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I am self am very disappointed an the way relief was handled. I know it takes time to get there. Buy my goodness.
We were in Irag sooner than they were to help our own Country.
Im reading alot to And it just shocks me. Very sad.

Slavika: Im so Happy DH came home. Its gonna be hard. But he is in his Spot so to speak. Its always better to be at home. Im sure he was happy to walk in that door

Karen: Glad you found out what was you foot problem!

Anyways, Havent posted much this week. Getting ready for Vacation. Sunday we leave. I will be gone for 2 weeks. Maybe 3 as I will have a ton to do when I get back.

Slavika: You and DH will be in my prayers. Im Hoping to come back from even better News than when I left.

Love to all! See you when I get back. Noooooooooo Im not taking Laptop Time to have fun Enjoy... No puters
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Have a fun vacation Lily in the meantime I will start a new thread see ya all there.

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What a week this has been. My niece and her whole neighborhood were displaced from their homes for a couple of days because of a styrene leak from a railroad car. It started spewing gas. Amazing that the car has been there for a while and no one knows anything about it. The fire dept was pouring water on it day and night to cool it down. Finally stopped and they were allowed back in their homes. My niece tried to go back and rescue her dog and the police wouldn't let her in. Finally he became busy with someone else and she did manage to get her dog out. All this is really minor comparing it to the devastation of Katrina. I feel for all those people. I have quit complaining when I am sooo hot in the cafeteria and sweating like crazy.
This same niece has a woman that she works with that is going to take in 40 family members that have no where to go. I just cleaned out my closet to donate clothes to them. They need everything. I hope the Red Cross or Salvation Army can help her with the food.
Karen glad you got to the foot dr. Did he tell you to stand on the edge of a step and stretch your heel downwards a few times a couple of times a day? They told me that once. Love your brown hair.

Trudy I have been wanting to see The March of the Penguins. I heard you will cry at the ending. True?

Got to run and get some stuff together.
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