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Default Weekly Thread 7/18-7/24

Hi Girls:
Today is Day 1 on SBD so far so good. Shock of Shocks I'm actually drinking water and not Diet coke It tastes nasty after V8. Weekend was Nuts I'll post more on that later Come out and PLAY!
Question do you all think I should put a Ticker up for my Long Term Goal?
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HEy Kier - good luck on sbd - I would do a long term myself, but I kind of like your short term too..maybe I'll do a 10% one??

I posted a new thread the same time as you - was monkeying with the size of my photo of Baby Eve...check it out....just in case you missed it (I am a proud Mama!).

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Hey Ladies
I lost 2 pounds its totally unofficial till Monday but I got on the scale this am with TOM raging and i was down 2. Day 3 SBD so far so good I'm resisting day 3 of greasy potato chips in the office. Belle your lil girl is absolutely Beautiful!
Come on Ladies I need entertainment at work!
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Can you all stand the return of another old-timer? (I saw Lolly and Stacey were back!! Congrats on your little boy, Stacey1 Name? Details? )

Well, I sort of fell off the radar after I got married, resurfaced for a bit and then got pregnant. Well, I had a little girl in January and I've decided it's time to begin the weight loss journey again. I'm not going back to WW, because I'm working part-time now and we don't really have the extra $$. I'll try it on my own for a while and see how it goes.

I actually did really well during my pregnancy ... I had gestational diabetes, though, so I was forced to eat carefully. I only gained 20 lbs., and lost it very quickly, plus another 20. (Gotta love breastfeeding!) I've been kind of stagnant with my weight for the past few months, probably because I've been indulging in cookies, ice cream and real Coca Cola way too much. I couldn't have that stuff while I was PG, so I've been taking advantage of the breastfeeding!

Belle: Congrats on your little one! I still have your website bookmarked on my computer and I tried to email you while you were PG, but it came back to me. I must have had an old address. Eve is just beautiful! What a pretty name. My daughter is Margaret Elizabeth ... we call her Maggie. She was 6 lbs. exactly and 19 1/2 inches. The boob juice must agree with her because now, at 6 months, she's nearing 18 lbs. I'm not worried, but my mom is always commenting on her weight and how I need to watch it. Um ... not now!!!

Kierie, Rina, Ali, Lori, Jess ... it's so good to see some familiar names! I can't wait to be back posting again!

Here's a photo of Maggie and me:

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Hi all,

I am back at WW tomorrow...should be fun!! I want to look good for Cancun!!

Kim: Welcome back! Your baby is beautiful and has a lovely name!!

Belle: Your daughter is precious... hope everything is well, it is super hot here.

Kierie: Good luck!! I am trying to get backl on track or rather I will get back on track!!

I go for my mammogram and ultrasound on Monday... I am not looking forward to it!!



Wow all these baby girls have come about!!
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