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Ariana, wow, it sounds like your schedule has been killer! Around here we're constantly reminding each other that taking care of ourselves needs to be our first priority. Somewhere along the way we forgot that. It must be exciting to be at maintenance, at least according to one scale! That would be a nice place to be. Oh well, I trust I'll get there eventually.

Speaking of, this week I weighed in at 271.0, so I'm officially down 2 pounds this week. Yay! That's a total of 23 pounds.

An interesting thing that I've noticed, following this new program this week: salt is in EVERYTHING! Unless I cook it myself, it's nearly inedible. Frozen veggies with cheese sauce--I used to like that, but I couldn't eat it when I had it earlier this week. Tortilla chips--gag. Refried beans (can you tell I had a cheat at a mexican restaurant?)--inedible. My 'cheat' turned out to be a taco salad, just eating the cheese, (unsalted) boiled beans, salad, and taco meat (no shell). Everything is so salty!

Bandit, I hope your trip is going GREAT! I look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Judy, how is the snow going? You still stuck at home? Hopefully you've got good, healthy choices to keep you company!

Keep stepping on, Turtles!
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Mousie: Yes, it's been nuts. I know. I understand that it should be my top priority, but with a new job, it sometimes isn't as important. It took me 3 years for the IT market to improve and for me to be able to get this job...I'm going to do whatever I can to hold on to it. Although, after my two week marathon, my boss is quite happy, so I don't have to worry quite so much.

Maintenance? Oh mousie, I wish. I misspoke. I meant that I was maintaining. I'm at 175.5 -- that's not maintenance, it's just the same as what I weighed last week. (I weighed myself again on my apartment scale, and it matches my parents' scale, so I have neither lost nor gained weight.)

Congrats! 23 pounds is great!

It's funny how, once you become a healthy eater, the taste of many high-point/unhealthy foods change. I used to live on frozen food in college, but I did WW Core for about 2 weeks, and thereafter I couldn't stand the horrifyingly salty and preserved taste of most frozen food. I've gotten to the point where I can only eat a few frozen items, since most of it is high-salt, high preservatives. That, unfortunately, means that I have to cook most everything I eat from scratch, which is interesting...

But my point is that I know what you mean. The salt in some food is amazing. But hey, if it makes the food less tempting to you, then maybe it's a good thing. I used to eat one chipotle burrito a week -- half with one meal, half on the next meal. And then I found out that 1/2 of the burrito I was eating (tortilla, chicken, salsa, sour cream, cheese and black beans) was 12 points. And that's for half the burrito! After that, it didn't task as good. I figure that, if something is going to cost me 12 points, it better be, very, very, very good.

Anyway, bandit, I hope you enjoyed your trip, and that you don't have cabin fever already judy. Good luck ladies. Talk to you again soon....
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Hi Turtles,
See you on 151!
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Wait, I'm confused. Are we moving to a new forum?
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