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Old 07-25-2001, 12:17 AM   #1  
Fed Up With Fat!!
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Default Wednesday Hump Day!!

I know I'm cheating and posting Tuesday night, but I had a few moments and it's been forever since I've started a thread.
My DH tried to tape Big Brother but our vcr was messed up date-wise. When I used our George Foreman grill for the first time, I also used the microwave and was running the dishwasher. Well, I blew a breaker. So, trying to fix the circuit, he 'reset' basically everything in the house. I'll get on the internet later and find out the juicy stuff.
Drum roll please....dadadadadadadadadadadadadadad (imagine drum roll) I summoned the courage and went to WI tonight. AND I gained!!! I wasn't sad, though b/c I just gained .7!!!!!! "ta-da!"
I was super happy with that! BUt now I'm on-fire for WW again and will be journaling tomorrow! I'm still not sure about setting a goal b/c sometimes I expect too much and then get disappointed. How about losing to 180 before Labor Day. I'm at 183.2 right now and that seems to be an obtainable goal. If I make that goal, then I'll set another one.
Ok, my eyes are getting droopy and I'm getting sleepy. Have a great day and I'll "see" everyone later.
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Old 07-25-2001, 06:22 AM   #2  
Scotland's finest export
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Default ARGH!

i wrote a huge post with lots of individual replies and then cos it took so long and i was trying to work i got logged out and it got lost! darn it!
now i have to do work so no time to write but i should be back later on, so i can do it all again then!
in the meantime, hello, sorry for no posts mon and tues but sooo much work to do.
love kirsty
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Old 07-25-2001, 06:51 AM   #3  
Scotland's finest export
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Default let's try again

I'm writing this post in Word and pasting it over so I don't lose it!
Babies names. Very funny. BF and I were trying to convince my sis to call her baby (due end of sept) Adolph....she wasn't amused. She is thinking of Maeve (rhymes with wave) although is keeping most of her favourites secret. Middle name will probably be Anne cos that's my mum and her's middle name (my sis is Fiona Anne, I got Kirsty Helen which i like).
Tonight in the UK it's the final of survivor - and it's between 2 girls which is cool. Final of Big brother 2 is on Friday. Can't wait!! Will it be hairdresser Helen or air steward Brian (the other 2 options are too dull). Helen is so not with it that when Brian remarked she "had an IQ of 25", she replied that, "actually, I'm 23". Oh my.
JenL - that baby site is evil. It keeps flinging up ads and forcing my cursor to that window!! Ooh, I meant to ask, are you feeling better now? Hope so.
JenK - hope the cute boy phones you!!
Lolly - not going to WI is ok if you are extra busy and donít need the stress, just don't forget to go back! I know it's a bugger to find out you've maintained, but even that is worth paying for (it's not a gain). What you doing for the BB final?
Lori - you must be getting so excited about your wedding now! Glad to hear you like all the in-laws.
Janet - I don't think you can lose weight without burning off more calories than you consume...I guess some foods will have less fat and might be easier to digest/metabolise than others. Hmmmm. Lori might know, she's our resident doc!
Shalyne - was it you who said your guyfriend had suddenly decided to get a girlfriend and you were feeling he didn't pick you cos of your weight? Well, if that was his reason, honey you don't need him!! The right guy will want you regardless of your size. OK, so it's healthier to be slimmer, but there's more to real relationships that an initial attraction based on looks. Don't let it get to you.
Belle - hooray bloke has been talking to you about you both moving to Vancouver! Wow! Don't let meeting the ex freak you out. If you are confident and happy about yourself it'll show and I reckon she'll be the one jealous of you. Donít let the fact she might be thinner than you be an issue. Personality counts a lot more.
Sarah - hope you're not too lonely with your hubby around. Will he win you lots of money in Vegas?
Stacey - my sister got asked the baby question lots - esp when the moved into a bigger house. But it's funny how many folk were surprised when she did get pregnant (over 3 years after wedding). At least it stopped my dad asking for his first grandchild! And it stopped him asking when BF and I were going to set a date!
Kay - how's the new pad? Good luck on lifetime and the WW leadership stuff.
Brenda - hope the internet police let you come and play soon. We miss you lots.
Trish - how's it going? I like your name choices. if you want another variation on patrick you could go for the scottish gaelic version - padraig. uisdean is another mad scottish name (means hugh and is pronounced whisden).
Becky - mmm, cheesecake!
Kim - how did WI go? Don't worry about the zapping. It's such a common procedure, you'll be fine. But very good on giving up smoking.
Oh, I'd want a good cook so I could eat yummy low point meals without the hassle of buying and cooking all the ingredients! I reckon losing weight is 90% what you eat and 10% exercise.
Oooh, I need some advice. You know BF and I have both said we'd like to move in together some day. Well, now we're actually thinking about it seriously since he needs to move out his place and my lease is up in a few months...We both want to do it, although we're worried it might be a bad time cos I'm changing jobs. But the way I see it, we wouldnít be doing it if I wasn't changing jobs (cos we work together at the moment). And it will be nice to know that I'll come home and see him in the evening. I know we'll def move in together, it's just a question of when. I also have to tell my flatmate which I feel bad about cos I think she was hoping we'd move somewhere together or stay in the same place for another year. I'm not sure who else she knows in London and I'm worried about leaving her in an awkward position. Although to be honest, I'd rather not live with her again cos she's so messy and it stresses me out! But she's nice so I'd feel bad. Help?
OK, I'll cut and paste this and hopefully it'll work or I'll be mad!!

Love Kirsty
PS big hello to everyone else about to post! Sorry I missed you.
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Old 07-25-2001, 06:52 AM   #4  
Scotland's finest export
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Default oops

sorry guys - that was a really long post. i'll try to keep 'em shorter in future in case you all fall asleep reading them!
ps where's kierie - you're usually up posting by now!!

Last edited by Kirsty; 07-25-2001 at 07:15 AM.
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Old 07-25-2001, 07:27 AM   #5  
Crime Fighter
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I know I know I've been quite derelict in my duty to post regularly, but I am one of the lurkers (there are hundreds, so it seems!)

Things are good with me... I'm still leading a WW meeting, and continuing to enjoy it. I recommend this to anyone that possibly can do it (I know the time commitment can be daunting), but I really think it helps maintenance-wise.

Speaking of which.... I am up 5 lbs

The summer is hard, isn't it? I seem to have developped an affinity for Sangria that goes beyond the normal. Also, the aerobics classes offered at work have dwindled lately. AND... this last week I had 3 (count 'em) birthdays and an Italian wedding to attend!!!! (the last could be the subject of a whole other post!!!)

BUT excuses be gone! I had my bran buds and yogurt this morning, black coffee, and I am back on track. I was (re)reading "Thin for Life" and the key is not to let lapses become relapses. I also started week 1 of the running program you posted Kirsty, so we'll see how that goes. Are you still runninng?

So that's the news (notice how those who stray from the boards end up gaining? hmmmmmm...) It's nice to be back joining in again.

Ali... give me a shout and we'll go for coffee!!!

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Old 07-25-2001, 07:36 AM   #6  
Scotland's finest export
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Default running

welcome back lola! i've not been as dedicated on my running, but i'm getting back into it again. i've been doing at least one 10-minute run a week and i'm hoping to do longer this week and build it up to one long run (5k) a week. ali - are you still running?
lola you are so right about not letting a lapse become a relapse. wise words for us all! i'm sure you'll shift those 5 lbs in no time.
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Old 07-25-2001, 09:32 AM   #7  
Senior Member
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Thumbs down

Happy Wednesday all!!!

Wow, lots been happening since I left. Let's see if I can remember some of the conversations!!

Kirsty ~ I think you should bite the bullet and move in with blokey. Since you both know eventually you are planning on it, just "do it"!!!

Janet ~ I think you are the one that brought up the baby names...this was tough for DH and I. He liked more traditional names, I kind of liked them trendy. Our children are Hayley Elaine...her middle name is my mother's name. And our son is Nicholas Riley...not named after anyone, just liked the names. 90% of the time they go by Bubba and HailBail. Hayley is almost 6 and Nic is almost 3. My favorite names were Paige for a girl and Brady for a boy. DH nixed both of them. My second runner up for a girl was Olivia. When we had Hayley, we both agreed on her name, loved it from the beginning.

Lola ~ It is so good to see you again, we have missed you. What is new with you???

Stacey ~ Way to go on the gain, that isn't much at all, now get back on the wagon!!!

Kim ~ Way to go on the smoking....I quit after my daughter was born, was more of a social smoker, so quitting was too bad, so glad I did though, feel so much better. My DH has smoked since he was 15 years old, he quit the day Nic was born (3 yrs now) and has never picked up another since. I am so proud of him.

Belle ~ I can't tell you anymore advice than you have gotten already. Everyone is right, feel self-confident and know that you are beautiful. It shows thru. If anyone feels out of place or unsure, it will be her, she is the 3rd wheel.

Hi to everyone else, Kierie, Ali, Steph, Jen2, JKarr, Lolly, Jen, Brenda, Trish....and all that I missed!!!!

I am back at work today, had yesterday off so that DH and I could go order our new car, and I got my hair lightened, and cut. Looks really good. I am working today and tomorrow, and then have Friday off to spend some time with DH and some friends that are back from NJ.

I did a major cleaning of my house on Monday night, took hours but it is so clean now, makes me feel good and organized!

Eating hasn't been too bad, except yesterday I didn't do well. We ate lunch at Applebee's and I had a Chicken Santa Fe Salad, lots of guac and sour cream, not good, but it tasted awesome!

Tonight I am meeting a friend for a couple drinks, I am sure we will eat too, so I am trying to eat light today. It is much cooler here, so I am hoping to start walking outside tomorrow.

I have a baby shower on Saturday, which will be fun. It has been a while since I have attended one.

Well, better get back to work...check in later
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Old 07-25-2001, 09:42 AM   #8  
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I am so glad it is Wenesday! I had a great day working at home yesterday. DH took his mom to the airport and I got a few hours of work before lunch. DH and I went out to eat (eventhough we have been out a lot lately). It was nice to have a quiet meal just us before he left. Hopefully he will win lots of money but he is prepared to lose so we will see. He really just wants to have the Las Vegas experience. Anyway, I took him to the airport, went ot the gym and worked until 7:45. It was nice not feeling rushed since there was no one around and nothing I had to do. I took anohter bath and read. I did have trouble falling asleep last night though. Anywa, here I am.

Hi to everyone this morning! It is going to be in the 90s again today so I will have to water the yard and flowers again tonight. I can't imagine the heat out in TX and WI! Kay - It was 100 when I moved into my house 2 years ago too, yuck!!! no plans again tonight but I don't mind. I was supposed to go out to lunc with a friend but she cancelled so I have to go out and buy a sandwich. I will probably go to Subway for a sub.

Kirsty - glad you are back to posting! I think moving in with bf when his lease is up might be a good opportunity. Otherwise you will have to wait another year. How long have you been together?

Belle - Don't worry about the impression yo will make on the ex when you meet her as she is totally unimportant. The point is that you are a wonderful person and that is whyh bf is with you and not her. She will notice that more than anything else about you!

Stacey - congrats on the great WI!!!! You can put that little gain behind you and get to goal. Woo hoo!

Lola - Glad you are posting again. I do hope that I can work for WW soon. I have already applied and there should be some openings this fall. I will do either receptionsit or leader, whicever is available. Here, they only train when there is an opening. Good luck getting those 5 pounds back off. You know you can do it!!!

Hi to everyone from yesterday. Looks like Belle and Jen had a lot of free time yesterday This is very long so I will stop. Talk to you all later!!

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Old 07-25-2001, 10:01 AM   #9  
Mom to 2 beautiful girls!
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HI everyone... Yup, Belle and I were chatty yesterday... although I could have done my work instead... but that is no fun!!!!!!!

No walk this morning, Emma decided to wake up an hour early! Maybe tonight I can either walk or jump on the treadmill! I think I ate rotten yesterday.... I will journal it out on the other thread! I was hungry all the time!

Oh, the person we hired in May quit because at the time she wanted 3/4 time and that is what we wanted... now she/family is in financial problems and she took another job full time... We were not pleased with her tho and she most likely was not going to make it if she didn't shape up. So now I am off on the hiring thing again. BOOOOOO... hate that!

Kirsty.... glad to see you are alive! Hubby and I moved in together after we were engaged and he was out of school. It only made sense since he was moving 2 hours from his school and we were getting married in the fall. If you think it is the right time and you both agree, then go for it. But remember... things do change when you live together! Man, I found that out! The quirks with hubby bugged me MORE once I had to put up with them all the time!

Tonya... did it cool off a little by you?? It did here and it is wonderful!

Stacey... that gain is WONDERFUL! After a wedding and honeymoon and stress! You are so on right now!

Well, better get back to work!
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Old 07-25-2001, 10:12 AM   #10  
Proud Mama
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Default TA DA!!!

I'm so proud of me! I installed my kitchen sink last night (well, and the night before too... it took me two nights) ALL BY MYSELF!!!! I saved a good $350 by not having to call a plumber. Yippee skippy!

I'll try to check back in later. Running late right now. I'm off today and I kept Benjamin home but we are late for a playdate with one of his little friends.

I attached a picture of my new sink (including the pipes that I'm so proud of). I'll put the cabinet doors on tonight and it will look much better.
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Old 07-25-2001, 10:31 AM   #11  
Scotland's finest export
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good work on the sink janet!
jen - i'm worried about quirks (mine and his) but i reckon we'll have to find them out eventually....i mean if we do want a future together, at some point we will have to start living together!! it's all a bit scary and grown-up though.
sarah - we've been together for over a year and a half now. neither of us have lived with anyone before, so i think both of us see it as a big step and want it to work out, but equally we're thinking, ooh, but what if it doesn't and it ruins the relationship. tonya - i am pretty tempted to just do it. and since both of us need to move out (me by end of oct and him anytime soon) it would make sense to do it.
i suppose living with someone is kind of make or break for a relationship (and it's better to find out it's break before you get married!)....
i'll keep you posted on what i do. cheers for advice (oh, and lolly - don't mention it to anyone else!).
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Old 07-25-2001, 10:52 AM   #12  
Eve's Mom
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Default Woo hoo

Hey guess what? There is this guy at work (married with kids, but my age) Well, guess what - today I was like, hey guy! and he said - you look really good
your hair and you've lost a lot of weight. I was thrilled!! Yee haw, that was v. cool!! What a
cool way to start your day!! (insert Rocky theme
song and picture me running in grey sweatsuit with arms in the air!!!!)

Anyway, that was the first person to notice my hair!! And the weight thing - at work here, no one really noticed the hair.

And at WI - down 2 so I am back to 208 My lowest weight. YEE HAW AGAIN!

AND - I actually got up this moring and worked out in addition to my 30 min trek to work.

I am v. on today ! Woo hoo!!! Sadly, I am swamped with work....oh well, won't kill my good attitude!

Janet - hey, nice sink (you don't hear that everyday!) You go girl!

Stacey - congrats on the gain (you don't hear that everyday either) of only .7. Well done. I find I can maintain on eating 36 points a day - i know, how bad am I. There is no relevancey, so don't ask where that came from.

Kirsty - after b/f and I stopped working at the same place life got better...!! Of course, its WAY better now and we are thinking if he doens't take the job in Van that we will still move in when our leases our up - in the new year. Are you excited about that??

Long lost Lola - 5 lbs could be worse!! Welcome back, I missed you!

Tonya - you sound so busy all the time, do you have Tonya time? Wow!!

Sarah - you made me laugh when you said "as sheis totally unimportant". Wow, that was a new light, I guess she IS totally unimportant. I mean, really, he sees her one day a year for a couple hours, doesn't even phone her anymore....Left her a moved across the country 2 years ago...Yeah, you might be on to something. It was still funny though.....

Jen - yesterday went by WAY faster while chatting with you - how bad are we? at least you are management, I am not. Oh well!

Adn the Quirks - yes, there are many aren't there. I have found since b/f got his own place with not roomates in Dec that his quirks have come out more - he is VERY set in his ways, an Old Man!!!

well, I better get going. Hello to everyone!!

I hope I can check in a few times today, if not, adios!

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Old 07-25-2001, 10:54 AM   #13  
Bono Fanatic!
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Good morning girls! I love when I check in for the first time and see this board jumping! It is rainy and dreary here today, but the humidity has finally broken, so I guess I can't complain. I have a doctor's appt. during lunch (just a physical) and they are doing blood work, which means I can't eat until then. What was I thinking? I should have scheduled it for first thing this morning because, of course, I'm starving!! And then after work on Wednesdays I have class from 6-9, which means I don't get home until after 10. I usually don't mind, but today it sounds horrible! I guess I am just in the mood to complain... But tomorrow we get to leave work at noon to go to the Cubs game for a work outing, so at least I have that to look forward to.

Kirsty - That's exciting news about b/f. I say if you both want to move in together, you should do it. You're so right - even if it doesn't work out (which it will ) it is better to find that out now. Cute boy hasn't called me - I know it's only Tues., but I am now convinced that he won't call. It's no big deal, as I hardly know him, but why ask for the number if you aren't going to call? That is one of the things I hate the most about boys!!

Stacey - You watch Big Brother too? I swore after how horrible the first one was that I wouldn't get into that again, but here I am hooked once more! It's pathetic, but I'm glad I'm not alone. And congrats on the very small gain - that's awesome!

Tonya - I love your kids names, especially Nicholas Riley - those are 2 of my very favorite boys names!! They sound so adorable!

Janet - Great job on the sink... you should be so proud of yourself!

Lola - I don't think we've met yet. Hi! I have just recently started running on a regular basis and it has done wonders for my motivation. I have always jogged somewhat, but for about the past 2 months I have been running 3-3.5 miles at least 3 times a week - I love it!

Hi to Jen, Sarah, Trish, Lolly and every one else! I'll be back later!
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Old 07-25-2001, 11:08 AM   #14  
Fed Up With Fat!!
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Default Good Morning!

My tummy is "thinks" it's hungry! No way!!! Although, I only ate toast with B&B spread for breakfast. No protein. I have to really watch myself b/c I'll eat medium points for breakfast and high points for lunch which leaves me no points for dinner! But, I'm journaling now...well, will be in a few minutes, so maybe I can get an idea for dinner.
I'm getting super busy again at work so I'd better get back to the boring stuff! Hopefully I can get back online later today.
Hi to everyone!!!!!!!!!
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Old 07-25-2001, 11:09 AM   #15  
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Let's share pics of our kids...nieces and nephews and such also included!!

Here is an old pic of Hayley and Nic.....
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