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Cool Week July 4-July 10

Hi All,

Happy belated 4th to all of our American Friends.

I was suppose to have my physical today but my doctors office messed up and called an old number of mine (although the have my new ones) and I didn't find ouit until I called yesterday that the appointment has to be moved. I still managed to find another doctor to see this morning since I found a lump on my left breast last week (I was going to get it checked at my physical), but I don't want to mess around and wait.

Anyway my eating has been crappy as of late... I plan to start going back to WW on the 16th so I shall try to get everything under control. I guess the good thing about my physical being delayed it gives me time to get my weight lower.

I am going to the US (Utica NY)this weekend for a race so that should be fun.

Anyway I hope everyone is doing well!

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Hi all! I am here-need to control the eating-I've gained 3 pounds in the last two weeks or so. Ugh. I just can't seem to stay away from chips and ice cream. I'm trying to avoid dessert tonight and drink water instead! Belle-congratulations!! Can't wait to see pictures. Ali-good luck with the race!
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Thanks Sweater Girl.

Well I lost some weight! Yippee. I am proud of myself. My goal for this month is to loose 10lbs. So I am half way there. Just have to keep it up!

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Hey all! It's stampede week in Calgary - not that we're going....with a newborn, it's not a good option! Plus, we'd rather stay home

I am back on WW doing the nursing mom thing. I'll have to change my sig since baby is here already.

gotta run, hope others come out and play soon!
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