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Thin Girl In Hiding
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Exclamation Don't Trip over your menus & points 8/23

I'll go first again!
Have a GREAT day!
Remember: If you eat it...WRITE it!

B-2 pieces of toast 1p
PB 2p

S-100 calorie snack pack 3p

L-2 pieces of bread 1p
butter spray ZERO
Lauging wedge 1p
tomato soup 4p
1% milk 2p
split a tangelo w/Lori 1/2p?

S-natural,unsalted almonds 4p
grapes 1p

D-LF ring bologna 4p
hashbrowns 2p
corn on the cob 1p
butter spray ZERO
1% milk 2p

S-LF wheat thins 3p
swiss 1p

Total 33 points
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Alis volat propiis
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S/C/G: 270/See Slider/145-140


I did it, I really freakin' did it! I stayed OP yesterday. On point! Or in French or the ballet... en pointe (I guess). I am back! If I wasn't at work, with limited access to smilies, I would give myself a dancing nanner! I can do this. We ALL can do this. And we ALL will.

OK, before I pee myself ....

23 pieces of Vanilla Cream Shredded Wheat -- 3
2 cups ff milk - 4
Coffee with cream -- 1
Badminton -- Negative 1 (lol-cancels out the cream in the coffee?)

Yogurt -- 2

HC ham on WW rye with mustard -- 2
A whole passel o' carrots - 0

Apples and caramel -- 4

2 Boca burgers (4) on roll (2) with ketchup, mustard, pickles and ff mayo (2) and ff cheese (2) = 10
FF milk -- 2

8 Mrs. Merengue cookies -- 4

Damn... 32 -- two points over. But not too bad. Two full days of being in control.

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WW online (pts plus)
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S/C/G: 200/see ticker/160

Height: 5'9"


Ugh. I still don't feel well and the last few days I could care less what I'm eating. I've eaten nothing but junk today....

B= in the car on the way to a conference
1/3 of my iced coffee
1 donut

L= at a conference with nothing but fast food to choose from
1 mini chili dog
1/2 order of french fries
lg mountain dew

Sn= two swiss roll cakes

S= nothing yet, planning to make soup & sandwich later

So there you have it, my confession for the day.
I'll get back on track soon, I promise!
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Trying to keep up with all of you on the thread... Have it emailing me when you post so maybe i can be more regular. OK, I'm going to do this, even though i'm off plan and it's embarrassing. It'll at least make me accountable.

B: 2 donuts, coffee w/Splenda

L: chips and a philly cheese sandwich

Water: have drank only 16/64 oz. so far...

Dinner will be better... oh, maybe i'm suppose to post what i had yesterday? sorry, i'll get it someday...
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