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  • Hi Judy - how are you & the other turtles doing? Sounds like you are back on track & trying out some new things.

    I myself am still doing WW but with a "lower carb" intention. I also do better with weight loss when I do lower carb. Most days I have a large lunch salad with some protein and protein with veggies for supper.
    On Sundays, I do some precooking for the week, which really helps. Last Sunday I roasted a whole chicken, and make up spaghetti squash covered with ground beef & taco seasoning & add cheese when I heat it up.
    Usually have some hard boiled eggs in fridge for snacks, along with some nuts.

    The news up here has been crazy covering your election. I hope you all stay safe.
  • Hi Turtles,
    Gail, haven't heard from the other Turtles, but it looks like some are still reading.
    You and I have ended up doing something so similar as far as eating. I love our determination!
    Take care.
    The election results should be in by the end of the month. Crazy times indeed.
    Isn't your Thanksgiving very soon?
    Stay well! :
  • Hi Judy - we have our Thanksgiving in October, it was nice but glad to have another holiday over with.

    My trailer is all closed up for the season (it closed Thankgiving weekend) and there are still a lot of restrictions on entertainment (like bingo, movies)
    So just doing our best.

    Have a good week.
  • Oh Gail, I knew your Thanksgiving was different time from ours. Just didn't remember what.I know you have such a good time up at the lake. Hopefully next season Covid will be an old thought and gone.
    We're all doing our best. We (my daughter and her two kids ) celebrated my dh birthday on Sunday. Gorgeous weather. Had food delivered and ate outside at little tables socially distanced. We do anything we can to play it safe and still get together.

    Sending good vibes to all. Leyt's all do our best and lose weight for good this year.
  • Hi, Judy and Gail and anyone else dropping by --

    Finally finished all our autumn travels last week. Yes, we flew on a plane (to and from Colorado). DH already had Covid, and I wore one of his N95 masks. Didn't take it off at all, which meant no water or snacks on the flight. It was good to see our friends (2 had just finished getting over Covid), and it's good to be home. I'm going to take a Covid test next week before my brother comes for Christmas just as a precaution; he has a bunch of health issues, and I would hate for him to get this bug from me.

    I weigh a whopping 4 pounds less than I did in March when the pandemic hit! Given that many people I know have gained during this time, I'll take that as a win. But I do need to lose more. Thankfully I actually lost a little bit of weight on this last trip, probably due to all the hiking in the mountains that we did. Boy, that altitude really does a number on one. I was out of breath just climbing a couple of staircases at our friends' house at 8K feet. So when I say "hiking," I mostly mean "walking on relatively level paths with only slight inclines here and there." There was one walk we did where the uphill slope went for more than a mile; that one was tough for me. But I'm glad we did it.

    Judy and Gail, it sounds like you're both following similar eating plans. Good for you! I don't do well on low-carb plans; I get very lethargic and blah. So I'm trying to just eat moderately and healthfully, mostly grilled meat/fish/chicken and veggies or salad for dinner, and various proteins and vegetables for lunch, with cereal for breakfast and fruit throughout the day. Very little bread or rice these days. It certainly is harder to take weight off as we get older, isn't it?

    Hope you all have a wonderful and healthy holiday season!

  • #307 Bale of Turtles Keepin' On
    Having trouble understanding what 3 fat chicks is doing with newer formal

    Lauren, thrilled to hear from you
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all
    Judy :cool
  • Good morning and Happy Holidays!
  • Happy New Year's Eve. 2021 will be better. Still working on losing excess weight and I am doing fairly well when I look back to the summer.

    Cheers and good will to all the Turtles! :

    Take care and be well and happy.

    Judy: cool:
  • hi Turtles, I should start a new thread. This one has gotten heavy and long.

    I have just about had it with the snow. Staying indoors is about the only thing to do here. Really cold and lots of snow.

    On the cute side, My daughter had a baby alpaca come to say hello on Valentine's Day for her children. Her little girl loved it and was able to get close and chummy without the alpaca doing its usual "spitting."

    Waiting for the spring and my roses to start showing buds. Doing crochet and quilt projects. Notice how I'm not talking about food or how well I'm doing. LOL. Well, I am up two pounds since this time last year when I wanted to lose 20# this year. I went in the wrong direction. One of these decades I'll figure this all out and be proud.

    In the meantime, take care of yourselves, post a message when you can and keep on keepin on!