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WW online (pts plus)
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Default Friday Foods (menus/points) 8/5

Friday menu plans: Edited later in the day in purple writing!

A late (10am) Breakfast for me:
1 lf english muffin= 2
1 egg=2
1 morningstar farms fake sausage patty=2
1 half slice Velveeta light= 1
1 can diet orange soda =0 Edited to add: I made this, but only ate about half of it. I just wasn't hungry. So, I'm only counting this for 4pts.

Lunch: a frozen dinner= 5pts, depending on which one I pick
& Mountain Dew =3

Green Beans/ Potatos/ Ham pieces in the crockpot: 3pts per serving (?? That sounds low to me but the recipe is from a WW site.)
corn on the cob= 0pts Ok, changed my mind. I'm trying a 2 point cornbread recipe instead!
fresh peaches.... or I might do something with them (cobbler?) if I can find a low-points recipe to try I found a Peach Crumb Bake recipe that's only 1 point per serving.

I find it hard to believe that I'm eating this big supper for only six points, but, we'll see how the recipes turn out!

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Ack! Pre-weigh-in day. Trying to eat normally, OP and not to freak out.

Oatmeal (3) with ff milk (2) -- 5
WW bread with B&B -- 1.5

Smoothie -- 2

Tuna (3) on WW bread (1) with ff mayo (1), onions (0) and pickles (0) -- 5

Apples and caramel -- 4

Soup at Hand -- 1
Green beans with B&B -- 1
Soy crisps and salsa -- 2

Yogurt -- 2
WW ice cream - 1

Total: 24.5, which leaves me room for another snack
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Woohoo! That looks great, Amy and Maggie! Good luck staying OP, Maggie! Sticking to that menu definitely ensures you'll have a good day. Good luck at WI!
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B-2 pieces of toast 1p
PB 3p

S- ff capucinno 3p

L-2 pieces of pizza 12p
diet rite ZERO

D-Hamburger patty 3p
wheat bun 1p
cole slaw (made w/ff mayo & splenda) ZERO
corn on the cob 2p
butter spray ZERO
1% milk 2p

Total 27 Points so far, can have 32 today.

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Friday August 5, 2005

cup oatmeal 2.5
cup milk - .5 pts
1 tbl spoon sugar .5
Total 3.5 pts

4 pieces of bread 4 pts
2 slices of cheese 3 pts
1 serving pretzels 2 pts
1 serving LF PB 4.5 pts
Total 13.5 pts

cup VG 2.5
1 apple 1 pt
Total 3.5 pts

2 cups spaghetti 6 pts
1-cup sauce 4 pts
Total 10 pts

Total Points = 30.5
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