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Sweets and ice cream is my favorite too. I crub those craving with fat free puddings (2 pts), fudgicles (1 points), and found these wonderful ice cream sandwiches called skinny cows (2 points) I found if I deprive myself of a little sweets than I am not truly changing my lifestyle.

My problem is I do concert security part time and I leave today for a 2 day concert. I will be working all weekend and unfortunately I will be around junk food and lots of drinking. I have tried to plan ahead I will let u know Sunday when I return how I managed.

Have a nice weekend all.

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back from my weekend. I didnt do tooooooo bad. I tried my best to stay withing my range but I did manage to get in lots of exerise. I am home now and back on track
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Default Awful Quiet in Here!

Just checking in. It's been pretty quiet in here the past few days. How'severyone doing?

Tracey--glad you stayed pretty-well on track while you were away. I read a lot about those Skinny Cows on various Boards. I'm going to have to take myself down to Trader Joe's and give em' a try.

I don't have anything actually fascinating to say, so I'll sign off. Talk to you all after Wednesday's meeting!

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Must be a busy week for everyone. It is quiet.
Well, I did my Monday weigh in and lost .8. I talked with my WW leader after the meeting because this past week I really did everything right and thought that I should have noticed more of a change. She had some good suggestions about modifying when I eat my larger meal and mixing up when I exercise ( I am a devote a.m. exerciser.) It makes sense because I eat more and then don't move again until the next a.m.

My husband is finally coming around to the WW idea and I think he will be more responsive to meals. That will make it esier overall.

Tracey, fun job working concerts. I know what you mean though when there really aren't good choices around.

I don't remember who offered the 1 pt fudgcicle option but that is PERFECT for me. Thanks.


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Hello everyone!

Here i sit with just a few minutes to spare before i have to shove off for work,so i'll make this quick.

I'm so glad to see that there is a 30-something board *too [email protected] cool*... (even noticed some fellow canadians - excellent!!!!)

I've been on WW for 4 weeks (not the first time, but this is the LAST time) and have lost 5 pounds. Kind of discouraging, but, hey - better than going up, thats for sure.

I'm 32, single, no kidlets, and work for a packaging company on the order desk.

I find that my mornings and lunch are super,, but when i get home, whoooly mackeral... i go into autopilot, and raid the cupboards for something with fat content. This, i'm trying to break.

My wallet hasnt liked the meeting lately, so i have to cease in attending, however, i find a plethora of inspiration on this site. I am also hypothryroid, and hear that limiting your refined carbs is a better way to go. (still trying to figure it out, actually.. hehe..)

My short term goals are to lose in ten pound increments (so i can at least see some light at the end of the tunnel) and in the fall, i have to squish my fat [email protected]@ into an airline seat, and i am determined to make it a comfortable flight.

I really hope that we can keep this thread going, and continue to offer the help and support that we all need during this journey.

Thanks for hearing me, and i will definately be participating in this thread!!!!

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I weighed in last night because i have another show tonight. I lost .6 which is good considering my choices this weekend. I am inching closer to my goal weight. I have 23.8 pounds to go. This message board is such a wonderful way to exchange Ideas. I just want to thank everyone for the encouragement.
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Way to go Tracey!! Bit by bit we get closer to goal.. me, however.. hehe.. i got ALOT of bits to lose before i get to goal. But there is NO way i'm giving up. This week hasnt been all that great, a birthday last night (indulged in a bit of carrot cake - TOTALLY blew the points outta the water) I weigh tomorrow night, so it will be a light day today.

I agree, its nice to see the support here. I hope all of us 30 somethings can keep this thread going. I know I will definately be here checking it out regularly.

Again, good for you Tracey!!!

Aynjell (Joanne)
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Hello! Saw the 30-something's thread and felt the need to join in, especially after I saw a "hockeychick" and lots of Canadians are already here!!!

I joined WW in Jan of 2000, and lost 20 lbs in about 5 months, then kind of fell of the wagon. I have maintained the loss though (playing with 3-5 lbs since Oct of last year). I don't feel badly about staying the same for so long - it really just proved to me that I have learned healthy eating habits and I can maintain when I need to. Now, I just need to "kick it up a notch"!

I've still got about 25 lbs to get to my goal of being in the mid-120s. I've decided to take things 10 weeks at a time - I've got a 10 week cross-training plan that will allow me to add weight training and other activities into my exercise schedule. I'm a pretty structured person - so having a list of things to do each week that I can cross off helps me a bunch!

Here's my bio for anyone interested:
Name: Lucianne
Age: 33 (yikes!)
Hometown: St Pete, FL
Occupation: Product Manager
Status: single (BF of close to 4 yrs!)
Children: not yet!
Hobbies: ice hockey (yes, I play!), cooking, reading, learning golf (I'm just at the flog stage...)
Weight Loss Program: Weight Watchers
How long: not really counting
Start weight: 168
Now weight: 146
Goal weight: 120-125
What's worked the most for you: planning!!!! I've got to have my points, exercise, etc. all planned out - If I leave it up to the last minute, I end up eating something really out of control...
Ultimate reward when goal is reached: Being able to celebrate the accomplishment of losing weight, knowing that I enjoyed the journey, too. And shopping for a new wardrobe!

Well, gotta run - I've got a game in an hour!

I'm really looking forward to participating in this forum!

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Ty Joanne
Dont worry about the carrot cake. You cant change the past just focus on today and you will be fine.

Welcome Hockey.
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You all are too cool. I wanna join!

Here's my bio -

Name: Tami

Age: 33

Hometown: Turlock, California

Occupation: Assistant to the Director of an LVN Program (Nurses RULE!)

Status: Very happily married (today)

Children: One daughter, one son

Hobbies: Reading, music, dancing, computers

Weight Loss Program: Weight Watchers

How long: 9 weeks

Start weight: 203
Joined TOPS in 1999 and got down to: 175
Rejoined WW in 2001 and weighed: 176
Now weight: 166.4
Goal weight: 130-135

What's worked the most for you: Journaling

Ultimate reward when goal is reached: Having my BUTT not be my most noticable feature.
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welcome to the group

I just needed to share my news all. I have been wearing shorts all summer and I knew the clothes were getting bigger since my weight loss but tonight I had to wear dress slacks for a show I am doing. I dug out my size 18 pants that fit ok on me well the practically fell off me. I guess before school start in September I will have to go shopping ( Yeah). I am guessing I might be down to 14 but I will wait until close to school I am hoping to buy size 10.
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Default HOLY COW!

Wow! I have been gone for a while, and I come back to find this thread has taken on a life of its own!!! I am so happy!

Nice to have all of the new folks stopping by. Don't you just feel like we are all in this together? I know it helps me tons to know there are others out there struggling day-by-day like I am.

I haven't done much in the weight LOSS department lately. I've been milling around in the MAINTAINING department. Three weeks in a row I have maintained. Not that I am complaining (YES I AM!) but I've come to the point where I really need to see the scale go DOWN! I did increase my points this week so that I am not just at minimum. I know this is the problem. Also, haven't been eating any fat points. Added 2 points of pure, unadulterated fat points, too. Plus, just started the TOM so with maintaining this week, that will surely mean at least a two pound loss next week. It better! Talk about frustrated!

Since this thread has gotten so long, I am going to start 30 Somethings #2. Lets continue on with our conversations there!
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