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Default 20-somethings starting (again!)

Hello all-

Alias/Name: Keleigh115/Kelly
Location: Moscow, ID
Hometown: Lakewood, CA
Birthday: Nov. 5, 1981
Age (for those of us who don't like doing the math) : 24
Sign (for those of us who bite in astrology) : Scorpio
Marital Status: SINGLE and loving it
Children: n/a
Highest Weight: 245
WW starting weight (if applicable) : 204.8
Goal Weight (or size) :
Current Weight: 202
Height: 5'4
Education: BA in political science (May 2006)
Employment: Full-time student.
Hobbies: reading, crotchet, drinking TONS of coffee...I study A LOT
Favorite type(s) of Exercises: I actually like the gym, treadmills, elipticals, and rowing...stationary bike is also good for me
Long-term Career goals: law school with a joint degree in international studies, looking at human rights and international law
Pets: none at the moment
How long have you been on-line: forever, I"m in my mid-20s I don't remember before the internet really
Where do you see yourself in five years: Just finishing my graduate and law degrees and starting a career. I also see myself healthy and happy.
If you're on WW do you like it?: I love WW. I have had the most sucess. I love that its not a diet its a life style, I feel like I'm learning to truely take care of my body.

I am back at WW after a 1.5 year hiatus. I lost ~35lbs. and kept most of it off but I still have about 50-60 to go. I find that as a full time student I struggle to keep the weight off, let alone loose more. I'm going to West Africa in Aug. for 4 months and I'm worried that my current shape will prevent me from being able to fully participate or enjoy all of the things that I'll be doing. Right now I'm just keeping my eye on my first 10% goal so I have 20lbs to go. I have set an internal goal to average a 2 pound weight loss every week until I leave in early August. I feel like this is realistic and healthy.

Anyway, I see tons of really motivated people here and I love the success stories. Hopefully, I'll have a sucess story of my own soon!
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Welcome!! I think I would like to eventually go to Law School as well!!


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