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Default Thursday Menus and Points (7/21)

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WW online (pts plus)
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I don't know if I'll get back online today after work or not~ so here's my menu plan for the day.

B: one LF English muffin= 2.6pts (I thought they'd be lower points when I bought them- grrrrr!)
FF butter spray= 0
one bottle water= 0

L: will be eating out at work with friends-- I'll try to be good!

S: will be a chicken/potato casserole, recipe from a WW site, 5 pts per serving
served with salad and steamed broccoli

I should be in good shape as long as I don't go too crazy at lunch.
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Hello gals. I'm having a very busy day today! ARGH!
Just so you know, I am going to a friends house up in the twin cities right after work and I will be back tomorrow morning sometime. I am sure that there will be lot's to read on here when I get back!
I'm having chinese tonight and I am very excited!
I even found the nutritional info on the restaraunt!

So here's we go for today!

Thursday July, 21, 2005

B- light english muffin 1p
PB 3p
light OJ 1p

S-ff cappucinno 3p

L-wheat bun 1p
Lloyds BBQ Pork 2p

S-pudding cup 2p

D-Peking chicken-yay!!! 13 points, holy cow!
Veggie fried rice 4p
Real coke!! WooHoo! 3p

Total 33 points

Have a good day!

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Hello Ladies!

I'm going to have to try the English Muffing breakfast.........I think I'm getting tired of the WW bar.

Here's my meal plan for today:

B = WW bar 2 pts

Lunch = Subway Sand (no mayo on wheat) 5 pts

Snack: WW bar 2 pts

Dinner: not sure yet (scary) as I am making a Birthday Dinner for a cousin, her favorite meal is Fetucchini Alfreado - uhhh - I can't have that - way too high in fat! So I'll probably have a WW frozen meal or something like that.

there will also be (gasp) **CAKE and ICE CREAM** that I need to avoid!

...........I do need to drink more water cheers to that!
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Whoa, I just lost my post... Ok, here goes again (love technology, hate technology)

SO Lisa is out of town tonight and tradition calls for my son and I to have a pizza party in the livingroom! (If you all haven't noticed, I don't cook- Lisa is the chef around here...) So here's what I've done so far, and how I'll work the pizza in when it gets here 30-40 minutes from now!

B: Leftover hashbrowns 1/2 c, 2 eggs, total 5pts

L: Whole wheat tortilla, leftover chicken w/ shake and bake (1/2 breast), ff cheese, total 6 points

S: OJ 1pt, Melba toast w/ ff cream cheese 4pts

D: still have 13 points left! (On WP, I have 29 points today instead of minimum 24)

SO I ordered a thin crust veggie lovers (4pts per slice) and ordered a personal pan cheese for the boy. Yay for WW and choices!!!!!
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Thursday July 21, 2005

2 slices of toast 2 pts
1 tbl spoon of butter 1.5 pt
1 tbl spoon of PB 2 pts
Total 5.5 pts

1 cookie 5 pts
wrap 5 pts
Total 10 pts

3 pieces of pizza 28.5

Total Points = 44 pts

yeah... stupid pizza. and tomorrow is my weigh in. But I weighed in tonight, just in case tomorrow is a little higher

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Gah...I feel like such a bad sista! How long has it been since I've actually sat down to write up a menu?? Two days?? Gah. But I promise I've been OP! So, here's today's menu.

--1 Quaker granola bar (PB & choc. chunk): 2 pts.
Total: 2 pts.

--Bologna and FF cheese sandwich (grilled; no mayo): 3 pts.
--Light BBQ chips: 1 pt.
--100 cal. Right Bites Chips Deluxe: 2 pts.
Total: 6 pts.

--WW fettucini alfredo w/broccoli sprouts: 6 pts.
+ 1 tbsp. light margarine: 1 pt.
+ 2 tsp. parmasean cheese: 2 pts.
Total: 9 pts.

Grand Total: 17 pts.

At this point, I have 9 points left. Not really sure what I'm going to do with them yet. I think I've fallen out of the habit of eating a bunch of snacks in the day, which is a good thing, right? But then again...we're advised to meet our daily point allotment. So...we'll see. Maybe I have some fruit somewhere in my fridge that hasn't spoiled yet. Yeah. You know you're a student when.

Have a great night ladies!
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Points allowed: 27.7
Points used: 25.4
*mumbles and grumbles*
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