View Poll Results: What is your best feature?
Face (smile, eyes, whatever) 8 40.00%
Hair (your crowning glory) 2 10.00%
Legs (long, lithe and toned? lucky girl!) 1 5.00%
Tummy (who's got a six-pack?) 0 0%
Shoulders/Back/Neck 2 10.00%
Bahookie (new Scots word for you - means bottom!) 0 0%
Boobs 1 5.00%
Feet/Hands (or Ankles/Wrists) 0 0%
Brain 3 15.00%
Other, details please! 3 15.00%
Voters: 20. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 05-03-2001, 04:51 AM   #1  
Scotland's finest export
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Morning girls,
Sorry I couldn't post yesterday, very busy at work so I just lurked. It was so nice on Tuesday because I got to go home at 2pm to avoid the may day riots. Luckily nothing much happened (well, some damage, quite a few arrests and some minor skirmishes with some people injured), but I wouldn't have wanted to be near it. But, anyhow, getting a half-day meant we had lots of work to catch up on yesterday.
However, the really good news is that last night, a few hours before it was due to start, london underground called off the tube strike! hooray! so that meant i could get to the gym before work this morning. it would have been impossible otherwise.
so, i'm in a good mood and tomorrow BF is taking me to Paris for a long weekend. and i can run for 25 minutes now. hooray!
hope you're all having a good thursday, speak to you later,
love kirsty
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Scotland's finest export
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Default the poll

i put hair, cos not only do i have very long, very thick, blonde hair, but i have extremely long eyelashes! i'm very good at growing hair. too good in fact, esp when it comes to summer weather and you want to be hair-free!
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Good morning Kirsty and others... come out and get the thread moving!!!
Okay, I have a question: about journaling. How many of you are diligent? When you fall off the wagon, how do you get back on? Other than writing in your standard, WW issue journal, are there other, more fun ways to do it?
Let me know!

Have a great day, Ladies!

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It's a life long struggle
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S/C/G: 230/ticker/150

Height: 5'5"

Default Good Morning

I had the weirest thing happen yesterday. I was buying a dress because my youngest is getting dedicated on Sunday at church, and I have NOTHING to I was looking at this dress, and staring at myself in the mirror trying to figure out if it fit in the right places. I noticed this really elderly lady hobbling with a cane walk up to me. She was very skinny and frail (I was in a plus size store). So she comes up to me as I am looking at the dress and says "you are going to lose this weight. You don't know it yet, but it will be gone" I wasn't sure what to say so I just kinda nodded a walked back into the dressing room. I mean who says that to someone they don't know??? She has NO idea I am trying to lose the weight. That was the only thing said. I wasn't sure if I should be ticked off that a total stranger would bring up my weight like that....or if I should be happy that a wise old lady has predicted my future. I was kinda weirded out though....never ahd anything like that happen to me before. I mean I have gotten the bad comments but never from an older person, and never something like that.

Anyway, I want to add the dress I bought was in a smaller size

Kirsty I am glad that you were not near that. You never know what will happen in those circumstances. I hope you don't have too much work to do today. Just think it is almost friday! YAY

lolabooey I can't really answer your question about the journaling thing because I have only been doing ww for 4 weeks (in my 5th week). My guess would be if you were to fall of the wagon....just to hop back on and start fresh. Definatly write everything down though. Sorry I am not a better help.

I voted other. I have really nothing that is great....maybe my baby toe?

Have a great day, will check in later.


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Scotland's finest export
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Default spooky

weird story angie, did you notice if she disappeared after she spoke to you? maybe you've got a fairy godmother. either way, i'm sure she wasn't being rude, just trying to be positive. and i know you will lose the weight! hooray on the smaller size - such a great feeling!
as for today's poll, everyone has to start thinking positively about their bodies. everyone must have something they like about themselves (it doesn't need to be perfect). c'mon girls - don't sell yourselves short! stand up tall and be proud of what you've got!
lola - i found the only way to lose weight was to be totally honest and track absolutely everything i ate. now i'm at goal i find myself doing it when i'm worried i might be putting on weight, and also during the day at work when i'm more tempted to snack. quite often i write down what i'm planning on eating and working out all the points so that i know in advance if i have any spare. hope that helps.
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Good morning girls!!

I don't know if anyone noticed, but I played hooky yesterday. I had a doctor's appt in the morning (for an ear infection) and when i got out I just couldn't bring myself to go back to work. We had record highs yesterday, so I went to a park and got some sun, then got my nails done and went to the gym. It was nice.

Angie - Weird!!! I'll tell you, I'd welcome any predictions about my weight loss. I think it was a blessing. Maybe she's a psychic or a witch or something I don't really belive in stuff like that - but it's fun to pretend sometimes.

Kirsty - Paris??? Can I come? I am SO jealous.

Lola - I must say that I am VERY diligint about my journals. Let me tell you. This is the 3rd time I've done weight watchers, and the first two times I stopped journaling by the 2nd week. This time around I didn't journal for the first 5 weeks, and only did okay as far as weight loss. Since then I've started journaling and have been losing 1-3 pounds a week. For me it's a must! If I fall off the wagon I go back and see that the weeks I journaled I lost. Every time. Even weeks when I went over a couple days. Journalling made me aware of how I did that week, and helped me do damage control.

Brenda!! YAY for the 2# weight loss. I had a feeling you were back on track. Excellent. And YAY for the Avs. I couldn't stay awake for that game (because they didn't even show the 1st period b/c a baseball game went into extra innings!) But I turned on sports center as soon as I woke up this morning.

Alright ladies... time to get back to work. I'll check in later.

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Good morning (Friday at work for me!!)

Lisa ~ Everyone has to play hooky every once in a while! I agree with you completely on journalling, that makes or breaks whether I lose or gain in a week. I have to visually see what I eat. I stopped journalling for a few weeks, thinking I would be able to mentally journal what I ate, boy, I was wrong, I have to journal!

Angie ~ Weird story, I think she is your fairy godmother! That is terrific about the smaller makes shopping so much fun!

Kirsty ~ Glad to hear the tube strike is over. That must have been really tough for a lot of people. I can't believe you have long blonde hair? I always thought you had blonde hair, but pictured you looking like Joan Lunden (do you know who she is?), tall, slender, short, blonde hair. Isn't weird how you picture people you talk to, but have never seen???

As for my vote, I guess I would say I have nice legs, thin, tan, and pretty long (I am 5' 7" tall), my stomach is getting pretty flat. I wish I had nice feet, my DH tells me I have ugly feet, I wouldn't call them ugly, but I don't think I will be in any Dr. Sholl's commericals.

Well, I am pretty caught up with my projects before I leave work today for the next week. I am really going to miss you guys!!

Back to work....I am sure I will be posting lots today, since I have everything done....
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Go Avalanche!!
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Default One More Sleep 'till Friday!

I picked other b/c there are actually several parts of my I do like! Face, hair and my calves. I supposed I do like my boobs, but sometimes they are a hassle.

Hello! Itís still gloomy and icky here! Iím going to singlehandedly strangle my husband! I was being really good & feeling motivated yesterday! Then, I pull in my driveway and the pizza guy is just leaving. My Darling husband decided he needed pizza. Need I say more? Instead of having veggies for dinner so I could be prepared for munchies at my candle party, I ate pizza. Then at the candle party, the hostess made cream cheese stuffed mushrooms, banana nut bread, Lays and Onion dip and pineapple upside down cake. I was lost. Normally my hostessí just do chips/salsa or veggie tray. This was a virtual WW nightmare. Ah well, recovery today. I really want to work out tonight but I have 2 new girls coming over who are starting PL and thatís going to take up my night. Iím not going walking during lunch in this weather either OK, enough whining Iím actually in good spirits considering.

Kirsty: I LOVE the new word! hehehehehehe Bahookie You lucky Ducky! Ah wee wee Paree!! Have fun and Iíll be with you in spirit! Well, most of the time anyway *evil grin*

Stacey: Oh yeah, we picked at each other! Iím with Kay that a lot of it was initiated by me. I was also stressed and aggravated that he wasnít doing more. Just remember to have fun while you are finishing things up. You only get to do this once. Iím betting about 4-8 weeks before the wedding you will get to a point that you just donít care. Itís great b/c you donít stress anymore. Every other bride I have talked to got to that point.

Kay: Iíll have to look for those singles. I get the Kraft 2% block cheese, but no matter what I do with it I can still tell a difference. My other secret weapon against cheese is Velveeta light. Iíve always like Velveeta and I think itís a point per ounce. Nice to have broccoli & cheese every so often you know? Oh! I just realized you could make your own Mac Ní Cheese with spaghetti noodles. Why didnít I ever think of that before???

Kim: It took my DH 3 Ĺ years to propose. I was starting to get worried and though we might have to have a discussion. He blamed it on friends and family constantly asking when we were going to get hitched. I agree that maybe you are trying too hard. Relax and enjoy his company and it will happen *hugs*

Casey!!! What a spectacular loss! Iím so excited for you! If you had a bad week last week, just really make it a point to stay on track so you donít gain.

Lola: I buy the 12 week journals from WW and I really like them. Iím a big notebook person anyway. Then I can really look back and see what I ate. It also has places to put your measurements and track your loss. You could also buy your own notebook and use colorful pens, markers, even Crayons!

Angie: Well, way Congrats on the smaller size dress! Iím more puzzled by her comment than anything else. Iím thinking her intentions were good actually. Think of her as your motivation angel!! Use it as a focus point. When you are having a rough day OP, remember her and her message, spoken and unspoken!

Lisa: I was in my car on the way home when they scored the first goal. I screamed my fool head off and Iím sure the people around me thought I was completely nutzo! It was a great game and the Kings took 3 frustration penalties. Final game tomorrow night! I KNOW we are going to win. Itís a Friday AND an earlier game for you! Iíll be thinking of you when we are watching it

Tonya: Hi!!!

OK, off for awhile, back later!

ďTo have a good friend is one of the highest delights of life.Ē Ė Author Unknown
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Default Angie

That is so weird! I was in a restaurant once wiht my ex and a mid aged woman walked up to me when he went to the loo and told me I won't marry him, I should get out while I have some self esteem and that he would be a chronic gambler and said that I'd find someone later on. I was 18. I stayed iwth him 6 more years......and he was a chronic gambler by the time I got out.


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Old 05-03-2001, 10:58 AM   #10  
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Default Strange~

Belle and Angie~ that is strange....I totally believe in psychics though. I went to one six months before my dad dies and she had said that someone in the family was very sick. at the time I didn't know my dad was sick with cancer but that is about when he found out. Strange.....

I picked face because I get compliments on my face but it ircks me when bf says "you have a pretty face" I think ya my face is pretty but my body leaves a lot to desire!!!! ahhhhh! I would love for him or someone to say wow you have a hot bod! Now that is my dream!

Can't write much~~Have a good one!
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Mom to 2 beautiful girls!
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Just me.... I was going to exercise last night but barely did. I took Sadie dog for a quick walk in the rain... I jogged for 2 blocks then walked about 4. Took about 15 minutes. That's it besides the hush hush with hubby. I want so badly to have a loss this week and I always get nervous at the end of the week. I can't live my life like this anymore, it's not natural!!!

Angie... I agree that the woman had good intentions. In case you don't notice this about yourself (I notice it on me)... but women that want to lose weight have a different sort of demeaner. They tend to have that "what if" look. Maybe you were looking at yourself and wondering what you would look like smaller. Who knows.

Kim.. my brother took about 6 years to propose and my friends bf took about 8 years (and she started dating him the summer AFTER she graduated HS). On the other hand, hubby proposed to me after 7 months... he said we are soul mates... guess we are since we have been married almost 3 years and are still together.

Brenda... I pity you and those parties. I always dread getting invited to parties because of the food. Tonight I have a tupperware party. I will have to force myself to eat a small dinner. I am lucky, hubby and I work together... meaning we drive together. So if we get pizza after work, he has to go through me first!! Pizza and I are best friends!

Tonya... have fun on your trip!!!

Man, I better get back to work. NO fun!!! HI TO EVERYONE and I know I will chat more later!
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Old 05-03-2001, 11:22 AM   #12  
Fed Up With Fat!!
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Default Almost the weekend!!!

Kirsty: Have fun on your weekend!! Hochmagandy Baby!

Brenda: Who is Paree and why are they going pee??
Just kidding!

I picked shoulder/neck for my best feature...I have to share a funny, though. Last night, mom and I were trying on my wedding dress so we can take it to the Tailor on Monday. He'll have to take it up in the bodice and out in the waist/hiney area. But, I took off my bra to put on the corset and we both started laughing. I shouldn't be this way, but since I've gained, lost, gained and permantley lost, my boobs are about as flat and droopy as a basset hounds' ears. It gets to me sometimes, but my fiance doesn't care so why should I? They are a C cup and thank goodness for good supporting bras. At least I have the "illusion" of perkiness.

Ok, I'd better get back to work...getting my nails done in half an hour.
Have a great day and hopefully I'll be back.
Hi to everyone!!!!
ps Way to go Casey on your loss!! YOU ROCK!!!
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Default Hi all!

I picked brain because I'd like to be known for smarts. I think that is my best attribute, but I like my face and tummy. Thighs (too big), Boobs (way too small), and hair (too thin) could all be changed. As far as brains go, I always loved school and studying. I guess thats why I'm being drawn to teaching. The corporate world is boring me now. If I could just get the guts up to taking the leap....

Angie and Belle ~ Weird! I'm with the guardian angel theory. I think we all have something watching out for us. Only a few are lucky enough to see them in real life. I may sound loopy, but when a friend of mine was about to pass away he told all of us in the room about a being there with him. It still gives me goosebumps.

I hope you all don't think I'm a freak now...

Also Angie ~ I would beg to differ that you don't have an attribute to be happy about. You have very kind words and a gift for knowing the right things to say. THAT is a great attribute!

Casey ~ Oh My! That was a wonderful loss! You are doing so well!

Lola ~ When I fall off the wagon, I try to remember as much as I can and write it down. I always get back on the next day or so. I've only had one week that i didn't journal at all.

Brenda ~ Don't worry about the set back. You'll recover!

Jen ~ Hey, at least you exercised. Any little bit counts!

Hi everyone else!

I forgot the recipe again, but I'll post as soon as I remember!

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Running Babe
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Hi All,

I am in an internet cafe blocks away from my apartment. Anyhoo, it looks like I have a job, it has been boiling hot here and I have no summer clothes!!

I love where I live, but there has been a lot of BS happening with my furniture and such, also parking, oh well, hopefully I'll find a spot soon, or else O'll go broke.

I also just got my eye brows done! Fun fun fun! I am a hop skip and a jump away from everything, I just have to get used to the noise!

Congrats on all you slimmers (yeah for getting under 200 Angie!) and take care!

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I just had a half a danish But I shouldn't frown... I knew what I was doing. There were these awesome looking danishes by the coffee. And really, for the past month, every time there's been food put out, I'd decided wheter I realy wanted it or not and passed it up. But I thought, do I really want a danish? Yes. Why did I want it? Because it looks like it tastes really good and all morning I've been craving something sweet. So I took a danish, cut it in half. Threw out the other half. ANd ate half. It was good. I enjoyed it. I satisfied my sweet craving. I counted it as 5 points (it wasn't small)... what do you girls think?

Hi Tonya, Suzanne, Jen and Stacy.

Belle, that's erie too.

Brenda - don't worry about last night too much. I had a bad point day on Sunday and it didn't affect the scale too bad. Not to mention my little danish disaster But hey - you enjoyed the goodies, right! That's what counts.

Oh yeah... my vote was for my hair. Everyone comliments my hair. It's long, brown and naturally curly. I like the curly hair... but sometimes I wish it was straight. When I get my hair cut my hairdresser blow-dries it straight... it takes him 45 minutes to do that... and then it only lasts for a few hours.. but I LOVE IT straight. Even though everyone tells me that I should never straighten it. The grass is always greener....

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