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Default Friday Points and Menus

Fridays are so hard for me. I usually am home by myself and want to snack. Not being able to causes resentment, so I've built a couple of substantial snacks into my evening. But tomorrow is weigh-in, so I want to keep it light. Damn, this seems like an awful lot of food. Am I doing something wrong?

Here's my plan:

Vanilla Cream Shredded Wheat -- 3
FF milk -- 2
Coffee with creamer -- 1

Yogurt -- 2

Veggie Beef Soup At Hand -- 1
Leftover shrimp with cocktail sauce -- 2
Cucumber salad -- 1

Fresh fruit -- 5

Fake crab meat with cocktail sauce --4
Green beans with B&B -- 1

Snacks for TV watching:
Healthy Choice Ham sandwich on WW bread w/ peppers and mustard -- 2
Yogurt -- 2
FF pudding with ff Cool Whip -- 2
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TGIF! Day before WI.

B-2 pieces of toast 1p
PB 3p
light OJ 1p

S-ff capucinno 4p

L-left overs!
pork chop 4p
baked beans 2p

S-almonds 4p (unsalted)

D-Papa Murphy's Delite 3p a slice
diet rite

S-ff no sugar added vanilla ice cream 2p
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WW online (pts plus)
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Height: 5'9"


Friday I ate:

B- one hifiber english muffin-
one wedge laughing cow cheese- 1
one egg- 2
one half can Mountain Dew- 1.5pts?

L- Taco Bell:
one taco supreme
2/3 of an order of nachos supreme
one large mountain dew

S- ham/potato casserole- 4pts
one toasted roll- 1pt
diet orange soda- 0pts
salad w/ ff dressing-
one skinny cow ice cream sandwich

Sn- saltine crackers
one wedge light laughing cow cheese- 1

I felt like I was way off yesterday, but, I guess it's not as bad as I thought.
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S/C/G: 298/see ticker/180

Height: 5'7"


I went over by 4 pts or so... I haven't yet typed them up on my computer, so lol thats why I'm not posting it. I wrote it down on a piece of paper, and I cant find it! But I remember I was at 37.5 pts.

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