30 Somethings #2

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  • Hi all!

    Just starting a new thread because our first one has gone to three pages.

    Please make sure you have read the last few posts on the last thread so that you don't miss a thing!

    Have a great day!
  • I agree this thread is a great one. Very supportive. I jsut love weight watchers. I find myself making very good choices lately. I went out for chinese last night. I barely touched the portions and was still full. Before weight watchers I would have ate the whole thing and instead of beef and brocolli I would have had a pupu platter.


    206.6 started 16 weeks ago
    168.4 this week

    ww goal 145
  • Hi everyone!.. Glad for the new thread, but is there someway we can get a seperate "heading" at the front instead of being grouped in with "other age groups"?

    My weekend has sucked royally in the food dept... had pizza on friday night (although i had the points to allow it, so that wasnt too bad), but the rest of the weekend went to crap. For example,, went to see "american sweethearts" today and just couldnt resist the popcorn.. to have a small portion of it wouldnt have been bad, but i had a regular size WITH butter (dammit) and have contributed nothing more to my nutrition intake except some french toast (light bread with eggwhites) that wasnt bad but i almost marinated it in butter afterwards!!!!!!!!

    So.. as you can see i've blown this weekend sky high. I am torn between eating a healthy dinner and moving on with things.. or just leaving the popcorn and french toast as my intake for the day and loading up on the water for the rest of the evening. Any ideas????

    Also.. does anyone know the TRUE benefits to green tea???

  • I would have personally gone with the healthy dinner to round out the veggies for the day. Dont punish yourself too hard for the weekend. We are not perfect we will slip but we just have to jump back on the wagon and not say well the week in ruin I should just quit. You didnt say when u weigh in but I think u can still save the week but starting today getting back on plan and throwing in a little bit extra workouts. Good Luck
  • I am feeling sooooooooooo pissy!
    I just joined this thread and I think you guys are great! I'm writing today because I've been on WW for eleven weeks and I've only lost 4.8 lbs! It's my own fault-I lost 5 lbs the first five weeks but then gained 2 lbs one week (compulsive eating) and 2 more the next (my Father in Law passed away-God bless his soul).

    I have been being as good as I can and I am sooo fed up with myself. Everyone's reason in my meeting for my weight loss is "You're older now, it comes off slower". Fifteen years ago I'd be down 15 lbs at least by now! UGH! I haven't even written my food down today. I've written my food down every day for 77 days! DOUBLE UGH!

    I apologize for this tirade. I just had to vent.

    Hugs and kisses...
  • I am sorry for your loss.

    I know weight loss can be very discouraging but we all have to work together to succeed. Get back to your journal writing it does work. When u say your plan is your fault what kinds of choices are u making. Is there anyway we can help u. If u want to have an online buddy u can email me or istant message me

    [email protected]
    yahoo- comteacher71
    [email protected]

    I would be willing to work with anyone.

    I have lost 38.2 in 16 weeks. I weigh in tonight and hope to get my 40th star. I will post my results are 5 when I get back

    I hope everyone has a great day.
  • Thank you Tracey!

    I'm feeling better today. I need to exercise and drink eight glasses of water a day-I know that. Nothing worth doing is easy-I know that too!

    Again, sorry about the rant.
  • np tami that is what the board is for. You can brag about your successes and rant about the disappointments
  • Well I jsut got back from weigh in and I lost 2.6 pounds total makes 40.8 in 18 weeks. I am so excited. I told all the members about this website so I hope they come too.
  • I got a silly question. It isnt not something I have tried but thought about. If popcorn is made from corn why cant u count it as a veggie
  • Hi Y'all. I'm new. I am going to re-join weight watchers next week. I'm putting it off a week, because I know this week will be too chaotic to get a good start. I know that sounds awful, but it's true. I want to start on the right foot. So, on Monday, August 6th, I will re-join.

    The first time I joined WW, was almost 2 years ago during my first semester of grad school. I had decent success, but then got sick at Thanksgiving, then exams, then the holidays and I kept finding excuses. I never did get back on track. I rejoined a few times during grad school, but never was committed.

    Now, I am done with school. I moved about 12 weeks ago to a smallish town for a job I love, but where I knew noone. I am single. I've been lonely. So, what have I done? I've eaten... A LOT. I am a bit frightened of what the scale will say when I go next week. But, it is more frightening not knowing, than knowing. I'd guess that I have at least 60 lbs to lose. I cannot remember what my healthy range was, and since I don't know where I am now, that number is just a guess.

    I look forward to getting support AND giving it. Thanks in advance for letting me join in.
  • And where the [email protected]@ was I????? hehe...
    Hello everyone.. checkin in..

    Wow.. the past few days i've been busy, going here, going there.. i got myself a part time job, getting this done, that done.. and WOW... LOOK AT THAT... it seems as tho i've accomplished NOTHING.... hehe... ever have times like that???????????

    Been on and off program.. last thursday i was up a pound, but i'm not allowing myself to stress.. its definately not worth freakin out over, as i know the solution how to take it off.

    My problems have been exercize,, i havent done one bit of excersize since starting,, and i know this would help the efforts along. I bought myself a richard simmons tape (*gasp*.. yes.. i know.. RICHARD SIMMONS.... my mother would be pointing as laughing as i did to her when she bought her copy....- she swears by him now - go figure)... so i thought for someone who is freakishly out of shape.. he would be a good solid place to start - no buns of steel here yet. hehe..

    Welcome to the board Lizzo, hope to see you hang around for a while.

    Tracey!!!!.. thanks for writing me back.. i will definately get my butt in gear and write you back.. tooo cool girl!!!!

    Comteacher. did anyone answer your question about the popcorn?? it certainly is one of those questions that make you wonder..........................

    Ok.. lets get our nose to grindstone folks,,, fill our water containers... get our low fat spray and egg beaters out... and have a EXCELLENT week OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm feeling optimistic
    I am feeling so much better this week! I weighed in on Saturday at 168.00 (+2 lbs.). I expected to weigh more because of my week of eating everything I saw.

    I bought an organizer and the two books (Fast Food and Reg. Food) and got my stuff organized. I am also receiving wonderful emails from some of you (you know who you are-thank you!).

    I also went back through all of my WW handouts. It helped a whole lot. I also decided my "Winning Outcome". That helped me to realize the number of pounds I need to lose-and it's not that bad once I wrote it down. I borrowed some words of their example. Mine is "I want to follow Winning Points to become 38 pounds thinner so that I won't feel so inadequate."

    So, that is where I'm at. I found that I get grumpy when I don't follow the plan and write down my food (probably another control issue). Boy, I've got issues up the yang-yang!

    Love to all.

  • Good evening, everyone! Just thought I pop in for some positive reinforcement!!!

    Anyone find they think of the strangest things when they are trying to make time go by quicker? I was on the treadmill today, and started thinking about how it's a shame that I can't lose weight from where I need it most, first! Since I've started back OP seriously (I'm on week 4), I know that I've lost inches, although the scale only shows 2 lbs. I know that my actual fat loss is more, but I started lifting weights again, so it's not showing on the scale. I just wish the inches on my hips would come off faster than the inches everywhere else!!

    Lizzo - I can understand how you feel about being in a new place, new job, single. I went through that for a while. A few years back I was in a similar place (my mom had just moved to DC, and she and I are VERY close). I had to change my attitude, and I looked at my situation as the perfect time to work on ME, before other things got in the way. I love my BF, but sometimes it's really hard to stay OP, especially when he plans things for us. Use this opportunity to make the life changes you need - they will become habits before you know it!

    Thanks for keeping this thread alive! I'm looking forward to visiting often!

  • WOW!
    Wow! Don't post for a couple of weeks and it's a whole new world! Welcome to all of the newer members on this thread. It's great to see you all supporting one another. Tracey, congrats on hitting that 40-pound mark. That's wonderful.

    I'm feeling bummed today, but don't worry, I'll get myself out of it. Last Wednesday when I weighed in I'd lost another 4.6, making my total 29.6. I was thrilled. Then I went "down the shore" on vacation and bascially went insane. At last night's weigh in I'd gained 6 POUNDS! I'm still not exactly sure how that happened, but let's just say my food choices were not the best, and leave it at that. I was really depressed when I came home last night, but I got up this morning and got right back on the bandwagon. I also came right to these boards, because I know you guys will help motivate me.

    My leader did say that weight that comes on so quickly usually comes off again quickly, so hopefully that will be the case. It just p.o.'s me that I trashed three week's worth of work for a few days of piggishness. I think I learned my lesson, though. It really hits home that these changes I'm making will have to be made forever, 'cause I wasn't nearly as "bad" as I could have been, and look what happened Ah well, my weight-loss journey will be one of several years--I won't be able to be perfect every moment. Time to shake myself awake and get right back on the horse.

    Gotta go eat some nice healthy veggies.

    Have a terrific weekend!