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  • Hi gang!
    I believe it's time for another chatters thread.

    Susan, you asked how my trip went.....great!
    It was so relaxing. Our friends live near Woodville, in the Piney Woods of Texas (for non-Texans). We saw deer and rabbits crossing the roads. I loved it! Our friends were so happy for us to see their new home. They are healthy eaters so there wasn't a problem. We did make a dewberry cobbler before we left. Fantastic....

    Susan, tell us about your theraphy, if you don't mind. What do they have you do?

    Linda, are you home?

    Kimmy-jo, we miss you------talk to us.

    Tammy, how was your weekend? Is it still tense around your house? I hope not.

    Dee, are you out there just reading? What are you and your daughter doing this summer for fun?

    Everyone that I didn't call by name, I'm not slighting you.

  • Hi all

    it's been quite a while since I've been here(at least posted) A few changes have occured-I've started working at a different company. Still the personnel business but a competitor of my old place. I haven't been following any program & I sure can feel it. I really have to start posting & reading & getting some motivation. I know I've gained some weight & I don't like the feeling. We're having some hot weather here(30 celsius) but it doesn't last long enough to complain about it.

    Nice to be back & I hope this time to stick to it

    take care

  • Tina, things are up and down around here. Better than it was though. Tomorrow Bob is meeting with a woman about possibly selling her house, and helping her find a new one. On Friday, he is showing a house to a couple. Hope things work out for everyone.

    We grilled burgers tonight and also had corn on the cob. Delicious!

    Tomorrow Tim is cooking supper. I handed him a cookbook and said to find something. He chose beef stew. We went to the grocery this morning and he got all the ingredients that he needs. Bob and I suggested that he put the beef in the crockpot all day so it will be nice and tender by the time he starts supper. He thought that was a great idea! LOL

    I get a much needed perm tomorrow. I was going to try it straight this summer, but it is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Welcome back-Maureen!!!!!
    It's been too long. I thought we'd lost you. How is your family? Are the boys adjusting to living on their own?
    Good luck!!!! I'm sure you can get back into the WW mode quickly.

    Tammy, I can't wait to hear about Tim's adventure in cooking.

    It's a beautiful day here, although I haven't stepped out into the heat yet.

  • Hi Everyone!!! Sounds like everyone is doing great!

    Welcome back Maureen!!
    Tammy, hope Bob sells that house. Hamburgers and corn on the cob..... Yum!
    Tina, sounds like you had a bast on your trip. My brother lives in East Texas. It's beautiful there!!

    Let's see for physical therapy, I ride the bike, do ball squats, leg curls, use the slider (lay on this thing and push it out with my legs) The one I hate is rolling around on a stool. I have to pull and push with my legs. My knee is feeling better each day. It does hurt when the make me bend my knee and push to get the full range. I'm riding my bike for 15 minutes each day. I'm going slow but it is better than nothing.

    I weighed in today and gained 1.8 I thought Iwould have ost since I had done so well staying on program. Hopefully I'll make up for it next week.

    Hope you guys are a bunch of losers tomorrow!!!
  • Tim's beef stew was absolutely delicious!! He was so proud of himself. He took a container to my aunt today when he went down to mow her yard. She was surprised.

    Tim and I leave at 7:35 in the morning for Disney. My friend that was supposed to go isn't because her hubby had surgery yesterday. Couldn't remember if I had told you guys that or not. Her daughter is picking us up at the airport. She doesn't work on Saturday, so she will be hanging out with us all day and showing us the "insider's view" of Disney. We'll probably go to Epcot tomorrow night to watch her in the parade. I called her this afternoon and she is ready for company!

    Susan, 15 minutes on the bike sounds great! Slow, but sure, right?

    Maureen, it is wonderful to have you back with us. I'm still not being faithful to a program. Sometimes I am totally disgusted with myself. Other times I think "Oh well." What a life.

    We won't be home until late Monday night so I won't be sending any messages. You guys behave and have a wonderful weekend!!!
  • Hi All!!

    Tammy, by now you are on your way to Disney! Have a great time!!! Do everything possible.!!! Be careful!! Tim should be proud of his cooking! It's great that he wants to learn! He sounds like a fine young man!

    Hope everyone has a good weigh in today.

  • Hi,

    I'm sorry I didn't get to say good-bye to Tammy. I was just sooo tired last night and this is my first time on today.

    Susan, do you go to San Antonio often? Do you ever eat at the Barn Door? (I think that's the correct name.) I believe it is on Nacodoches St. Their steaks are heavenly. I must be hungry to think of that.

    Where is everyone????? Don't be so quiet.

    Have a great Friday!

  • Tina,
    I missed saying good bye to Tammy too. She is going to have a blast!!

    I love the Barn Door!! They have the best salad dressing too. I go every couple of months. I'll be going back there at the beginning of August before school starts. Another place that I love is La Fonda's. It is off of New Braunsfel's. Great mexican food.

  • Good morning

    Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Things are really heating up all over the place in my pre-vacation phase. Everyone at work has come up with a million things they need done before I leave both here and with my AOL job. They're all starting to panic realizing I'll be gone for 3 weeks. And I have so much packing and shopping to do to get ready. I still have 10 days before I go, but it feels like that will fly by!

    I didn't weigh in yesterday. First of all I couldn't, since my car was in the shop (brakes were grinding -- $866 later they stopped ) so I couldn't get there. Secondly, I know I've gained. It's that TOM, plus I've been out of control with the eating. GOT to get back on track. Grrrrrrrrrr.

    Maureen, it's good to see you again! Welcome back.

  • Hi Group,

    Laura, I feel just like you-----today, I'm out of control and could eat anything that passes me.
    I "feel" fat today. I don't have TOM anymore so I can't blame it on that. My hips are too wide, my stomach jiggles when I walk, I can't wear a sleeveless top because of my arms. I am just a mess!!!! (Thanks for letting me vent.)

    Susan, I'll have to try La Fonda's. That name sounds familiar. I really want to get over to San Antonio soon. Larry (husband) wants to go visit his dad in Abilene first. I can't take off 2 days. He'll have to go by himself. Abilene is a long, long drive for us. It takes a day going and coming.

    Dee--where are you?
    I wonder if Kimmy-Jo is still reading.

    Everyone out there have a great weekend.
  • Hi,
    Laura, so sorry about the brakes! They sure are expensive. Not fun and especially before vacation. Where are you going for vacation? I can't remember if you told us or not.

    Tina, it sounds like you are having one of those days!!! Hang in there tomorrow will be better!! Do something nice for yourself!!! You deserve it

    I went out to eat for dinner at Uncle Julio's (mexican). Believe it or not I choose a grilled vegetable plate. It was really good. I can't tell you how many chips I ate nor the beverage I drank. At least I did something good.

    Hope it rains here tonight. We'll see if it does, we sure need it.

  • Hi there
    long time since I've posted, but nothing new to report though. Still can't seem to loose this weight. I even rejoined WW, but then didnt make it to any meetings, so will have to re-rejoin and they raised the price...boohoo...but I have a friend from work that goes now, and I might start going with her maybe

    Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good, and taking vacations too. Im not going anywhere this summer but my kid took a vacation from me....LOL....she went to visit an aunt for a week. And I'll I've done was work!! Oh fun!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend, Im off to work again.
    Will post more often.
  • Good morning!

    I've been beating myself up quite a bit lately for not doing much of anything "right" on the WW front. But I got this from that Cyberdiet daily e-mail I told you about, and it made me feel a bit better. Thought I'd share:

    "If you cheat on your husband or commit murder, that's bad. A cookie is just a cookie." -- Emme Aronson, plus-size model, talking about dieting and sanity.

    Popular culture often frames weight management as a moral issue. Rich dishes and desserts are described as "sinful" in recipe books and advertisements. We feel guilty when we eat something we "shouldn't" -- or when we don't eat the things we "should," or when we miss a workout -- we might tell our friends, "I was bad today!"

    Eating right and being active are important for many reasons. You will feel better, have more energy, and have a lower risk of disease when you are fit. However, fit people are not morally superior to those who are still on the journey to wellness -- or even to those who have not yet begun the journey. There is so much richness to be had from life -- family, friends, career, and hobbies, to name a few. Do not let your struggles with diet and exercise consume you to the point where they are the sole basis on which you judge the quality of your life.

    After all, what would you rather have as a eulogy: "She was a good person, beloved by many"...or, "She was thin"?

    That made me feel so much better I went down and threw out that bag of Chex Mix that I bought yesterday

    Dee, it's good to see you! Good luck re-starting. I know how hard that is!

    Susan, for vacation this year I'm going to Rome for three weeks. Both my sisters, their husbands, two nieces and one nephew are going, and my aunt and two cousins live there, so it will definitely be a family affair! I leave in a week, and I'm TOTALLY not ready for it!

    Have a lovely day!

  • I'm Back!!!!
    Hi, just wanted to drop by quickly to let you know that I am back. We got home yesterday afternoon and am back to work today. Boy, am I ever having some problems switching from the vacation to work mode .

    I've only had a chance to quickly browse the thread and will try to catch up tonight or tomorrow. I did have to say that Maureen is right--Alberta was REALLY HOT!!!. I was in Lethbridge July 5-9. I thought going North would be cooler, eh? Not so!

    Good news was that I weighed this morning and actually lost 1/2 pound. That was a pleasant surprise. I'll write more later this week when I've had a chance to catch up.