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Good Morning!!!!!

Maggie-Have a great trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry home

Jeanne-I am impressed that all you ate was 18 points in chocolate I couldn't do it, I'd eat 118 points in chocolate a day!

Have a good weekend too, Steph!

We went out to eat last night. I didn't do great but I didn't do horrible either. I'm cool with it and I think still within my points. No exercise today or tomarrow. I need to go grocery shopping. We went to BJ's last night. First, a giant bag of tater tots exploded in my cart b/c it was at the bottom. Then DS dropped a HUGE container (of course what's not huge at BJ's?) anyway a huge container of cocoa powder out of the cart. Luckily only about 2 T came out. Then at the check out, I accidently knocked a thing of fruit cups onto DS's head. Then He threw up in my hand, so add in the embarassment and nasty factor of that and the clean up involed it scared the crap out of me b/c he had just got knocked on the head!!! I don't think the fruit cups really got him very hard b/c he barley cried. I didn't think a lot about it until he threw up. But he's sick already and had ate a huge dinner and then run through a whole sale store, so maybe it was all too much for him. He seems to be in a great mood and up and running...and eating this morning. So I think he was ok. But if something could go wrong yesterday then it did.
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Misty......thats too much! My girls are 18 & 14 and how soon we forget about those days!
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