
82) I want to stop wasting money on plans, fads and foods
83) To not hear “You have such a pretty face, if….”
84) My daughter knows that I am bigger than other people, I want her to learn to have a healthy self image, and learn to love herself and me. I don’t like to hear “God gave me a fat mommy.”
85) I want to never have to worry about the zipper giving on my pants again b/c I had to wear the only pair I own and they are too small b/c I gained back 10 pounds…ok maybe it was 20
86) I want to be able to get in a small car and not feel the shocks strain and the car lower as I sit
87) I’d like to be able to have the terms poise and grace be applied to me
88) I’d like to not worry about being on an elevator, taking up too much space or worse putting it over the weight limit
89) Not to fear seeing old friends or ex boyfriends...maybe even hoping to; to show how hot I am now
90) I’d like to not choose my seat in church by finding the one that seems to allow the most room, usually the one in the back corner, when we sit in the middle ones I am constantly fearing that I am squishing people
91) I’d like to see the numbers on the scale without having to lean forward to see over my gut
92) If I lost weight then maybe I could find workout clothes…why are it that they don’t sell plus size exercise clothes? I mean if anybody needs them it’s not that skinny 22 year old with the A cup perky boobs!
93) Speaking of boobs, I’d like a sports bra that actually kept them from bouncing all over when I exercise. If I lost weight then maybe they wouldn’t be so bouncy…maybe floppy is a better word, undulating…ok you get the picture
94) When I hug my husband I kind of have to lean over to put my head on his chest b/c of all the fat
95) When he does hug me I’d like his arms not have to strain to reach all the way around
96) I’d like to not take fat jokes personally, not to have people kind of look at me with a “Oops, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize there was a fat person here when I told the joke.” Well I do think they should be sorry b/c jokes like that whether they are jokes about size, color, ethnicity, ect are just not nice.
97) When I wash dishes by hand my back feels strained b/c I have to lean forward in order to reach the bottom of the sink
98) I have a great blessing in my friends and family, but I am tired of hearing…you’re not fat when we all know darn well that I am
99) I’d like to be able to take a bath without my hips and thighs touching either side of the tub simultaneously
100) This is one I took off from someone else’s list…I am worth it. And they are right. I am worth the effort, the time and the expense. I deserve to treat myself with the same respect that I treat others.
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i love the idea of your piggy bank !!!!!!
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This was absolutely great, Misty!!! I read every single one!
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