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Tina 02-18-2001 09:29 AM

Everyone give another warm welcome to Cindy & Tracy. They are new to WW. We are sooooo happy to have you here. You are doing great!

Today was the second day of the estate sale. We've decided to have one more day--next Friday since there are still a few things left. I am exhausted. I did not have lunch today. Unfortunately, I had 2 donuts instead. My sister brought those this morning. They were warm and I hadn't had any in ages. My willpower went right out the windows.
Starting on Tuesday, I've decided to get back to daily exercise and journaling.

Kimmy-Jo is almost to her goal! Congrats to you.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone!

TexasMom 02-18-2001 10:27 PM

Hi Tina and everyone!

Well, today's my birthday! And I'm so tired I can't stand it. My son was up from 1 until 5 this morning, he has a terrible earache. UGH! Poor baby. I wonder what the rest of the day holds....Dh is having to work today, so between that and my son not feeling well we didn't go to church. Hopefully a nice long NAP is in the stars!

I had a good day yesterday, suprsingly. I can see my major downfall is going to be the fact that my husband likes to go out to eat so often. We had pizza for lunch, but I picked the pieces with the least amount of cheese, most amount of veggies, and had a big salad. We ate lunch so late that I just had a pear for dinner, which I really noticed around 2 this morning when I was taking care of my son!

I found a link to Dottie's weightloss zone or something like that. There were a ton of great meal ideas and recipes on her site and the bulletin boards!

Tina, the estate thing is almost over hun. How is your mom doing?

Tracy, I hope you are doing well today!

I hope everyone has a perfect day.


Tammy 02-19-2001 12:30 AM

Happy Birthday Cindy!!! Hope your little one is feeling better soon.

Not much happening here today. The guys are watching the Daytona 500. My nephew (14 yrs.) will be here soon. He is staying overnight. Planning to order pizza for supper.

No school tomorrow because of Pres. Day. Not sure what I have planned. Maybe nothing! High school basketball tournament starts tomorrow night. Our team doesn't play until 9:00! I think that is too late for a HS game on a school night. I know I don't have to go, but I enjoy them. My brother is the coach, and I know he enjoys the support. My other brother, niece, nephew, Tim, the coach's wife, and I are all riding down together. The game is at the Univ. of Dayton. Tim says they have the world's best hot dogs. Guess what he is getting for supper?

KimmyJo 02-19-2001 10:19 AM

Happy Birthday to you...Happy birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you, dear Cindy...Happy birthday to you! How old is your son? I have a 13 month old and can relate to those earaches. Luckily he has only had two. Hope yours feels better soon.

Tammy - Lucky us to both have tomorrow off. Isn't it great being teachers? I am not a racing fan, but I was so sorry to hear about Earnhardt. What a trajedy. His family will be in my prayer's tonight.

I made vegetarian lasagna for dinner and it was yummy! It wasn't a recipe, I just made it up. DH and I both really liked it and there is plenty left for dinner tommorrow.

Have a great night everyone!

wythe2 02-20-2001 02:04 AM

Happy Birthday (a day late) Cindy!! Hope you had a great day.

Tina, it sounds like you've been busy! I hope your estate sale went well, and you are now rested up.

Kimmy-Jo and Tammy, are you both teachers? I hope you enjoyed your day off.

I did really well this weekend staying OP. I will go in Wednesday evening for my first weigh-in. I'm looking forward to seeing some results.

Cindy, I found Dottie's Weightloss Zone really helpful. It's a great site. Everyone let me know of any other great sites out there to check out.

I hope everyone has a great President's day.


Tina 02-20-2001 02:33 AM

Good Afternoon,

Cindy - happy belated birthday!!!!!

Kimmy-Jo, your singing voice is beautiful. ;)

Tracy, good for you staying OP all weekend.

Cindy, I hope your little son is okay now. I'm sorry I missed "your day."

I'm off tomorrow and will definitely rest. Last night, I thought I was taking a cold. When I don't get rest and don't eat right, I get sick. :(
The estate sale went well. We sold most everything. We will have one more day this Friday. There are still two large pieces of furniture that we must get rid of. (That sounds so cold---I hate it!)
I must work all day on Friday, so they'll have to do without me. In a way, I'm glad I don't have to be there. Last Friday was so hard on me. On Saturday, I was so tired, I was kind of in a daze all day. Yesterday after church, my mother came over for a birthday party for our son. I fixed lasagna, green peas and french bread. I bought a cake at Randall's (grocery store). No pts. were counted!!!

There was no traffic going to work this morning. Today I wished I was a teacher so I could've slept in.


TexasMom 02-20-2001 02:36 AM

Thanks guys, really for the birthday wishes! It wasn't that great of a day. We ended up taking my son ( he's 5) to the ER for his ears. He has two outer infections and they loaded him up with antibiotics. We planned a nice dinner at Benihana, but with him sick we didn't want to risk it. So I had black bean soup! Dh bought some huge strawberries and some chocolate, so we had chocolate covered strawberries and bananas for my birthday, YUM!!!! While I wouldn't say I stayed OP, I did manage to stay within my points.

I have my first weigh in tomorrow. I'm a nervous wreck. I haven't excercised once this week! Overall, I've done ok, but I just hope that whatever the scale says, it won't discourage me. I doubt my 5 year old will be going to school tomorrow, I'll probably have him with me as well as his 18 month old brother, so I'm not going to stay for the meeting. Wish me luck.......

Tina 02-20-2001 02:40 AM

Cindy, I have my fingers and toes crossed for you. Whatever the scales say (& I'm sure it will be positive), you have taken that first step toward a better lifestyle. Don't ever wonder about that.
Strawberries and chocolate-----are there any left. ;)


Tammy 02-20-2001 03:16 AM

KimmyJo, it was great having the day off. I went to bed about midnight and my hubby woke me at 10:30 this morning!!! It felt great! I had taken a full dose of Nyquil before bed and it definitely helped me sleep.

My hubby and son are big Nascar fans. Earnhardt wasn't their favorite driver, but it is awful for his family and the sport. I saw the wreck on TV. Can't believe that it killed him. Just never know. The wreck that occurred earlier in the race looked much worse, but only minor injuries.

Tracy, I teach 2nd grade. This is my 24th year of teaching. I enjoy the students, but I do not enjoy all of the administrative decisions that the "higher ups" make for us to do. Stupid.

Good luck to everyone for staying OP this week. Also good luck to all at weigh in!!

I promise to be good at the basketball game tonight. Possibly a soft pretzel and a Diet Coke. That will be my supper.

Tammy 02-20-2001 10:36 AM

Had to report on the ball game. We lost by 1 point! What a heartbreaker. We were behind by 10 at halftime and were able to make a comeback. There were some silly calls by the officials both ways, and our guys took some stupid shots, but they are just kids. Great game though.

I had a soft pretzel with mustard and 2 Diet Cokes.

It is 11:30 (we've been home 20 min.) and I am going to bed!

TexasMom 02-20-2001 08:19 PM

Ok gang, I have my first weigh in in about an hour! I think I did ok but I'm so nervous that if I didn't lose anything it will squelch my motivation. Think happy, skinny, LIGHT thoughts for me this morning! I'll come back later and let you know how it went......

PS Good Morning! :)

Tina 02-20-2001 09:57 PM

Good Morning,
Tammy, losing by one pt. really stinks....good for you on your snack choices. I'm with you about that car crash. I don't see how it could've killed him. We see pictures of all these firey wrecks and this seemed so mild compared to them. But, we couldn't see inside the car.

Cindy, we are all eagerly awaiting your weigh in results. Let us know!

Tracy, what did you do on your day off? Lucky people. ;)

David's birthday dinner was so good. I got fried shrimp and had one little piece of french bread. I must say that I over-indulged on birthday cake. Hey, it's once a year for him and I had some banked points to spend.

Today, I'm trying to make some healthy supper menus. Any suggestions?


Jill 02-21-2001 12:09 AM

I was up 2.6 thanks to the hair. I woulda been down .8 had I not gotten the braids done. IMO small price to pay for a couple months of maintenance free hair.

Ladies I wonít be in much this week. My flight leaves for Toronto tomorrow night. I canít wait to see my honey (he has been in Toronto for almost 3 weeks and has about another 3 weeks to go until he gets to come home.

I will be back on Sunday night. Drink that water and have a great week :D

Tina 02-21-2001 01:56 AM

We'll miss you but we know you'll have a fabulous time.
Take care and let us know when you return.

TexasMom 02-21-2001 03:05 AM


I weighed in. It was ok. No big deal. Not painful. I LOST FOUR POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! I may be a little excited about it. WOOHOOOWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOO!!!!!! ( doing the happy dance!!!)

I know I won't lose this much at one time ever again, but it sure was an awesome surprise and boost to my motivation! It makes me want to do even better with the program this next week! It will help me stay on top of things when I go on my annual sister's weekend and not want to blow my hard work so far. I'm a loser. Hee hee!!! Thanks soo much for all your support this week, it has helped me sooo much!!!!!!

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