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RhubarbJelly 09-06-2001 07:34 AM

Its technically Thursday!
Mornin'! Its very very early here-about 4:30 am and guess what I can't sleep! :( I've tried a variety of things tonight to help but its just not happening. I don't even really feel tired and I didn't have any caffiene today (I mean yesterday) whatsoever. I think its due to stress. I don't know. Its very frustrating because I should be getting up in 2.5 hours to get ready for work. Luckily for me I don't have any clients until noon so I already called and told them not to expect me until then. Hopefully in the meantime I can grab some shut eye.

How is everyone else doing? I haven't been on here in a week b/c my Mom was here for 6 days. We had a really good visit but we hardly slept. On good thing was that I managed to stay OP the whole time she was here. Usually we eat lots of bad treats together-our own little bonding ritual but this time I was really good. We did a bunch of stuff for the wedding. We almost have the guest list totally done. I just have to track down a few more addresses. So far we're at about 450 people! Crazy! Good thing we'd already decided to have an evening ceremony so we don't have to feed that many people supper. If that was the case we would never be able to afford to get married. Other good news is that when I weighed in on Sunday I lost another 3lbs. Yippee!! Hopefully I can keep this downward trend going for a long while :) Anyway that's about it for me. Glad to hear everyone's busy and doing fine :) Take care and hopefully talk to you all when I've had more sleep :dz:


TxAggie 09-06-2001 10:26 AM

I'm here today!
Hi all! I know its been a while since I posted so I thought I'd check in today. Me and DH went to a wedding this weekend, so WW was a bit far from my mind :(. The wedding was fun because we got to see a ton of our old friends. The bad thing was that it was out of town, so we ate out a lot (not good for WW or the wallet). Oh well, I'm somewhat back on track. I skipped WI this week because of TOM and the weekend. On a good note, I have been working out at least 3 times a week the past few weeks so I hope to see results soon.

I applied for unemployment, so the financial burden will be lessened in the next week or so. Luckily DH's job is going well and we live in an apartment so we don't have a ton of expenses. I'm kinda liking this house wife stint. I've been cooking a ton of yummy meals and the place is spotless. I think I'll get my resume in order this week and then start sending it out next week. Hopefully I'll find my dream job and I'll feel normal again.

Well, I am off to get some things done. Take care all!

Belle2000 09-06-2001 11:10 AM

Hello all, and how are you???

I was here yesterday, but working so hard I didn't get on the board much....I will look at yeseterday's posts after this one.

Hello Rina and Kay! Thank god its thursday, only one day after this!! Yesterday I was so exhausted after work (10.5 hours with no lunch break, coffee break or anything but pee breaks when absolutely necessary) that b/f and I just vegged and went to bed at 8pm. funnily, he was asleep by 8:20, I was asleep at 9:30, as I got into my book....he slept really well and looked very peppy and well rested this morning....not me, I was plagued with nightmares and things. It was no good.

I want to take tonite off seeing him and go deep water running. I'd asked my sister to go with me but she has plans, so I think I'll do that and get some groceries and call it a day....

Kay - I have heard from others that they enjoyed their time off work to be domestic...better watchout you might end up barefoot adn pregnant!! HEe hee...I hope things get better and glad to hear y ou enjoyed yourself at the wedding...

Rina - why are you so stressed out that you are up at 4:30am??? Oh my god...actually, I was up then too - thinking of all the work I have to do today and here I am buggering off on the internet!! Glad your mom and you had a good visit! Where does she live? In SASK?

OKay, gotta go get some work done (booh!!)

Hello to all about to post!


StaceyT 09-06-2001 12:02 PM

TGIF Tomorrow!!
I don't like short weeks! They throw me off balance. :)
What's up everyone? I've been super busy and totally supervised at work, so I haven't been able to get online.
Lolly: I would love to drive to Kansas!! I'll send you my email so you can let me know your schedule and exactly when it would be!
How fun!!!
Ok, boss is coming back and I haven't even been able to post!!
I'd better get!
Bye for now.....

Belle2000 09-06-2001 12:03 PM

By the way, you look great!! What a great picture of you. And Yeah, it is lifelong, but when we realize that, that is when we'll make lifechanges....and we have eachother til we die.

Sarah - thanks for your concern about b/f, I am being very cautious. If we did move in it wouldn't be until february, which is good- I think december is too early. Trouble is, his lease is up in DEc, so he might bunk with me for a month while we loko for a 2 bedroom, which is still moving in in my books!!! Just not into "our" place...anyway, don'tworry about being cautious and warning me....

Okay, more work.


RhubarbJelly 09-06-2001 01:13 PM

I managed three hours of sleep :)
I'm back again. I have to leave for work in a couple minutes.

Thanks for your concern Belle. I'm stressed mostly because of money and drowning in debt with a wedding looming. Still looking ot take on a second job but hasn't happened yet. My Mom lives just in Sask twenty minutes from the Alberta border, close to Lloydminster. Sad news-we're not moving to Calgary anymore :( Long story but in the end DF changed his mind about his life plans. That's all stressful too. Anyway gotta run


JerseyGirl 09-06-2001 02:18 PM

Hey Everyone,

Thank Goodness tomorrow is Friday! I can't wait for the weekend. My and my boyfriend are going down the shore and it is so relaxing there. Only thing is is that it is a food lovers haven down there. Funnel cones, waffle cones, cheese steaks, pizza, fudge....everything I love. I am going to try and control myself as best as possible. Instead of eating when we get down there Friday night I am going to make dinner at home and then try and not get out of control on Saturday and Sunday.

I went to the gym last night again :cool: and I once again packed my bag for tonight, so I am all set. Now if I can continue going next week that will be an accomplishment.

Well I better get back to work. Hope everyone is well. Kim how was your drive?? Are you moving to Vermont?? Vermont is the most beautiful state.

Hello to all!


Belle2000 09-06-2001 02:29 PM

Kirsty and all runners - I forgot to say that I am back up to running a full 25 min without stopping!!! I went the night before last to the gym and I could go without stopping, I was so excited!!!!

I am going to do deep water runnign tonite intstead of a jog though, I thought I'd try it out.

Rina - BOOH you can still come to Calgary to visit me!!!!

okay, gotta go

Hi Anne!

StaceyT 09-06-2001 03:38 PM

What is deep water running?

Jen-L 09-06-2001 04:07 PM

I used to do water walking for therapy on my knee and that is walking laps in the pool. Good workout. I imagine running is the same sort of thing.

Belle2000 09-06-2001 05:17 PM

Deep Water Running
Hi Stacey and Jen! there are 2 kinds of Pool exercise classes up here in Canada (I am guessing same as states?)

Aquasize, where you can touch the bottom of the pool and you basically do areobics in the water.

Deep water running is in 5 meters of water (in the tank), so you can't touch the bottom. You use floating devices to keep afloat in an upright position and do "running" type activities in the water. Its more difficult than aquacize. Its good if you are pregnant as well.

BUT I think I'll end up at the gym running today since mom wants to meet for coffee and the gym I belong to is right by her house....

OH well!!!

Hey, where is everyone today??

UGH - I ate a donut with my sandwich in a meeting today - 6 points!!! That means I'll have a teeny dinner...oh well!!

Jen-L 09-06-2001 09:56 PM

I came home and scanned some current Emma pics! Hope you enjoy!!

Jen-L 09-06-2001 09:57 PM

Picture #2...

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