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  • Hi all. HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!!!!

    It's kind of quiet around here. I checked in a few times yesterday, but no new posts.

    Well, I have to run. Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!
  • Yeah, I was wondering what was up! Glad to see you, Misty.

    I have a question. I don't know if it's the same for everyone, but when I log on to 3FC, there's always one of those animated ads for for some toe rot cream, where those ugly yellow fungus guys crawl under the big toenail. Oh, it makes me sick. I'm just wondering if it's 3FC's sneaky plan to keep us all on our diets by killing our appetites! LOL

    My weigh is Wednesday. Wish me luck, 'cause I want to be doing the 10-pound nanner dance!
  • Wowza! One of the guys at work who I don't see around the office much stopped me to today and said, "You're looking really great. Are you losing weight?"

    Well, needless to say, I gave him a big and an ever bigger and when he walked away I did a little and I felt like this: .

  • That is so cool!!!!
  • Everyone... please welcome a new member to the Slimmin' Sistas and to Weight Watchers. Here name is Misty. She's never done WW before, so this is all new and fresh and exciting to her. How lucky she is not to be in a place where she's bored with counting points, pissed off about feeling deprived. Let's give her a warm SS welcome. I know we can be a huge source of warmth and support for her as begins her weight-loss journey!

    Welcome, Misty!
  • Thank You for the warm welcome Maggie!!!!!!!!!!
  • I just signed up for e-mealz. Someone posted about it a week or so ago. It's dinner meal plan. It's $1.25 a week. You sign up in three month segments so it's $15 for three months. It says that meals are rarely repeated. They did what I have been trying to do with Mastercook LOL. Most of the stuff looks good. It includes a shopping list that is organized by department. Each meal has a corresponding number so if you don't care for a meal you can look through the list and cross off items that go with taht meal b/c each item includes the meal number.

    They have a number of plans. They have some that correspond with specific stores so you can get prices also They have a points plan for walmart, or one for any store. They also have a plan for just two people rather than 4. I don't think that one has points.

    I am excited I jsut bought a few groceries so I may have to wait to buy more LOL. But we'll see.

    Have a great day!!!!
  • Maggie, that's so cool about your co-worker. Good for you!!! You're doing AWESOME!!!! And congrats on hitting the ten pound mark. I look forward to congratulating you on your 15 pound mark!!

    I started "the exercise clinic" on Monday. I briefly mentioned it in another post. I have a fitness assessment on Monday, and then I get a program to follow. Today I just did my own thing...I lifted and did the elliptical and stepper. the stepper nearly killed me. That's a rough workout!!

    Drank a margarita with my super tonight. I think I'm drunk!! Funny but true! I haven't drank for so long!!!

    Welcome, Misty!! I look forward to getting to know you better!!!
  • I stayed on Points for a whole day yesterday!!!

    Steph-Thanks A margarita sounds yum-o right now!!!!

    It's cold and junky here today But, we'll have fun anyway. Well off to clean the cat box Don't I lead such an exciting life?
  • [QUOTE=MistySeptember]
    I stayed on Points for a whole day yesterday!!!

    (Sorry, didn't mean to yell -- but I just get so excited! And, no, I'm not drunk! That would be Steph!)
  • Maggie you crack me up!!!!!

    I am still on track so far today But I still haven't changed the cat box...poor cats. I need one of those self cleaning jobbies. My luck my spasmatic adjustable cat would be freaked out and pee in my laundry instead....OH wait she already does that (even when the litter is clean LOL)

    I am nerveously awaiting my sister's phone call. She is meeting with the bariatric surgeon this afternoon. We'll see whathappens for her. The process is going quicker than usual. She thought it would be weeks before the paperwork was processed to get the appointment. But t still could be months before the surgery occurs.
  • Hi! I'm just quickly checking in. Got to pack and then get to sleep. We're leaving early tomorrow to go to Missouri for a niece's graduation. Be good while I'm gone.

    You two are way too funny!! I laughed out loud!
  • Two days down...I rock LOL. Seriously I am proud though b/c we ate out and I stayed within my daily points and didn't need any flex points We went grocery shopping. I found these garlic herb tortillas that are 50 cals, like 2 fat and 8 fiber. I calculated it in the store and it said 0 points for 1!!!!! Now I could have hit the wrong number (I have the little regular calculator doomafatchy) lol as I was wrangling 2 kids and DH through the grocery store, but I am pretty sure it said 0, and they smell soooooooo gooooood.

    I hope you have a safe trip Steph!!!!!!!!!

    Ok it is 11, I suppose I should go to bed. Have a great night!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi all. Not much going on. At work right now, it is quiet, knock on wood!

    Have a great weekend guys, probably won't check in until next week. Take care.
  • I'm not doing well at all. Pigged out on junky snack foods Wednesday and then took my daughter to Chinese last night. And we're going to an Italian festival tomorrow and have a dinner party on Sunday. Apparently, the 10-pound curse has won again. I am so fn miserable about this right now.

    But I am soooo proud of YOU, Misty! Great job. Keep it up!