LABOR DAY CHALLENGE...Week 1 - July 16!!!

  • HEY EVERYONE. How are we doing??

    Feel free to post your journals, updates, whatever you want that pertains to the challenge. If you post any losses,I will keep track of those. I will (hopefully) start a new one of these threads every week!!
  • OK, had WI on Saturday, so my starting weight is 214 and I want to lose 15 pounds... GUESS WHAT, that means my goal is 199. YAH, I can't wait. When I got PG, my weight was 197... so that is soooo close. Sure is taking me a long time to get it off!

    I am weighing in every other week, so I won't be posting losses every week. But I will post my journals. I am realyl getting off track and need to stay focused!!
  • Good news and not so good news.
    The good news is, I am so motivated and had a great weekend.
    The bad news is, I gained over my holidays, so I am at 209 again. BOOOOOOO!!!!!

    But this is the Day One for me (although I was OP all weekend, and I journaled, wow!)

    Jen - sorry to hear all that is going on, hang in there honey!!! congrats on your loss!!

    Gotta go, I'll try to post on the daily....

    Welcome lurkers.

  • hoping for a maintain this week!
    We'll see tomorrow night, but anything like a minor gain will be great! I won't post what I ate last week since nothing but maybe the water I drank was even low in points!
    Speaking of's time to eat lunch!
  • In for the Challenge!!
    OK-I'm in...I want my 10% by Labor day-I was trying for it by Memorial Day and then July 4th and didn't make it, so Let's try again-5 pounds here I come!
  • Great Idea Jen!

    Well I shared this in the daily thread but my
    #1 goal is to go to WI and stop trying to do it myself.

    #2 14 pds. that is appx 1.75 pds/wk would be the ultimate however I would be happy with 10 pds.

    So there they are. Oh where do you guys post Journals. I think that would keep me a bit more in control. Maybe
    BTW this is day one for me!!
  • I'm back from weigh-in and I lost another pound, bringing it to a grand total of 15! Yay! Went clothes shopping with my mom on Sunday for job-interview clothes and I've gone from a size 14 to a 10! Double yay!!! How's everyone else doing?
  • Good morning!

    Well, after all of my working out last week, and watching my points, I only lost 1 pound on Sat. AARRGGHHH!!

    Oh well, I will keep up the good work, and hope for more this week!

  • I ran a 5K on Sunday! It was kind of a spur of the moment thing, but I've been training for a 3.5 mile race I am running in 3 weeks so I figured it would be good practice! I did really well - 31 minutes, which is exactly 10 minutes per mile!

    I also lost 2 pounds last week so I am now totally into this Labor Day challenge!!

  • K - good job on your lb down!!
    Tonya - don't be discouraged, one lbs is good!! I think that's great.
    Jen2 - woo hoo on your run! I was running but I got really bad about it the past few weeks, I'll have to start from scratch I think....I was up to 20 min nonstop....oh well!!

  • Hi, think I have lost about 2 pounds since I first posted in this challenge. . pretty much the 2 pounds I had gained while on vacation first of July. . need to increase my exercise and get back to the gym. . time has been of a shortage.
  • WOW....Such Losers!!!!!!
    So far so good, everyone seems to be really pumped about this challange....Myself included!!!

    I had to change my WI Night(they closed the WW center): So I WI last night and I was down another 2.8#

  • I am ready to accept this challenge!! I started on July 7th, at 192 pounds. I am now 182.5! Okay, Labor day is about 6 weeks away, right? Let's say 2 lbs. a week will bring me to 170!!!!! That is an attainable goal and I am ready to do it!!!!!

    P.S. Does everyone know that 6 slices of Healthy Choice turkey breast is only 1 POINT??????????